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Pinball brain and elephants on elbows….

This week, as all other weeks, has been so nutty. So nutty in fact, I had to quiz myself before I walked out the door that I had put deodorant on. *I wasn’t sure, so I did it again. Those who work with me, you are welcome.*  I feel like I wake up, wipe random snot or drool off kiddos, go work, do some HR-fabulous-ness, race home, feed the kids applesauce (it’s healthy) and cereal (not so much), get the kids dunked and thrown in bed, rub my face on my pillow (not literally, that’s sick) and get up and do it again.

These are the days I wish I could dress like a guy (no comments needed from those who know me). Khaki pants and a polo…wait…that could be just my husband. Either way, Planning ahead with outfits is not my forte nor an enjoyable hobby. Which should not be the case since I worked at the GAP for 18 thousand years. But this may also explain my insane love of black cardigans and jeans.

The previous paragraphs have been brought to you by my pinball brain. are welcome.

Random- Just saw the new Dr Pepper Ten commercial. The tagline says ‘it’s not for women’. Um, since you just told me no, now I want one. Jerks.

L came and told me that his elbow hurt. I asked what happened and he said his elephant sat on it. I have been much better lately about his comments like that. My poker face is sooo much better. My audible snorting has gotten worse. Turns out he said ‘I have a owie on my elbow’. Yeah, that’s different. I also need to get my hearing checked.

Still thinking about that Dr Pepper ad. Grrr.

On another note, M is on a napping strike. If I could figure out why, I would take whatever he is taking. Geez. He went from 930 this morning until 730 today with no nap. Holy moly! That shouldn’t happen until after college. He also has this fun new habit of shrieking. I’m sure that went over well at daycare. I can only imagine the toddlers ducking, thinking a falcon was swooping in. We are calling him Terry Terydactyl. It was cute the first 3 times. Now, not so much.

I should probably dig out from the laundry resembling Mt. Everest.  L looks like a dog digging a hole when he is digging for clean socks. I hate folding laundry. That should be the opposite, considering my GAP-ness.

I do have a nice jean and sweater wall in my closet. God, I want a Dr. Pepper.

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