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The bag is packed

So…the bag is packed. Is it bad that there is no room for the baby’s stuff in our suitcase? Might have to work on that. This week and last have been interesting. Work is nuts and I have been busy dealing with layoffs and all that come with that. I am ready for that part to be over but that means I have to sit and wait for Lenny to come. So….what to do.

This past week I have had some blurry vision and headaches so we have been in to the dr to get checked out a few times. Things are ok according to her. Me, I am waiting for something to happen. They told me to rest, put my feet up and no stress. HA! They are comedians over there. For the sake of weak stomachs, I will say that things are moving along and for the moms out there, dilation is occuring. Yeah!!

We did have a shower last weekend for the Martinez clan. Again, Lenny made out like crazy. His little feet will NEVER be cold, the child has more socks than anything. Wow. Little outfits, piggy banks and cute diaper bags were some of the items we got.

John and I are amazed with how many batteries this child uses already. Wow. Everything needs a battery and like a D battery!!! Geez.

John is doing well, just ask him how many days are left. His eyes get a bit wider then. It’s humorous to watch. Wrig is good too, hasn’t left my side really for the last few weeks. Weird.

As for the job front, we are closing this Friday. I will hang around for a few days after to close up shop but then it will be the fabulous unpaid maternity leave. Sad face. Keep your ears open for an HR jobs who might be wanting a hard working new mom.

I am confident that things will work out and our little family will be just fine.

Hope you all are doing well. We will keep you posted!!!

Love, J,C,L, and W


Fabulous Weekend!

Ok so it isn’t really over yet but we have had a fabulous weekend so far. First, the Colorado crew came in town to help celebrate Lenny’s shower. We celebrated at Charlotte’s house (my fabulous cousin) and she, Cait and Alison threw a great get together. Lenny is already so spoiled and very much loved. We are really blessed. This diaper cake could be the cutest thing I had ever seen. My s-i-l, Alison and her family made it. It was amazing…pic doesnt do it justice but we tried. Lenny got some fabulous items and lunch was great too. Thanks again to Caitlin, Charlotte and Alison for throwing it. It was great to see family. Pics show off some of the fam.
> After the shower, it snowed really well here in Kansas. But Ryan came through in a pinch and took the girls to the fire station for a tour. Some pics of the cuties, Harper and Emma. Thanks to all who thought of us this weekend. I do have to add that John’s favorite present was from our Uncle Tony. He sent some black Chuck Taylor high tops that are too cute for words. We took a pic of the items he sent. So fun.
We had a great weekend. Hope you did too!

Love, C,J, L and W

Late Night ER visits

Well…you could say that we are preparing ourselves for parenthood, kinda. If Lenny comes out furry, has tummy issues and at some point has to wear a plastic cone on his head, we are ready for action.

Yesterday was a big day for the Martinez’s. Wrig has his (ahem) boy surgery in the morning along with a beauty appointment. He also managed to get two shots and two teeth pulled at the same time. Whew. I was already worried about him. But Thursday, we thought that was all we had in store for us so we took a before pic…

So when we got home from that vet visit, I took an after shot. Amazing…to John and I that this little dog was in all that hair.

I will spare you the details but around 7pm last night, Wrig began to look like he had gone some rounds with a boxer (human or canine). His eye began to swell shut. So after some hemming and hawwing, we were off the vet ER. A few hours later, we learned he had an infection in his ears and his eye. More meds, more shots and the cone collar to prevent him from touching, well… anything on himself.

This pic is the one from this morning after we tried to sleep in the cone without success and had children’s Benedryl, the dissolving strips (Who knew!). Super sad face. Kills ya, doesn’t it. Just makes you want to rip off the cone and give him 6 cookies. I feel bad for when Lenny is sick. John might buy him a car.

Right now, Wrig and Dad are asleep together. Apparently I am chopped liver. Oh well.

The other info of yesterday was the appointment with the Maternity Care Coordinator at SMMC. We are now offically ready to pop. And well, I am feeling the same way. We signed consent forms as PARENTS. Whoa. And made decisions for Lenny already. Geez. J and I both had eyes as large as saucers.

Lenny is moving and grooving still. I am getting a few B-H contractions every day. He enjoys sticking his foot out and jabbing me in the ribs. I imagine him like in a Superman flight pose. I was told I am carrying low and two people told me that I wasn’t waddling yet. Yeah for not waddling!

My Gram, Aunt Gia, Cousin Cam and her gorgeous girls will be here this Friday for the shower. I am too excited to see them.

Hope everyone has a quiet rest of the weekend.

Love, C,J,L and W

It’s getting close!

Hi All!
Hope you are safe and warm tonight as I hear sleet and ice hitting my window. Boooo!!! It has been a long week and it is only going to be Wednesday. Wow. Things are about to get busy in our house. Tomorrow, Sprint is throwing John a baby shower. They are too good to him and us. So prego has to make an appearance as well.

Then Thursday, we are beginning the process of interviewing pediatricians. I have great intentions of starting things early but when it comes down to it….last minute mary, right here. Oh well. Friday we have a big day because we visit our Maternity Care Coordinator– she is setting us up for the big event (and is the reason we were supposed to have interviewed ped’s a while ago) and Wrig is going in for surgery (for AHEM surgery…) and a haircut. Thank God!

Lenny’s room is pretty close to done…except for a baby. But we are working on that. Currently, our little man is moving and grooving like crazy. Flips, kicks and jabs into my sides are his fave activities. Kinda uncomfortable but considering what I am in store for….I will take them. Still working on a name. Might get down to the wire, but are you really surprised?

Next week is crazy too. The baby showers begin and more importantly my Denver clan is coming in town!!! I am so excited to see them, especially Gram. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! It should be so fun. We are really blessed to have the family we have and the friends we do. Everyone is so excited for the little man to show up….and his Dad is pretty amped too. Ha!

Enjoy your week and we will update you later with pics of post op and shaved Wrig.

Love, J,C,L and W

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