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Laundry can be dangerous.

So I made a mistake….but it was funny in the end. I usually fold laundry upstairs, due to my little friend and his helping hands. Too bad I can’t move the dishwasher upstairs. Anyway, I brought the basket downstairs so I could hang out with my boys while doing a yucky chore. Only because it reminds me of my 9 years of Gap-ness…not b/c the clothes aren’t clean.

My mistake…was leaving the basket down on the floor…my friend Terry decided to help me. Such a sweet moment and then I was only a little frustrated…due to a migraine and the fact I would have to refold (dumb I know).

That pic above captured his “I’m gonna get in trouble” face. So then he continued to help me….

That’s right..the laundry basket tried to eat my baby. It was so funny. After a full spinal and reflex check :), he was cleared for more mischief. Stinker. So as a reward, he got a ride from Dad in the mischievous basket. He loves it. Of course he did. And do you think he will stay away from laundry baskets now? About as much as he stays away from dishwashers. Grrrr.


Walker, Texas Ranger…

…taking a bath. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. (Disclosure: If you are viewing this video at your place of employment, shame on you…but turn down your speakers anyway. Now you will understand why we call L “Terry Terradactyl”)I personally enjoy the grunting amid the screeching. I would say he picked that up from a certain person I know..but to protect her innocence, I wont mention her name. Ahem.

Oh yeah, apparently L felt the need for a walk around the house. It was a little odd to see the high chair in the front hall, abandoned. It’s driver was found kissing himself in the mirror. So vain.

Two notes: 1.. yes Kerry..the pants are big. That’s how we roll in this house. 2. yes Bekah…no shirt. again. less laundry to wash.

Tonight at family dinner, we had mashed potatoes. L decided to take them off J and Nana’s plates and not only eat them with his hands but then share them with his hair, eyebrows and cheeks. They thought it was funny…I was imagining using a loofah to get the chunks off. Nana ended up giving him a bath…and then Little G got in the mix. Too cute.

Awww fun times at Nana and Grandpa’s house.

Christmas Chaos and Belly Baring….

Holy cow boots. I just made that up. Hope you all had a great holiday season. We did and were oh so spoiled. L made out like a 1st grandchild on their first Christmas (those who are already parents totally know what I am talking about). It was nuts. Almost needed a UHaul trailer but we jammed it in the jeep. I am pretty sure due to the generosity of those lovely grandparents and aunts and uncles; the employees at Fisher Price, VTech and Old Navy will be thanking us for being able to keep their jobs another year. Sheesh. Some pics from our family time….

This was L attempting to open his eating them open. Not as time efficient so there was some parental intervention…
Family pic after Mass.
This was cute b/c Paco was checking to see if L liked his present. Aww cousins….
Alex, Paco, L and I attempting to climb the present mountain…
Literally 8000K presents and they wanted John’s Wii remotes….but note their matching jammies.
Now some pics from Christmas day…(stay with me, I will explain the title of this blog in a second). Auntie Cait & I with our lil candy cane…. Ah Christmas, the season of bows on babes heads and belly baring shirts. The Faddis kids, inlaws and babies.. Nana needs a bigger couch and house! Cousins… Floyd & his daddy, in their first pic together. God Ryan is dumb..but we all laughed. Nana and her babes (note the belly display again!)

All in all, it was a great 1st Christmas. We hope you had a great time too…and didn’t bare too much skin!

Feliz Navidad!

Greetings from the land of sugar!!!

Have a safe and happy holiday!

Love, L, Wrig & the ‘rents.

God bless this child….

because so help me God….I might have to trade him in…(wanna switch, Bekah?) Today has been a day. Wow. Started with a Rice Chex explosion/buffet incident in the pantry…involved one 9 month old baby and a furry accomplice. Twice. Grrrr. Ended with a knock on the door from Olathe’s finest. Oh yes, that just happened. Due to our sweet baby dialing 911 and then me hanging up. So we got a return call from them to check on us and then a heavy pounding on our front door by two nice officers. I’m sure they were overwhelmed by the site of both J and I at the front door with a baby with a shirt and diaper on and a fierce attack dog barking like no other. Can you smell the W-T? Oh I could and I was involved! Mom said welcome to what she has been dealing with for the last 30 years. Awesome.

