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Worker’s Comp….

…should be included in the job description of Mom, along with floating pedi holidays and a few “I’ve had it!” days off. Yes, I am typing one handed…and desperately searching for that handy sling I stored away so I could find it easily. Ok, it’s not THAT bad but ow. I got bit. Bitten by a wild animal, with newly emerged teeth covered in Oreo remenants. It may be infected. (Trivial Alert!: I have to wear a halter dress for our family wedding in a week or so…that bite mark/bruise will be so AWESOME in pics). So now that animal is in his crib for a timeout…which most likely will turn into a nap. Praise the Lord.

And it’s just 1pm. I have already dealt with my finest plastic measuring cup shattering (scaring said animal)against the fridge, 2..yes 2 wet willies, thanks to the teacher of that, 2 trips of scaring me to death by taking a sharp left off the sidewalk into the street.. thank god we don’t live near Toyoko Drift, oh and biting Wrig and leaving lovely oreo remenants in his fur. Note: If you ever want to know what the Martinez’s have eaten for dinner, check Wrig. Poor guy…all the hugging, petting, kissing and biting make him a walking napkin of sorts.

I read a blog today that made me laugh outloud. She compared motherhood to prepping for a career in herding cats. Amen. (Thanks for Big Mama, she’s hilarious). Last night we went to our niece Sam’s h.s. graduation. I did the math in my head and I thought, I would enjoy actually seeing Sam walk across the stage rather than a hallway or bathroom to calm a crying child. So L stayed with Nana. Thank YOU Nana. Auntie Cait came to play with him too. So I got to see Sam walk and also got to walk the hallway and bathroom with a crying child. God bless Paco. Oh well.

Motherhood, can’t get away from it, ever… or it will come to bite you. Or give you a wet willy. Fun. 🙂


Come on Baby Wisbrock!!!

Sorry.. that was just a shout out to L’s little baby friend who is also enjoying their all inclusive resort a.k.a. Mom’s belly a little too long.

AHHH Summer…

This week has been busy.. with concerts, Deanna Rose Farmstead, and Festivals. Oh My. Not a lot of funny stories… well some have to do with a new interest in other babies certain parts or using his own parts as handles or buttons, but I will spare you those gems. Oh the joys of boys. So on to pics…..
So Nana tells me that she used to give us a brush and a bucket of water and tell us to paint the driveway. Apparently we loved it, and possible were a little slow on the uptake. Oh well… she was right. L dug it. Now why did I spend money on a swimsuit and pool again???
At Deanna Rose Farmstead with J, L and Lil G. Lil G was the best behaved. The cow’s name was Charlotte. She didn’t behave well either.

L and I at the Turkey Creek Festival.. on the train ride. He loves trains and cars… a new development. The shrieking on the highway when he sees one is um awesome.

My little cowboy at the Festival. He loved it more before the horse started moving…but toughed it out. Now if you lay on the floor long enough, he wants to ride you.

Ahhh Auntie Cait…she responded to our Sunday Funday request for sprinkler running with a “yes!!!!” We heart her. And I’m sure AJ is smiling down as Auntie Cait is now the coolest auntie who does funny stuff with her nephs…and they love her for it too.

Nana bought the boys a water table. (Remember that brush and water story…apparently doesn’t apply to grandkids) L and Cait decided to make it a baby pool instead. All boys dunked their feet.. L dunked more than feet.

Lil G’s first concert!! Funky Mama! She’s awesome. L loves her music and I tend to bop along as well. This was our stair steps shot.

Today, we initiated the little Faddis boys to the Farmstead. They were both well behaved and I can tell you that neither of the little boys have loved me more. Wink. Uncle Ry feeding Chunk, while Lil G leans on him and L is gazing in awe or something like that.

Family shot…in the splash pond.

Baby swing shots!!!

Our little weeds..or flowers…(Ry thinks when they are 8, this might be more awkward but we will see….)

Whew….I’m exhausted. Have a good week! And yeah for Nana…only 2 more days of school left and then she is all ours!!!


…I am losing my mind. And to top it off.. I volunteered for it! Yowza (heard that on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…needed to use it today, see..losing it!)For the last few days and for the next couple weeks.. I get to entertain my sweet nephew Garrett aka Lil G. Man…if I thought I was ready for another kid (which I was on the fence before), I have offically fallen over the fence into the Hell No side! Pardon my french! Yikes.. I’m tired. Thankfully, Lil G is an angel and other than the basics..he’s a rockin’ baby who loves to watch L and Wrig go at it. I figured there had to be an audience who appreciates that. I sure don’t.

We have been active with our new little BFF…need to make him tired so he will sleep for his momma when he goes home. So there are some pics from Deanna Rose. There were pics from a stroller pose with all 3 boys but my little Steve Jobs figured out how to delete pics. Same kid who called 911 at 10 months so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

There are a lot more pics of L showing his belly button off to the baby calves but I figure you could live without those.

Today was hot, humid and if I had a better body I would be walking around in a swimsuit but I don’t so I didn’t…Second best option..strip the babies. B/c at Auntie Court’s, that’s how we roll. First pic..playing footsie’s. Second pic…Lil G being an angel. Third pic…L p-i-s-s-e-d at said angel. Fun times.

Oh and I found out L really really really likes chocolate pudding. A lot.

Hello..I will be your waiter this evening…

In preparation for Greg and Bekah’s wedding (in less than a month!! yahoo!), we took L and Grandpa to get their tuxes tonight. Now…FYI…if anyone needs a dapper ring bearer/extremely short and directionally challenged usher in the next few years…we now own a tux and charge a low low fee. Some pics.. I enjoy the faces.. so they can speak for themselves.

Try the veal!

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