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My Outdoorsman

This weekend, we traveled to the lake. And…I survived. The lake itself is great. The water, tubing, smores, and kids are fun. I get a little competitive on the tube and forget I’m 35. Ouch. My armpits are even sore.

The mud is not so fun. Therefore, ‘we’ only do a day trip usually. But L wanted to spend the night with his Tia and Tio.  So we left him… to spend the night… without us. Outside. J was more nervous than I was, I think.  Either way, he had the best time and wouldn’t stop talking about this fish when he got home.  But then I got the real story from my sis-in-law….

She tried to get all the boys out of the lake for lunch. L refused to come out of the water (typical…stubborn like his dad). One of the kids asked her for a bottle and water for L. She went down to see why he needed it and she saw it. A fish. L proceeded to ask her for a bottle and water so he could take it home and show us. He said it was an obedient fish (my parenting skills at work) and didn’t swim away. It stayed right by him and even let him open and close its mouth.

L told me that it was the color of Uncle Ry’s truck (grey) but now I believe that to be the color of decaying marine life.  My own little outdoorsman.

Is that a wrinkle?

I turned 35 this week.  I waited for the profound wisdom that lady Oprah kept talking about. Nada.  In fact, I still managed to forget my security badge at home and wondering if I put on deodorant.  I’m not helping things by watching amazingly horrible television like Dallas. bad, like Victoria Principal infomercial bad. 

Either way, I had some thoughts while watching bad TV:

-In the mint ad where the two strangers get in a cab at the same time…how the heck do they both grab mints so fast? Have you seen me get in my car? It required major jostling, at least 2 car doors opening and a heavy sigh once I’m in…then I reach for my mint.

-There is a lot of head nodding that happens in Dallas apparently.  I need to do more of that.  So if you ask me a question, just expect a head nod. ‘Hey Courtney, are you going to drill oil on Southfork?’ Head nodding.  ‘Hey Mom, fish sticks again?’ Head nodding.  Such a convenience.

-Anyone else believe Niecy Nash is a preacher’s wife? Yep, me either….but still wasted 23 minutes of my life watching it.  TV Land for the win.

Kinda hoping that age based wisdom kicks in before the next commercial….

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