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Whoa Baby….

I sit here before you..a tired momma. Wow. Pretty sure I was run over by a Mack truck..and sadly L could care less. Therefore, I trudge on..with my sinuses raging and leaking (aren’t you glad I’m not Skyping right now?) and the bags under my eyes might need a ‘over the acceptable weight limit’ fee. Since our last post, we have had a professional photo shoot, a skinned chin (after the photos, thankfully), a pretty good road trip to Denver, fun IN Denver, back home and in less than 24 hours from that, a birthday party-palooza. Oh and today was our 1 year visit to the dr (aka. shot day.). Whew…you tired? Me too.

The sizeable lazy monster in me right now is praying for a short cut so you can see pics of all those events without me having to post them on here. But alas, there’s not. So it might be two posts worth of pics..but for you, my public, I will trudge and leak on.

First task though…Please if you see our gorgeous Nana tomorrow (3/26)…tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you Nana… Hope you have a great day. In honor of her and her artistic roots.. we went shopping. Kidding, we bought finger paint (which actually looks like the gross icing from the tube…which might confuse a older kid..or me). My little picasso…or jackson pollack…whatever…watched me once, checked me out to make sure I wasn’t leading him down a path of “NO”..and loved it. It was hilarious. We did it after dinner..which was Spag and meatballs. So realy it was two messes and 1 clean up. I am amazing. Plus, noodles add texture to the pictures. Sidebar: L really wants to be like us..which includes a real fork and plate. So pics are of his artwork and his amazing fork dexterity.

This is his spaghetti/fingerpainting outfit. Ok, who am I kidding…this is our everyday outfit. And to think he got a ton of clothes for his bday. I personally love the bandaids on his thighs…shot day. boo.

He didn’t walk on the paintings..but I made him stand on each one. He laughed at me.

Second order of business: Grammie Deanna…if you are reading this. HE LOVES BUBBLES! Home run. Cait would argue that her’s is the best present but man I might call it a tie.

Ok…a few pics from the party on this post..and then Denver will have to wait until my drugs kick in and I can re-open my eyelids. It was a great turnout..a big thanks to the people who came and a ‘we missed you’ to the people who couldn’t.

Uncle Ry and Auntie Al gave L a riding fire truck which has this sweet song …that makes my ears bleed now that L replays it over and over and over. Revenge, my dear brother, is coming….
I love this face.




Auntie Cait’s best present ever.. a blow up school bus with a ball pit. He loves it and so does everyone else (who doesnt have to constantly put the balls back in it). Love you Auntie!

L’s rocking KU jersey from his friend Lindsay and Sean…with that silly KSU chupi in his mouth.. Dylan makes him wear it.

There are many, many, many (thanks Auntie Bekah) more pics but you will just have to come over and browse my laptop sometime….

Tambourines and Cheese Puffs….

Who wakes up on a Sunday at 8 in the morning and 5 minutes later is equipped with a tambourine and a bag of cheese puffs? My kid!!!

Today was a fun day..for me anyway, I think the boys in my life could have hung out on the couch watching selection sunday. We traveled to Weston, MO to meet a pretty fun gal. Lucas had his pics ‘professionally’ & ‘fun-ly’ taken by Angela Davis. I knew she was cool but when I saw her on the ground, 7 months prego, taking pics of my kid…she shot to the top of cool. Lord knows, I wasn’t doing that much activity at 7mos. We walked around Weston, train tracks and all..getting shots that I pretty much can’t wait to see. I have only stalked her blog the last hour…( And I am not ashamed.

So after our fun of L eating more rocks than I want to admit and him waving at many of the people in Weston, we headed to home to family dinner and to celebrate Auntie Cait’s birthday. She’s a St. Patrick’s baby, you know. That makes her cooler. But alas, we will not be in town on Tuesday. We are headed to Denver to see Tita, Cousin Camille and a bunch of Loui’s, Fox’s and Ryckman’s! Our caravan includes…Grandpa, Nana, L, Ryan, Alison, Dylan and me. Say a little prayer for us, would ya?

So some pics from today….

J and L walking around by Weston’s city hall.

J and L having some fun climbing on cars…boys.

L watching the train go by. He finally caught on to them whizzing by…they were pretty close.

L heading home after a rough day of smiling, and eating goldfish and rocks. Ask Angela… I’m not kidding. I love the bare feet…that’s how we roll in the Martinez house.

Momma doing some photog’ing. Sick. There is a smile under that chupi, though.

Auntie Cait blowing out her candles..on J’s favorite flavor of cake. Hmmm…weird.

Nana and Grandpa cheesin’ it up with L. Who now is sporting a skinned chin, and a few bumps and bruises after dinner. Man, am I glad pics were this morning. He’s a tough dude.

Erin Go Braugh and all that! I do have SOME irish in me. I promise.

Oh yeah.. this is what happens when you have a sock war with Wrig and get OWNED….

Is there such a thing as too much free time….??

First off, I realize for all my readers that my (over)usage of the dots (i.e….) might drive you nuts. And for my grammar lovers out there, I realize that the use of a … and then use of punctuation might offend you… (giggling) but it is who I am. The …makes me happy because if you know me in real life, I pause to take a breath when I talk, I don’t ever really stop. Unless I have competely lost my ever lovin’ mind and forget what the heck I was doing. Nana loves it when I do that. J loves it even more.

