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The best of intentions and the crunchiest pants…..

I am shocked I walk out the door fully dressed in the morning sometimes. I don’t know about the rest of you moms (or dads), and it really doesn’t even matter if you are a working or SAH mom, but seriously, I can’t yet seem to find a rhythm.  Get up (late), get to work, run around work like a crazy woman, run to get kids before 6, get kids home and convince them cereal counts as dinner, have 2 hours of quality time before they meltdown and then its bedtime. Is that the time I break out the bon bons?  Oh  no!! That’s when I break out the work I didn’t get done today. Bedtime for me?  What’s that?

Take today for example. I thought ahead (which I hardly ever do) about Mother’s Day and Graduation cards. I even bought a present for my bff (due to her being a rockstar and graduating college with 3 kids, a full time job and a needy bff!!!! Yeah Kelli!!)  I got these cards and such 2 weeks early. TWO weeks!!  That is some sort of record. The closest thing to this sort of planning was when I was ready to have a baby, because the room was ready. Ha! Never mind I was only 6 months pregnant at the time.  Not to digress but, I barrel out of the house with clean, changed kiddos in tow to Kel’s open house and can’t for the life of me find her present and card. I mean really. I should have duct taped it to the seat of my car when that idea crossed my mind before. Crap. I got to the party with no present, no card and 2 kids who soon thereafter ate their combined weight in brisket. Who doesn’t love a party guest like that??

My house looks like a swat team came in and searched for something (I assure you, they did not) but only found small cracker crumbs, ripped kids books and jelly smears on furniture. They would most likely have said “Sick, let’s leave. This place is gross”.  

It seems that I can’t get out the door on time for work and am barreling back in it with work still left to do, 2 hungry and wired kiddos and laundry pile I could charge admission for, due to it being so high.  The hubby does a great job, don’t get me wrong. That man loves the smell of Pine-sol. And Colorox. Seriously. He is my cleaner of toilets and floors, and ironer of kids clothes. God bless him.  But even after he unearths the carpet from the stuff, all 4 of us manage to look like melting snowmen with the trail of shoes, diaper bags and such. 

Even when I was a SAHM, my house wasn’t immaculate. After all, I was a 1st time mom with lots of stuff to do and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly productive when my kiddo was sleeping.  Being a SAHM was and is the hardest job I have ever had. Hands down. But this job thing??? I’m shocked my family and friends are still speaking to me.  You know, since I only really communicate via text or FB now.  Saves time, all that phone banter about how you are, etc. Silly time wasters. 🙂  Kidding.  

But I titled this post the best of intentions because it isn’t on purpose that I don’t call you back (if you called me….not just if you are a random person reading this now) or hardly inquire about how you are.  I call it a successful day when one of my co-workers isn’t pointing at the crunchiness on my pants and asking/judging ‘what’s that?’  Trust me, we all do it for each other. Who really can see the back part of your sleeve has a weird waffle/yogurt combo other than your co-workers? 

However, I know how frustrating it must be to be friends or family with little old me. So I am making a promise…to make an effort….
-use a phone for more than a FB update
-to ask how people are doing…and listen
-to reintroduce myself to my friends….using wine.
-to manage my home/work ratio so all are happier
-to invest in a 3 way mirror to catch that back of the sleeve crunchiness
-to focus on what matters.

My awesome brother in law, Tony (I only have 2 of these guys, so he had a 50/50 shot) just shaved his head last week for a cancer awareness event. He raised $5000!  That is so amazing to me. I also just heard about this blog called  I literally sobbed just now for about a half hour. That is your warning. Parents and people who have hearts: be prepared to sob. 

So perhaps there were some epiphanies that happened along side the laundry mountain. I will probably always have crunchy pants or sleeves but I will have better efforts towards those that matter most.  Just don’t tell Tony, he has a big enough head already).

6 kinds of crazy….and donkeys.

This week has been 6 kinds of crazy.  I wish I was lying.  Kids sick (i.e. coughing like they have smoked 2 packs for 20 years and snot trails that snails would be jealous of), work is nutty (nutty like making me want to change careers to be a trash collector), raining (hellllloooo frizz), waking up at the crack of dawn with hardly any sleep.  I almost wore a shirt inside out to work…but its a good thing I flipped a light on before I left….since I was getting dressed in the dark! 

The streak of crazy continues by me feeding my kids pretzels, oj and formula and 4 grapes for dinner. Wow, that sounds worse than it was.  I had a tortilla with butter to celebrate the day of my people (quote from my sis–the funny one in the family).  To be clear, the boys each ate 6 lbs of pretzels and the grapes were pretty giant….like on steroids giant.

I worked from home today due to Typhoid Murray and his brother. That involved me taking multiple phone calls from the guest bathroon and garage (the garage door was cracked–I’m not a barbarian) so the caller wouldn’t hear my screaming kids.  Also, there were a few near misses of oj nailing my work computer (serious heart attack), and me calmly re-directing deliquent kid to another educational activity. Or not. 

By working from home today, I missed out on donkey races.  Mentioning the word ‘donkeys’ and ‘work’ in the same sentence never gets old. 

And thank you Greys’ Anatomy preview for next week….thank you for saying ‘two words…no….sex’.  My normally absorbed in trains 3 yr old caught that in his train fog and said ‘ Momma, he said no sick? why he sick?’  Um…..yeah. 

Next week might be calmer. I might get dressed in the light. I might see my kids awake before I leave for work. I might not freak out at my work to do list. I might make a dinner using a crock pot (don’t laugh). I might even fold the mountain of laundry currently residing in my guest room.  I highly doubt it….but then again, there’s always racing with donkeys or throwing a small child into a pile of clean clothes, like a pile of raked leaves, to cheer me up.

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