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The pressure…..

Wow, we have fans..or readers…(or extremely bored people and for that I am sorry.) the pressure is on to make each and every post witty and hold your tummy hysterical. Well friends, I am sorry. The pressure is too much. Sometimes, I will be cranky and oh-so-not funny. But I enjoy the support either way. 🙂 Lots of things happened yesterday. Lots. First, L had his first playdate with other kids, not just with Wrigley. Of course, he is like his momma and just stared at people. Might need to purchase some shades for the kid so he can be a bit more subtle. After all, that is how you correctly people watch at World of Fun and other fun places. (For those of you out of towners..WOF is a exciting theme park where mullets and fanny packs are acceptable accessories. Enough said. For me, the price of admission is worth it to quietly stare and secretly judge..and of course the funnel cakes. Hello! But I digress.) Here are some pics from the fabulous playdate we had with Nana’s fabulous former co-workers who I know for a fact she misses like crazy. Sidebar: what is with my run-on sentences? Sheesh!

Thanks to Kerry, Max and Myles for setting up the fun time at Gymboree. My favorite part, besides the bubbles, was watching all these teachers carry on conversations with each other while 23 kiddos ran around like crazy. I giggled to myself because it is obvious these lovely ladies are “professional recess monitors”. Love it. My head was about to fall off watching these kids but those ladies had it under control. L had tummy time and hung out with Nana and a rocking horse. A little guy named Sam told him he was a beautiful baby and I would have to agree! The next exciting thing was my little man’s newest toy. An entertainer…or so it is advertised. Put it in front of a TV and the title is misleading. Some pics from that. The tribe of dogs that live at Mom’s house always love to lick L’s toes while he eats. Ergo, we ALWAYS have a bath after that. Anyway, the entertainer allows the herd of canines to have free licking access. Unfortunate but L could care less. Nana says, “Just you dogs wait until he walks then you’re in trouble”. ha. These eyeballs are from watching TV. Note the dogs underneath…geez.

To continue with the longest post ever in history…the biggest news of all!! If I had a trumpet to play the ‘ta-da’, I would insert it here. Lucas Anthony rolled over yesterday! Yahoo! Granted, he was on the ottoman in front of me having a chat with his friend, Babaloo and almost rolled off. My Spider man like reflexes caught him with my knees. But either way, he rolled over! I don’t have a pic of that or video but I will end with the long-ish video of him chatting and then blowing a rasberry (sp?). It is my new favorite sound. Note the eyebrow movement and amazing verbalization. He is a genius. 🙂

Have a great day!

The craziness…

Just a little taste on how we are getting a bit louder at home. Pardon the shakiness of video, was done one handed and giggling. Crazy baby, I tell you!

Oh my, a social life…..

Holy moley! This past week has been capital I- insane. If L could walk, he would run from one activity to another. We have been on the go or had family in town and it has been great! Aunt Georgia, Uncle Jay, Emma and Harper came in town from CO to visit us. We always go to tour Uncle Ryan’s fire station when the girls come so Lucas got his first tour too! There was instruction from E & H’s parents to have no fun in Kansas without them. Ergo, the frowning pics. 🙂 Some pics from their trip.

We also had L’s first wedding to go to, Lucky Miss Molly. Auntie Cait was a beautiful bridesmaid and found L and planted a big kiss right on his foot.

We have had our first class at Gymboree and had some fun there. There was a cute 6mo old girl I think he had his eye on. We also had Relay for Life this weekend and that took the wind out of our sails for a bit. But the All-Stars did great! We were so busy that we didn’t get a chance to take a picture there. Oh well. Nana and Sir did a great job on their first overnight experience with Lucas. He rated his trip as a 5 star experience.

Tonight was big too. We went to our first Royals game. The moment we had our ticket scanned, we were pointed to Guest Services for an official New Royals Fan certificate. So cute. We were decked out in our Royals gear and Sir and John were in 7th heaven. Some pics from that.
L was watching the hotdog race, he was rooting for Mustard.

This pic of the boys heading home is too cute. One of many trips to the ball park, we hope.

This weekend is a quiet one, thankfully. Hope all is well with you!

Talk to you soon!

Real Men wear Pink….

Hi All,
Today, Lucas Anthony Martinez is 3 months old. Can you believe it? Next week learning to drive…or not. First, a look back…. Just a pip of a thing and now he is a ginormus (my made up word) monster baby. He endured a photo shoot today but it was quick due to the amount of napping Rip Van Winkle feels the need to do now. Geez. And he slept all night (10:30p to 6:30a) last night….after we made sure he was breathing we celebrated quietly with glee.

