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Holy mother, sweet fancy moses and heavens to murgatroy…

I need to stop cussing. John really needs to stop cussing. I don’t say it often but when I do, it is necessary. John, not so much…  But we have a little repeater among us. Yikes. I got busted a few days ago and again today. ooops… SO the title of this post will be my new ’emotional’ words….rather than s&%^. Promise, Nana.

We have a week of a working Mom with 2 kids under our belt. Wow, Not an easy task…and I don’t even have it super hard yet. Nana has been a God send in terms of watching Mateo and giving me a text and pic every once in a while…  I promised her I would try to have her baby free by 6pm every day. I realize that John drops off M around 930 or 10…so it’s not like she has him ALL day..but she does hold and snuggle him all day…so I realize the arms might get tired. But if you see Nana at Target and she is busting out of her shirts due to her huge biceps, then you will know why. 

Getting to Mom’s by 6 after picking up Luca at daycare has been a challenge. I really would love it if J worked an 8-5 job and we could divide and conquer. But alas, it’s not. And I do love John having Fridays off so he and L and M can have man days. So now it’s just managing my time so I can bolt out the door at 5. Which shockingly, I want to do. Before M, I knew I could use my in-laws to watch L or keep him overnight if something came up. Now? Work is still totally important…but not like before. Which is ok by me.

The most shocking thing was how fast our time goes once we get home. Seriously, home by 6 or 630, unload screaming infant. coax L into the house (due to him being obsessed with outside), make dinner (stop laughing….using the oven = making dinner), and baths, books and bed…and it’s already 830. Where did the time go? Even M is down at 830. Granted he’s up at midnight or so, but still.

Now that we are on the gym routine, I can’t even snuggle with them in the a.m. Not fun at all. But quality vs quantity. Either way, I will take what I can get.

M is doing so great. He is jamming his fingers in his mouth constantly and making the sweeeetest slurping sounds (I’m being sarcastic about the sounds). 🙂  He is smiling, cooing and laughing at everything that catches his eye. He even laughed at his big brother right after big brother shoved a giant talking ‘Buzz’ doll very near his noggin. Sheesh.

Luca is growing up so fast. He talks so much and almost everything I understand. Now to other people, he isn’t so understandable…but don’t worry, he will speak louder to you should be a recipient for Miracle Ear. He knows his name (‘ucas). He give you commands while you are driving (watch out mom…ca-ful mom). He wants to do everything ‘meself’. EVERYTHING is ‘mine’….fire trucks, trains, cereal, forks, you name it. And his favorite person next to ‘buzz’ is his daddy. Oh and don’t forget ‘wigerwy’ (wrigley).  Toy Story 3 was his first actual theatre movie. He did really well, sat for almost an hour, then he had to go walk around with J. I do think the box of Skittles the size of his head made the movie thing easier to swallow. I have pics to post in a bit.

*Funny story* then I will stop talking. So we have been doing prayers at night (there was an earlier post on this) and at the end I prompt L by saying ‘A’.. and he finishes with a big grin and says ‘men’. The chubby folded hands still kill me. Anywho, we were at the store talking about what color the fruit was. I was showing him an apple and said ‘Can you say apple? Apple starts with A…” and he gets excited, folds his hands together and screamed ‘MEN’! Nice.

Off to jam in 8,456 loads of laundry and crack open the work laptop for a bit.

Time keeps flying…

Ok, 7 days. 7 days from today, I will be at my desk at work, attempting to act like I’m working. For those of you who don’t know, I am a terrible liar. Terr-I-bile.  So I’m sure the glancing at the pics of my boys and looking at my phone to see if my mom has texted me will be so obvious that I can’t cover it up with a lie of ‘I’m really working’. Oh well. I am excited though. Excited to see people and talk about things other than poop and ‘no, luca, stop it’….but then again….having to schedule time to go to the pool and the farmstead won’t be awesome. I keep telling Mom this kid is so different. His personality and schedule….and my experience with him. With L, I wasn’t really running back to a job…I didn’t even have one to go back to, honestly. But this time, I had a set schedule and the months flew by. Yuck. Either way, this week is nuts anyway b/c we are having a garage sale….not to mention this past weekend L has been sick and suctioned to me. Tough to sort through crap when a 2 year old is attached like a barnacle. Not that I don’t love it, the whining,….I could do without. In hindsight, I would have loved to take this whole week and snuggle with my boys. But it is not in the cards, and that is ok…b/c this is a preview of what my life will be like.  Ok, moving on.

