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First Big Outing….

Yesterday was our first big outing. Our cousin, Dominic (aka Paco) was baptized yesterday. John and I are his godparents, so naturally we all had to look cute. John and Lucas looked cute so two out of three aren’t bad. Lucas looked like a mix between Tony Soprano and a little golfer, not intentionally. A few pics from yesterday.

This week is pretty slow so we might be heading to the mall or walking around to beat the boredom. This kid gets pretty tired of me….

Have a good day!!!

Love, J, C, L & W


First Doctor’s Visit!

We just got home from our first doctor’s visit. It went really well. No shots this time, that comes next month. First off, he was weighed and I hoped he broke 8 pounds. Well, I was waaay off. Our little man weighs 10 lbs 6 oz! Can you even believe it? He also has grown 3 inches in a month! So we are in the 75 percentile for weight and 97 percentile for height. Wow. All that eating must have worked.

This morning before the doctor, L and his buddy W were hanging out in bed.

Then we had a photo shoot on our fur rug, ok it is really a dog blanket from our friend Syl. But it was still cute.

Somebody asked me about baby toes. He sleeps like his mom, with one foot out all the time but the “i’m being robbed” pose is all his.

Finally, we were editing Dad’s final exam paper together.

Have a good day!

Love, C,J, W & L

1 month old!!!

Hi all,
I am gaining all sorts of new talents. I am writing this post with a sleeping baby on my chest. Nice, huh. Thinking of adding it to my resume. ha! Can you believe it? Lucas is one month old…as of yesterday. Wow. We go to the doctor tomorrow for a fun filled appointment. A few people have given us some advice to brace ourselves and to be strong (thanks Kel) so needless to say, I am curious as to what I am bracing myself for.

For the record, this child loves baths. I think that he might get messy on purpose just so he can get the bath and the lotion massage. A bit far off, but who knows. This is a pic of L doing the Hulk Arrow move after his lotion massage. Check out the belly, yeah buddy, this kid doesnt miss a meal.

Other than that, life is settling into a routine, kinda. He is growing like a weed. He has already outgrown his coming home outfit (Sorry, Auntie). The legs are like capri pants now. It is amazing how fast this month has gone, but as someone lovingly pointed out, we have only slept about 10 hours of it. Ha Ha.

We haven’t made the bed yet today, due to some people still sleeping in. Then we are off to lunch with Auntie Cait. What a life this kid has.

Speak of the devil, our little guy is calling my name. Have a good day!

Tummy Time!

First of all, congrats to Nana! She won an award for Kansas Teacher of the Year for her school! Yeah!! Since it was the same day as Royals Opening Day, the family was freezing their tails off at the game. So Lucas and I went to represent the fam for Mom. We are so proud of her!

One of the issues we have been dealing with is the seperation for Wrig and Lucas’ toys. Now, Lucas doesn’t seem to care (yet) but Wrig thinks its all for him. This pic shows what I mean. Yes, that is a paci in Wrig’s mouth. Second one he has commmandeered and throughly chewed on.

We also had tummy time today for the first time. Now, if you have seen this child, you have seen the neck strength. It went well and he completely turned his head from left to right twice. Gifted, I tell you. 🙂 No, really he did great and was pretty content on the floor. Some cute face pics. Then we added the boppy pillow which worked well until this pic, which reminded me of Titanic when Rose is clinging to the wood and slipping off.

Daddy had a nap today, poor guy.

We got a new paci today, just a coincidence…but it is pretty cute. Ok, might go for a walk and enjoy this nice weather.

Love to all,
J,C,W & L

Yeah for the Hawks!!!

Well. It might be a bit over confident to say that because Lucas was rockin’ his KU jersey, that Chalmers hit the clutch shot. But it is nice to think that. John and Lucas watched the game and well with all the screaming, Lucas’ eyes were wide open at his daddy. Poor kid. He didn’t make it until the end tho.

Here are some of the bath shots, all G-rated. God bless both baths and car rides. Each of them knock our little man out for a few blessed hours. 4 hours is our record so far. And as a bonus, he smells good. Sniffing his neck is my new favorite pasttime. Ha!

The other new development is the new found love between Wrig and Lucas. Ok, well Wrig loves Lucas so far. He loves to be where L is, no matter how uncomfortable that makes Mom or Dad. So far he hasn’t gotten mad at the few whacks in the face he has gotten from our wild swinging arms. Still learning how to use those limbs.

Have a good day!

J,C, L, and W

We are on our own…

So, it is just us now. Dad is at work and Gram(Tita) had to go back to CO. So Lucas, Wrigley & I are on our own. A bit nerve-wracking, I must say, but things are going ok. This weekend, we had another Jayhawk victory, our first bath since our umbilical cord fell off (thanks Nana for walking us thru that one), and our first outing to Target and Costco with Nana as well. Slept thru the shopping (that’s my boy) and was pretty calm thru the bath experience. I have pics to post later of that.

Jayhawks play tonight for the Championship game so you know someone will be wearing his jersey. Daddy is demanding that outfit. ha! The day is almost half over and 5pm could not come sooner…. we miss Dad.

Have a great day!

Rock Chalk Good Luck Charm

Ok, so it might be a coincidence that Lucas wore his KU jersey on Sunday and the Hawks pulled out a victory. This is Lucas pondering his special victory skills.

On Saturday, we helped Cait move into her cool studio apartment. It is pretty sweet, better than what John and I had as our first apt. Lucas got to come out and help too. But shockingly, he found himself in his nana’s arms and was content sucking on a new pacifier his friend Tammy Owens gave him. Thanks Tammy! For those who can’t see… it says “McDrooly”. Haha!

Monday was a bit sad because Daddy had to go back to work, and after about 75 kisses on his litle man, he went to work. But we still have Gram here, thankfully! So next week will be a bit harder when Lucas and I are by ourselves. Yikes. John works from home on Tuesdays so at least he will be here with us today.

Sunday, we did manage to take a 4 generation picture with Gram before she leaves. Too bad some of us look rough and Gram and the baby look super cute. Oh well.

Have a great day!

C,J,L & W

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