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Absolutely nothing….

I wish there was new info to share…but there’s not. Sorry Charlies. We literally have been running on survival mode for the last few weeks. Work has been nuts and crazies, J has been doing the super dad routine again, and L is still naked, crazy and hilarous. No new pics…because I kinda suck at that now. Poor Rocky. I feel bad for him/her already. We did learn that on November 3, we are scheduled for a sonogram to find out if we spell Rocky with a ‘y’ or an ‘ie’. We are moving L down the hall into a ‘new’ room…but before we do that, we need to paint, order his furniture, decals, oh and decide on a paint color. Yikes. His old room is most likely going to stay the same…unless it’s a Rockie and then the ‘our little man’ sign may have to come down…That would be weird if it didn’t. Not a lot of movement yet in the tummy. Feeling pretty ok, just freaking exhausted and I need to gain some weight. Only when I’m prego does someone say that to me.

I guess there are some new things about L:
1. He has manners. “TANKS” or ‘Tank you’ are frequent and shockingly correctly used.
2. Still calls everyone ‘mom’, J loves that.
3. Got a trike a few weeks ago, loves to be pushed, hates to pedal.
4. Is pretty independant and wants to do things himself. Such a twin of his dad. Ha.
5. Still a streaker, taught Paco to streak. His mom thanked me for that.
6. As Auntie Cait learned, loves to be exuberant with his manners….”TANKS! TANKS! TANKS!”
7. Says ‘nope’, ‘where it is?’, ‘here you go’, ‘lets go bye-bye’, ‘juice’ and ‘agua’
8. J is working with him on ‘por favor’.
9. Now uses doing rasberries on exposed skin to get your attention… this could stop if he stopped calling everyone ‘mom.
10. Is pretty good with understanding Spanish now. Amazing to me.
11. Is stinkin’ onery and give me a smile when he is.
12. Knows what a timeout is. As he is there, a lot!
13. When asked where his baby is, he lifts his own shirt and sticks out his tummy. It should be said, he didn’t ‘learn’ this behavior from his momma. Promise.

It is John’s birthday this week..the 15th. And he is currently down in the basement putting his new incline weight bench together. Because of course he would start working out and losing weight and looking like he did when we were dating as I expand. Awesome.

So perhaps I lied…there is some new stuff. Hope all is well with you!

Possible Narco….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Man. I don’t remember being such a sleeper for this long with L…but then again, I refer to J, Mom, Cait or Kel to remind me of those days, since my memory is as long as my eyelash. Either way, exhausted. So this post is short and sweet. Work is good, tough but good. L is cutting his 2 year molars and is entering the terrible 2’s. The listening skills he was so good at before, MIA. Now we have to spell timeout, otherwise you say the word and he goes and sits on the mat. Due to him being in it so much….

Getting ready for Rocky is non existent…I dream of organizing, painting and getting stuff..then I fall asleep. Oh well. as long as we have diapers…such a change from getting ready for L.

The sleep thing is so bad that…wait for it….I bought Dan Brown’s new book…and am only on Chapter 6, after owning it for 3 days. Um yeah. It’s that serious. So in light of that, I am currently yawning as Rocky is sucking the life and energy out of me. God bless the babe, but seriously, I need some pep in my step.

Have a good weekend…it’s the Razo/Martinez Family reunion…hope I stay awake. I’m packing toothpicks.

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