But I digress….the photo shoot was also marred by the need for a chupi (pacifier to those gringos). Thats a new development today. Oh well, an artist adjusts. 🙂 The onesie chosen today displays a pink pig with the caption ‘piggy’. I felt it appropriate considering the massive amounts of food this child eats now. However, John does not totally enjoy this shirt due to the pink-ness. Auntie Cait enjoys it bc she likes boys in pink shirts. Hee hee. In the later pics, L decided to pitch forward to try to sit up. I, being an ambidextrious (sp?) photog that I am, took the pic anyway. Thus the close up of his nostrils. Came out cute tho. He also told me he was done by kicking the camera. Finally, we had just finished reading Hop on Pop and I noticed both my boys were enjoying their chupi’s. So that photo just made me giggle.

There were some pics of myself and L today as well but I looked cuter in my head than the actual pic so those will not be posted.

Yesterday, little man hung out in his new high chair while I ate lunch. He was not impressed. However, the picture looks like he was in timeout in the corner. I assure you he wasn’t. But the expression shows he just was not a happy camper.

Still haven’t caught a smile on camera yet. But hope to have some video up soon..John was teaching L to ‘lean like a cholo’ and both my guys have some sweet moves.

Enjoy your night…maybe L will stay awake. Fingers crossed!

Fun in the Sun, kinda….

Today, we busted out the pool!! It was nice and sunny and Nana, Uncle Greg and I threw the kid in his fab new aquatic center at Nana’s. Padded floor, warm water, having someone hold him so he wouldn’t have to exert any effort, that’s the life!
Despite the warm water, he didnt really have a reaction b/c he is a bath lover and probably thought it was just another bath. Some pics…..

Check out the gams on this kid. Whoa baby. We will need to get those sticks filled out a bit.
L did great in the pool but we had more fun with the ottoman. And then Uncle Greg lent us his Royals hat. Man, this kid is a cutie.

Lucas says Go Royals! He knows that his mom has a secret crush on David DeJesus.

All this posing made this kiddo really sleepy, and his mom could use some shut eye too. Later gators!

Relay For Life…

Before I forget… Relay For Life is coming up on June 20th!! We will be walking as a team called the All-Stars. If you want to come out and join us, there is still time!!! If you can’t make it out but still want to support us, please feel free to donate. I have included the link below. You can join the team or donate on the same link. We welcome everyone. If you have any questions, give Caitlin or I a shout. Have a great week!

Big Weekend!!

Whew. So tired. This weekend flew by so fast. There are a lot of pics from this weekend so I will just throw them on here. Saturday, the Faddis family traveled to Maryville, MO for the Farnan Family Reunion. Lucas did great for the 2 hour road trip. And we enjoyed our time with the Farnans, Taylors and everyone else.

We had a great time and Lucas loved meeting his other side of the family.

Today was Lucas’ baptism. He was a champ! His Nina Jessica and Nino Ryan are so fabulous. The family was all there from both sides. Lucas smiled through the whole thing. Loved the water and make the priest chuckle a few times. The Martinez’s made enchiladas for lunch and they were yum-o! Of course, the uncles (my bros) made lovely comments about how cute Lucas was as a girl in his dress. I think they forgot they wore one too. Pics from today…

This weekend, we have a wedding and Aunt Georgia, Uncle Jay and Emma and Harper are coming town! Yahoo! Talk to you all soon.

New Pics!

Hi all,
Sorry it has been a bit since our last post. This week has been pretty ho-hum, but we needed it due to the jam packed weekends of June. It was so nice and hot outside lately, that we bought L a pool. We didnt buy floaties this time but I contemplated flippers. The pool is a frog with a sun shade. John, god bless him, blew it up last night so we could play today. And wouldn’t you know it, t-storms and clouds and grossness. So we improvised. Imagine in this next pic, L in the pool with his baby speedos on, holding a chilled bottle of Enfamil’s finest and taking in the rays. Btw, no baby was harmed in the taking of this pic, though he was pretty pissed about the hat.

Since it was so crummy out, seemed like a good time for a photo shoot. We tried on Paco’s shoes. My, either my head or these shoes are too heavy.
Took a minute for him to kick it off.
A little Kung fu move for you.

We also mastered multi tasking. He was swinging AND talking to Nana on the phone.

Have a good week! We will be posting pics from the reunion and baptism soon!

Holy Moly!

This weekend has been nuts, but so fun. So fun in fact, we totally forgot to take pictures. Bummer. Thanks to all who came to the open house. Lucas got to meet brand new people and enjoy their company. Granted, he was asleep in arms half the time, but enjoyed them nonetheless. For those who couldn’t make it, we missed you.

Next weekend is going to be just as crazy. Saturday is our Farnan Family Reunion and Sunday is Lucas’ baptism. Wow. Already tired thinking about it. But man this kid will be a social butterfly.

Have a great week!

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