In the middle of the day, we got a call from the doctor at Children’s Mercy. The RN told us that the biopsy results came back and they found some abnormal white blood cells in his colon. It is called eosinophilic gastroenteritis. It is basically a disease we will have to manage with meds and diet. Believe me, our heads are a bit in a fog. But as upset as I am, we are quite lucky and blessed. We could have it a lot worse and that I don’t even want to imagine. We will meet with the GI doctor January 20th (earliest they could get us in, boo.) We will learn more then I am sure. They did prescribe meds for him and we started those tonight. So if you are prayerful, say a little one for us..and another for all the families who are having a rougher time than we are.

I gotta say today has really put my obsession with L and a silly music play table in perspective. But since I am alway in full disclosure mode….if he continues down this rebel path….I might take consider that trade. Any takers?

Have a safe holiday.

The new Sprint spokesman and his parents. 🙂

So sue me….I mean… Merry Christmas!

Ok so after the month or so we have had, I was desperate for some fun or meds….and fun was cheaper. So what if I bought snow pants for L in a size 3T and he is really only wearing 18-24 months (that’s pushing it). I call it an investment. So what if I bought snow boots at Target for AB-SOLUTELY no valid reason considering L doesn’t walk..but who likes cold feet? Not this girl. Poor kid. I view it as both Garrett and Floyd will be able to have fun in the snow for years to come…or a few seasons…and as long as they both don’t wear the same size at the same time.

Ok, I’m pushing it. Did I mean the great deal on the snow disc for 7.99 at Price Chopper? Did I mention this kid is only 9months? Desperate, I tell you. Desperate. So here is the video. I giggled when it happened and I am giggling now. J, after I dragged him outside and after he saw how much I spent on our fun…was not giggling so much. Scrooge. 🙂 So sue me….

We also braved the mall today along with Toys R Us. Seriously people…why the crankiness? This lovely lady rammed me with her cart..twice in Target.. and if you have ever seen me in Target. I am in Heaven. Ask Kelli…just the smell makes me happy. Well this lady burst my Target bubble. Boo. As I got out to the car..which had my hubby and sleeping child in the car..he tells me that this lady in the white van hit our car door with her massive SUV. Rude. And guess what….it’s the same lady! I said a little prayer that nothing awful would happen to her…like perhaps the wind picking her up by the lovely hairy vest she was wearing and carrying her away… and we moved on with our day. Merry Christmas to her and all hairy vest wearers.

L Update: Besides finding his rhythm…oh yeah I said it. The kid has moves. I need to video them in action..arm movements..jazz hands..but manly ones… the works. Problem is…pretty much the rhythm gets him moving when Dora or Handy Manny comes on. We need to work on expanding our dance list.

L Update #2: Health wise..we are much better. Colonoscopy was Wednesday….a little rough right before but who can blame him…if I was shoving powdered laxative mixed with broth or pedialyte down your throat all day long, you would be mad too. A few goldfish from the wonderful nurse made things all better. They didn’t find anything wrong in the parts they looked in. Key Not the whole thing. They took sample tissue and sent it off to Pathology. We get those results in 7 to 10 days. Then we will get our next game plan. 9 month dr visit went well. Ear infection gone….lost a now we are down to 19. and grew an inch.. to 30″. Long, lanky string bean baby. He takes after his momma. Ha.

Hope all is well and you are staying warm. Later gators.

