Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Panic in the pictures….

Do you smell that? That is panic… sheer panic. There is not enough time in the next week to get all that Pinterest demands I do to have a great family vacation. That sounded more sane in my head. We are headed to Disney World next week. To clarify, I will be in Orlando starting on Sunday and enjoy sweet sweet solitude with 2500 of my closest peers at a conference. Then the boys, J and my (amazing, yet unscarred) parents are flying down to meet me to stalk Mickey.

Mickey and I are having a love hate relationship. I enjoy how much my kids love him. I hate that everything with his face on it costs 14.99 and up. Really Mickey? Give the girl a break. Never mind, I’m married to a guy who can’t tell his kids no. Heck, he bought a box of fruit for $90… only to make the fruit guy at the door go away. We.Are.Screwed.

I can’t handle it…. I feel like we are heading to a remote island with no Target (oh the horror)… do we have enough shampoo? It’s not like I have a car.. and spending $25 on shampoo shaped like Jake and the Never Land pirates is NOT an option (J- I’m talking to you, buddy). If my kids come back smelling like chlorine, don’t judge. And if I come back smelling like rum.. don’t judge.

Rum smells better than panic.

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