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Naps… Schmaps.

 Isn’t he the cutest?  I heart him.  

This one is pretty good too. He’s good for a laugh or two.

This is the ‘best’ picture from Halloween. And so begins my post. Of course, this was the weekend Auntie Cait got married and half of Colorado and Northern CA was in town for it. So these boys were already on a ‘pyscho, no schedule kid’ routine.  They were on zero naps on Halloween…and that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach was already there. This could be ugly. And it was.

L woke up from a late and I mean late nap at oh…..7:30… pm.!! I think it meant more to J that L got to go trick or treating. So L went…but after much begging and whining. For 5 minutes!  Oh well, we made a memory…and he quickly forgot the pain when he walked back in the door with a giant pixie stick. Who gives those to a 2 year old??? Those people will be ‘on vacation’ when L goes out next year.

But now we are on to Santa Claus. I really think the asking to see Santa phase we have entered is more about the Toys R Us catalog he won’t let go of and less about the man we will see this weekend at Bass Pro Shop. But we will see. And you better believe, I will be milking the ‘seeing Santa Claus’ thing until the cows come home.


Mrs. Ginestra

She is married!!! Yeah!!! And now my world can calm down. hahahahahaha. I’m hilarious. New post in a few days. I gotta feed my kids.

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