Health Update…

Well its more of a holding pattern than an update but I can fill you in on the past few weeks. After the ENTIRE Martinez family having a bout of tummy flu… fun times…., we got interuppted with a scare of L’s tummy issues again. Not to go into a lot of detail for my reader’s queasy tummies…but let’s just say the tummy flu on top of a recent discharge from Children’s Mercy makes these two parents a bit on alert in terms of poop. So that sweet Daddy and Nana make a great team…I was under the weather…and so they left for CM Urgent Care for a just-in-case visit. After some x-rays and hi-jinks in the room with Nana…the all clear was given and they got to come home..with an ear infection. Yikes. We had been so focused on the tummy, and our little man loves his ears…we didn’t even suspect. A scrip for amox later, we are on the mend.

After our 2nd spa-like stay at CM, they said they wanted to scope L as an outpatient. We have finally scheduled that. On Wednesday, the 17th..we will be going back to CM downtown for a full colonoscopy. times. And as a way of reminding us that things could be a lot worse..a little prayer to a old family friend who is dealing with some medical issues a lot worse than ours.

Tuesday, we go for our 9 month appt and then start the cleansing process….yeah for a Miralax and pedialyte cocktail for L. So if anyone wants to hug on him…come on Monday…I can’t process Tues or Wed will be much fun.

As for our little Garrett…his new blog is linked to ours now. He gets cuter every day. His parents are doing well…or at least faking it. 🙂 Little Floyd is getting bigger too….his momma is almost out of room too!

(Update: on the amox…could be allergic. Awesome.)

Hope all is well with you…have a good week!

Um excuse me?

So just a little tidbt for you…as the phone rings and I race to get it….who knows. It could be a job offer that only has me work part time from home for a 6 figure salary based on my charm and wit. Or not. Anyhoo (hee hee), the phone was for John and it was actually important. Handing phone to J and then scooping up L so he can stop chattering long enough for J to hear the person on the other end…L throws up. I’m not sure I would classify it as projectile but ‘it had some distance’ (quote from T-pain). Not only did he throw up, but I caught it. In. my. hand. Sick. All this while trying to keep quiet for J. Geez. The best was when L turned to me and smiled. So I wiped the throw up on my shirt and we went on with our day. Ahhh the life I lead. 🙂

Later gators.

A new angel….

As my last post said…my new gorgeous nephew is here! Garrett Ryan was born on Dec.3. He is pretty amazing–outside of his Wildcat obsession…at such a young age. Tsk tsk. The new family went home today and I hope are all sleeping right now. The little man and his parents are doing great. We were blessed to be there when they got home. I got to snuggle the munchkin for a long while. It is hard to believe my little man was that little but Nana swears he was.

This post is a bit pic heavy…but do you blame me? I’m an auntie!

The grin on his face is pretty priceless.

The aunties!! Minus Cait…who is represented by a moose. G’s idea.

He’s gorgeous….

The cutest family.

Meeting the cousin for the first time.

Little face…

That’s all for now…but get ready for more and more baby pics.

Our return to Children’s Mercy…

Man..I wish I didn’t have to type that title. It happened so randomly. Here we were waiting for Bekah and Greg to call to tell us that it was time for little Garrett to be here and yet at 4:30am…we packed up and headed to Children’s Mercy. L was in pain and crying.. it was a no-brainer but still scared out of our heads. In the ER, they took some x-rays and an ultrasound and said it looked suspect like a intusseception. Boo. My little guy looked even smaller in his little hospital gown.

We talked to surgeons and GI specialists…lots of information. They were and are concerned about why this has happened not once but twice in 8 months. After a Meckel scan which required him to be sedated and made his diapers radioactive…and no I’m not kidding. Nuclear medicine, ladies and gentlemen. Imagine the jokes made about the diapers. The results from the Meckel scan were clear and we got discharged yesterday! We are still on the journey to find out what is wrong. He is fabulous right now. We will be looking at a scope procedure soon but as an outpatient.
Here are some more pics from our stint this time. God bless the angels at Children’s Mercy.

Onward and upward….

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