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The First Lady is a mamacita….

My kiddo told me that today. As he was perusing a Ladies Home Journal (don’t judge, it was a gift from my Gram…I know I’m not 45), he saw a picture of Mrs. Obama and said ‘Mom, she’s a mamacita”. Um ok. I am concerned only for the fact that I think he was going for describing her as a girl. I flashed forward in my mind to when he’s 17 and flirting with girls and comes home regularly smacked in the face by a so called ‘mamacita’.  I do have to work on the whole ‘boy/girl’ thing…because he calls everyone a ‘guwl’.  Inappropriate story alert!!! A few days ago, I sat down on the chair and sat on a chupi. I said ow! and L comes over and asked if I hurt my pee-pee.  See? Needing to work on the whole boy/girl thing.

Rico Suave did graduate from swim lessons and continuously wants to put his ‘nemos’ on. Those would be the swimmers diapers which have Nemo the fish on the front, for those who don’t know.  Rico also enjoys saying ‘booya’.Any idea on where that came from?  Yeah, me either.  Apparently, I am raising a little Stewart Scott (ESPN guy).

M is doing great!  He is getting so big and LOVES to watch anything his brother does. Which L totally loves. Right now, L is demanding M to ‘grab it, Teo’ to anything L shoves in his hands. He also enjoys telling his brother to ‘give him 2 minutes’. I guess I must say that a lot.

We do have great news though!!! Today, another little Faddis boy came into our family. Caden Robert Faddis was born today at 2:49pm. He is 9lbs 13oz. He’s so stinkin’ cute!  M has been promoted into the Faddis Family dynasty as the Regional Director of External Affairs. (Dad and John think this title thing is funny)… yeah, me either.  Pics to come soon.  As we visited them today, L decided to chuck a formula cap and it sailed over the bassinet with a sleeping babe in it. Welcome to the chaos Caden!! 


Nose picking

Yeah…someone can’t keep his finger out of his nose. No, it’s not John. Luca should charge his finger for all the time he spends with it jammed in there. Sheesh. I have tried a lot of things….threatening (he didn’t even wince),ignoring (which prompts him to remove said finger and get it way too close to my face to get my attention), acting like I’m sickened by it (which I am), and trying to bribe (the child eats an A-mazing amount of Oreos). Nada… Zip. He sat tonight and watched Horton Hears a Who with a good 10-15 minutes digging for gold. I just watched in horror. On a humorous note, Mateo accidently jammed his finger in his nose tonight as well. Purely an accident (eye hand coordination is still in its early stages–usually he looks as if he is orchestrating something) but the look of panic on his face was hilarious. Then I realized I may have been encouraging him. So the nose picking is basically my fault. Awesome.

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