I blame the loss of memory on L. Or that time he sucked the memory hormones and brain cells out of me via his um. cord. (Yes, I know how to spell it). My sweet sis Cait said she thought I looked skinnier. That may (or may not) be true, but it’s no diet plan folks… it’s called the lobotomy diet. Newest rage. Here’s how it works: Buy a house with a ridiculous amount of stairs (that at one time was beautiful to you. That time is over). You have an option of carrying a 25 lb child on your hip or he can just be suctioned to your lower leg, sobbing. Pick one. Have a thought in your head about what is upstairs that you desperately need. Grunt up the stairs with said child. Feel free to do a buttock squeeze on this part. Get to the top and poof! Thought gone, child still crying..and head on down in the hopes that it will jog your memory of what you really wanted in the first place. Rinse and repeat.

I enjoy a good to do list. Be it on paper or on my phone…I love it. My problem is actually using them once I write them. In the last week, I have had some free time. Quite a lot for me actually. This would be a result of L’s staycation in KCK with his g-parents and J’s new work schedule of 1-10pm (everyone together now..boooooooo). So I wrote the stuff I needed to get done. No more racing to get stuff done while L was napping (ok, that may not have happened). I could take my time, actually clean the counters rather than using a Clorox wipe (god, J and I love those). I could actually remove the lovely organized piles of laundry that currently occupy the guest room, making it look like the Gap (or Marshall’s). I could go through L’s clothes and remove the sad little outgrown stuff I keep cramming back in his drawers (this child literally grows like an inch every night, not kidding).

But did I do any of that while he was gone or while J was at work and I had the house to myself? Nope. Not any of it. I mean, I cleaned the kitchen (with a Clorox wipe, duh) but I really didn’t break a sweat. Stop laughing, Cait.

So I have a chance to redeem myself this weekend. I am sending my child away again for a sleep over to his g-parents. Nana and Grandpa get the (is prize the right word here?) of spending 8-9 hours with L on the road to Denver starting Tuesday. J has to work tonight and all day tomorrow. So here we are again.. standing at the starting line…looking at the piles of laundry, etc. It could happen. I’m not saying it will..but it could. Pope Benedict could also drop by for a Cherry Limeade. But whatever.

Have a good weekend! I am pretty sure I will…it’s on my to do list.

Yeah…I’m wild and crazy….

Yeah…It’s 1:18am…on a Monday night….Yeah…I’m wild and crazy. Since my little man is not here to wake me up right about now…my lovely internal clock did. Remind me to send her a thank you note. L is not in this house right now. Hasn’t been since 9am this morning…and won’t be returned to me until Tues night. Super sad face. He is currently on a ‘staycation’ in KCK with his g-ma.

I could be jumping for joy at the ability to DO WHATEVER THE H-E-double hockey sticks I want to…but no. I didn’t. I laid in bed and read a new (thank you half price books)novel with no interupptions..except my brain..wondering what L was doing. J took me to lunch at Kona… and I promptly ate my weight in yummy yummy sushi while J ate a burger that had it’s own zip code. It was a true pleasure not to have to use one hand to eat and the other to catch a flying sippy cup.

We spent the day running errands and gasp..buying things for ourselves..ok J did.. I bought frames for L’s pics….sue me. At this point I could have fallen in a cart at Marshall’s and had J push me around due to my self induced sushi hangover. It was not pretty…but felt so right when I was shoving it in my face.

Anywhoo…rather than Facebook stalking…I decided to be productive, walk right past the unfolded laundry and talk to you all. Now, if you could just reach out, grab my black shirt and wipe unidentified food on it, or “ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh” like a singing monkey, I will be able to fall asleep. Oh and I’m gonna need you to wake me up again in an hour or so. Filling in for my little man is a tough job, I tell you.

This wild and crazy girl is gonna go sniff a blanket or sock…ok maybe not…or maybe so. Stop judging.


The ole switcheroo….

First off..did you know we have a pet horse? His name is Harvey. Harvey loves Pirate Booty(the healthy air popped kind). Often times, Harvey makes a mess in my front hall. Bad Harvey. Wait a second…I think Harvey had an accomplice. So grounded.

As for the switcheroo…I have decided that I am going to change up my cooking for my little guys. I am just going to give L Wrig’s he is currently obessed with eating it. I mean, it has SOME nutritional value, right? And then Wrig will reap the benefits of my home cooking (read: reheating in the mic…)since he does eat most of what flies to the floor anyway. I am just gonna let the universe have this one..not gonna fight it. Ok, I will fight it..but just one more time then I will really switch them. Maybe….

Finally..some pics for you. L went to his first Ash Wednesday Mass. Nana said he was a perfect baby…I am pretty sure she would say that even if he walked up to the altar and turned to wave at everyone in the pews.

At home, we go for the cheap laughs…after this kid stole some girls uggs at the Mall playground…he’s been dragging mine around. So I put them on him…or him IN them..whatever. He giggled so hard. Reminded me of that Dorf on Golf guy, personally.

J is working So L and I are off to buy L’s party supplies.. WooHoo!

Have a good day!

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