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As if I needed more crazy…

…I’m back. from the land of crazy. It’s only a short pitstop really. I just got back from Minneapolis for a work trip. And I realized something (on the plane getting off in KCI), I hadn’t really been away from L like that…ever… Um duh. Lightbulb. No wonder I couldn’t really sleep. And may possibly have taken a shirt he wore so I could sleep with it…or not. Don’t judge. 🙂 But we are back home and now L and his dad are with some other Faddis boys doing boy stuff at a Royals shindig. I didn’t really focus on the details.

I did also realize that I hadn’t shared something.

Yup…as if I needed more crazy. No, its that my mouth has closed and my boss didn’t fire me. Kidding, well not really. We are excited. We are due on March 15th-ish…I figured I probably needed to get that out there in case you see me in Target and think I ate too many cupcakes (which would be a fair assumption). L is completely oblivious except for when you ask him where the baby is, he lifts his shirt and points to his own tummy. As a lovely sidenote, J mentioned that while they were at the barber shop today, L saw a lovely young woman who happened to work at Hooters and apparently couldn’t afford a shirt which covered her belly button. Poor girl. He attempted a few times to poke her in the belly too. So who knows…

For those keeping score, L was born on the 20th of March, so yes folks they will be 2 years and 2 minutes apart. Yowza. P.S. I love Nana’s face in that picture. She won the I’m surprised look award, I’m sure. P.P.S. Shout out to my craft partner, Kelli, who helped make those shirts. We made one in Spanish for J’s parents to read as well.

So here we go…back to crazy. I’m beginning to like it there. As long as there are cupcakes.


Hello world, I’m a working mom…

…not that I wasn’t working before but really, the new place frowns on sports bras, yoga pants and greasy hair. Bummer. I have officially been in the working world for a week. And I’m tired. And I now realized how hard this can be. Thankfully, I have tons of family support, a super hub who has picked up the slack in all ways but one, showering for me. L has done well..outside of cutting 4 teeth at the same time for the last week and a half; us thinking it could be a flu bug; and me wanting to sell him for a few minutes of sleep now that I can’t be up at 4 and then sleep in until 9. My new employer frowns on that. I think.

To add to the chaos, the family did a 5K walk..some of ‘us’ ran, the Faddis girls did a self defense class… don’t come around the corner and surprise Nana unless you wish to be successfully choked. Wow. Poor Cait. The end of my first day was smooth sailing outside of me picking up L from his abuela’s house ( his new daycare location), heading home with a cranky teething babe and thinking it was a great idea to stop at Price Chopper for dinner.. WRONG. SO WRONG. Turns out my car decided not to keep working when I decided to head home. Um yeah. Family support fell in (awesomely and as always)to help and got us home, the car to the dealership and my child and I fed. I love them.

The rest of the week has been good. L is adjusting to being somewhere else during the day. CUrrently, he spends his time running around the KCK hood with Paco, causing havoc.. both of them observing Pancho in his many ongoing projects. I bet both of them will be laying concrete or welding by 6 years old. Maybe 5.

So…that would be the new action around the Martinez house. I’m exhausted from rehashing it all. And now I need a nap. And to iron my clothes for work…I really wish work would loosen up on the dress code.

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