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Time flies when you are cleaning neosporin off ottomans….

I mean really, what is it with my kid and ointments? Or the better question is why is it my hubby who tells me 8 HOURS LATER about the fact that my kid got into ointments and smeared it in the baby’s room. Sheesh. I realized as I was silently cursing the makers of Neosporin for making something so amazingly greasy and impossible to get off, that my little one starts school in less than a week. Now, I have been mentioning it to Nana (who I am sure loves it when I do that) and J (who I am sure loves it when I do that) for a bit. But I just realized that someone else (Miss Colleen, for those who want to know) will be seeing my babe grin during the day and probably won’t be sending me pics of his face on an hourly basis. I wonder if there is a text message upgrade package for pyscho moms like me?

I also realized the breakneck speed from which I will have to travel to get both my kids picked up by 6. And unlike Nana’s house, they probably won’t have dinner ready for us. Dang. Another hitch in the giddyup. I will figure it out I am sure. J has drop off duty so he will have more of a leisurely pace at which to dump these kiddos off. Lucky dog.

As for the kiddos….mildly entertaining….even the one that drools has some entertainment factor. The grin is the best. L’s grin is nothing to shy from either, but his typically comes from a place of “I just spread Neosporin all over a room that isn’t mine’.  Grrrr. M is getting big. Fast. Too Fast. He is wanting to sit up all the time and feels as though his fist is a 7 course dinner. L, as one of his teachers told me– is so talkative and has such a good vocabulary. Probably code for ‘my lord your kid won’t stay quiet’. So in honor of that…L’s list of sayings….
1. ‘Momma, iz hot in here” (feels as though Nelly is talking to me from the backseat)
2. Keen me? (me clean? yes please…here’s the bleach. 🙂 )
3. “Teo seepin’? Shhh momma. Teo seepin'” Typically in a loud whisper
4. “keys, momma? Me go work?” (like a dagger in my heart, kiddo)
5. ”ucas eenez’ is his name. we also deciphered ‘icky ‘ouse, as well as ‘iggerpooh’
6. ‘hey mamacita’ -thank you daddy.

Both boys are pretty entertaining…outside of ointments..and that goes for all uses of the ointments, decorative and functional.
I am pretty sure the definition of decorative ointments is one for my scrapbook. Nice! 

Off to coerce a 2 year old to stay in bed. Fun times. Night!

Eight is enough…

Nope…I’m good with 2. 2 kiddos, that is. I am thinking 8 sounds like a negative number for a lot of things, like 8 moles, 8 bug bites, 8 speeding tickets, 8 load of laundry. Now…8 cupcakes or 8 gift cards to j.jill? Now you are talking… but in terms of kids, 2 will do..for now.

Managing this work deal and 2 kiddos is no easy task. I am always open to suggestions. Not entirely sure how Nana did it, or how Kates does it, or well heck even the Duggar lady must have a breakdown every now and then. But for me (ok, John and I..but mostly me), 2 kids will be ok. I currently have mastered holding a babe, feeding him a bottle which is propped by my chin all while trying to dress L in jammies….now if you are impressed, you obviously didn’t see the visual of me actually not realizing I put L’s legs in one leg of the jammie pants, ergo he is now a mermaid (which he finds hilarious) as well as now my shirt is soaked (and not from nursing, mind you) due to the bottle getting out of M’s mouth and wedged between me and him. Awesome. So I used the term ‘mastered’ in my own sense of the word. Don’t judge.

I find myself getting frustrated lately with the kids. Not really that I can’t handle it but is it so hard for them to understand that since we have such a short time together at night, they just need to be quiet, clean, not pooping and most of all not forcing me to make a meal of chicken nuggets, watermelon and oh yeah cheese sticks. Yum. I have resorted to positive thinking when M is screaming like his head is on fire. I think…ok, this is possibly my last baby. I should appreciate this and savor it because it will be the last time he screams like his head is on fire (totally not my line, but I love it).  I know, you are now questioning whether I have been drinking ( I haven’t) because if you have met M, um yeah…’nuf said/

My little man will be 3 months next week. There is a strong chance I will not be blogging next week due to work insanity and my change in attitude over late night meetings (they suck- and my parents and J rock). So to M…happy 3 month birfday (as L says it).

Speaking of the little dude. He is hilarious. His new game is ‘way, no way’…and only my parents could play this game with him 85 times and still think he’s funny. He also can count to 12. Mind you, when he counts, he skips over 4,5,6, and 7 but whatever. If you ask him his name, he said ‘ ‘ucas ‘eenez’. We are working it. He also announces when he pees. Random and funny. He asks to wear ‘chones’ over his diaper. Spanish slang for undies.  L wants to give kisses a lot and M is not always a fan of getting kissed on the eyeball. He is starting swimming lessons this Saturday. He loves the pool and asks to go ‘simmin’ a lot. He is getting brave…yikes.

Anyway, I figured I would let you know we are alive and well. Tired but sleep is for the weak. And if I keep telling myself that, I may believe it one day. 


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