Did you know you could get a cold in your chi-chi’s? Still giggling. Nana and Gpa came over due to L being under the weather. They came over apparently in need of some loud chaos, due to fam dinner being just 2/3 of one family…so it was probably quiet compared to the other dinners. We were in the play room (formerly the dining room….ugh) and L told Nana, unprovoked, that he had a cold in his chi-chi’s. Now I know the kid is observant and he has had his fair share of time seeing the breast pump out and working….in fact, give him a bottle and he will show you how it works. I realllly hope that little memory goes away before show and tell begins at school. But it was so random and funny. And he was so serious. So beware, put oranges in your bras ladies. You don’t want to catch a cold there. 🙂

I also wanted to apologize for posting the same pics 2 posts in a row. My brain has offically checked out, due to sick kids, thunderstorms making kids not sleep and oh kids in general. I could be the poster woman for that Mirena commerical. 🙂 But before I forget, Mateo is doing great! He went to the doctor today for his 2 month checkup. He is not gaining a ton of weight, although I would have lost a bet b/c I thought he was. He’s 10lb, 13oz and 22.8 in long. He may not be gaining a ton of weight due to the acid reflux action he has but we will see. He also has a sweeet case of cradle cap. more like a stocking hat than a cap. He is the infant version of the ‘before’ guy in the Selsun blue commerical. poor kid. A string bean of a kid with flakes. Good thing his smile will melt you!

Ok, pics of my boys and then I am heading for a bed. Doesn’t even have to be mine, really. Just a bed….preferably with no kids in it. 🙂 Night!  

Everything needs a blessing, I suppose.

So Mom and I talked today about starting Luca with prayers. Now, since he was born, I have said ‘I see the moon and the moon sees me, God Bless the moon, God bless me’…which is actually a sign in his old room.  But I was blessing him, so it counts. 🙂  Anyway, I figured tonight was as good a night as any. After we read our 8 books (sheesh), I asked him if he could put his hands together… it was so stinkin’ cute to see his chubby hands like that. And I, sadly, couldn’t remember all the 2nd line in ‘Angel of God’…and I figured it probably wasn’t right to throw a word in there, like when people sing and can’t rmember the words.  So I just said…’thank you God for this day…God Bless…..(wow, we have a lot of family)…and he did great. So we blessed everyone and only a few times did I mention someone’s name and he would interuppt “Me see him?” And if you haven’t heard him say this line….just listen to the rest of the family..we all say it now.  So at the end of the blessing part, I asked him if he wanted to bless anyone else. He said ‘yes’. I said, ‘ok, who?” He said, “bess cereal’.  Ok then. We will try again tomorrow and see if cereal makes the cut again. Perhaps tomorrow will be gogurt.

Mateo, who also made the prayer cut, is doing great. Eating like a champ and then getting super mad b/c  he refuses to burp. It’s awesome. Not frustrating…at all. He is cooing and talking. Smiles are pretty frequent now and especially when his daddy is anywhere in the room. It is pretty cute. L is much better with him. We do need to strap in M in the swing or bouncy chair, due to L being overly helpful and launching M in the air. L is doing sooo much better in school. He even woke up at 4am (not awesome) a few weeks ago and asked to see his teacher.  He asks about his classmates and has brought home art projects (which I LOVE). So I think we are getting to a good stage….which I have been told is a fleeting moment due to long vacations or a new stage for him which brings us back to crying and square 1. Awesome.

Nana is now on summer vacation!!! Whoo whoo!! So we are soaking in that fun-ness as much as we can. I am heading back to work in 20 days. Ugh and yeah, all at the same time! I’m so not built to be a stay at home mom….but god bless the moms who can and do. I even thought about our family friend (seceretly Cait’s BFF :))  Kates…who is about to have her 3rd.  Under 4..God bless her..and cereal.  I had Dylan along with my two this morning for all of an hour and a half… AND John was home with me. I almost ran out the door, twice. 

Ok so I am posting more pics… and then googling ‘Angel of God’ or General Mills mission statement.. one of the two. Night!

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