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Things are moving and shaking here…pardon the pun…or my gagging. If you know me at all, you already are aware of my distaste for the jello product or its related siblings (pudding, etc.) However, due to my m-i-l feeding L jello and him liking it, I figured I would buy some and J could feed it to him. See how smart I am? However, it hasn’t worked out that way. So Auntie Al came by today to visit and got to see L and I jump off the jello ledge together. I was actually shockingly ok feeding it until it happened….L put his chupi back in his mouth and jello squeezed back through the holes in his chupi. Sick. I almost gagged but I didn’t. Mostly bc I had company ( thank you Auntie Al). We also gave Floyd L’s swing…sad face…but we are excited for Floyd to use it and love it as much as we did. In return, L got a KU sippy cup from Auntie Al. She’s the best. Rock Chalk. I know it hurt her to buy it.

In other news, we went to Gymboree on Monday and drove up to see 4 fire trucks and 2 EMS trucks in my parking spot. How rude. I surveyed the situation using my expertise as a police officer’s daughter and fire fighter’s sister….I know you are impressed….and decided that the FF’s were not really scurrying around so I took that as a not so dangerous situation. So L and I headed for Gymboree. Mind you, the pumper truck was in front of the Gym door, again rude, so we had to hike around…hey, this class is 59 bucks a month….we aren’t missing it. Things were safe once we got inside. The building 2 doors down from them was the one on fire. See, I knew it was safe. 🙂 So after the hull-a-ba-loo, here are some bubble pics…

Lucas has also learned the word no more and more this week. I do not want to succumb to having to show the drill holes or wounds in my entertainment console…so L is learning a life lesson, mainly bc I am too stubborn to give in. My house already looks like a jungle gym, can’t I have one stinking picture? I already know the answer, I’m just whining. The next few pics of just funny..mainly bc L loves to crawl and sit, crawl and sit, and is getting quite good at maintaining the balance thing. So he crawled in this pic and then sat down. So my theory was either those Pampers are waaay more cushy than even I thought OR he didn’t seem to care that he was sitting on a block the size of an oreo. (Did you enjoy my food reference? Me too.) Either way, it was cute.

Other pics are of him sweeping…oh yeah…you read that right. Now if I can spray Pledge on his socks and knees..I am so golden. I need to google if Pledge is toxic for babies. 🙂 J was sweeping and then left the broom out (yes, I am lucky my hubby loves to clean) so L picked up where he left off. So funny.

Oh our other big news was that L walked. No not on water… behind his walker….pulled himself up and took off. J and I both watched him with mouths agape. Seriously, stop the growing train. I want to get off. Or hand me the duct tape so I can tape his legs together or something. Geez. Of course there are no pics of that due to the mouths agape, feet frozen thing. Sorry. Off to Grandma’s to see Paco and be monkeys together for our Martinez Halloween. Yeah! Wish us luck. Hopefully L won’t be stiff as a board.


Gag, sick, hygiene..schmygiene.

Ok just a quick story. L woke up from his nap just a bit ago. I parked him on his blanket in the family room and ran back upstairs to get my little man a pair of socks. Who loves cold toes? Not me! I come back downstairs to Wrig staring at L. I look at L who is having a good old time going to town on Wrig’s chew stick. Literally, I screamed and…time. Sick. Remember the Cheerios story from yesterday? Appparently my efforts at hygiene were for nothing. From now on, they will share a bowl. Less dishes for me to do. Kidding. Though not that the thought didn’t pass my mind.

Geez. The joys of parenting….gotta love it.

Lessons learned….

So as L gets older..we are realizing things that he is yet understand. Don’t get me wrong, we totally understand he is only 7 months. 🙂 But things like no matter how many times Uncle Ryan sticks your hand on the vacuum tube, your hand won’t disappear; no matter how many times you try to corner Wrig in your walker, he will manage to get away; and today’s new lesson…..mastering the cookie eating technique is obviously not a genetically inherited gift from his mother. I gave him an arrowroot cookie which is about the size of a half dollar. I gave him one and he gave it two licks and then shoved the ENTIRE thing in his mouth. I almost panicked but when he flashed me that grin as arrowroot laced drool foamed out of his mouth… I took a sigh of relief. He is pretty funny. I could be biased but I giggled…

Ok last thing is the video that J made while I was at work. For those who don’t know…I went back to Pier One for holiday. Still looking for that full time job. Boo. Anyway, J made this video with the baby and it made me laugh. I enjoy a few things about this video….one is that my kid is naked running around in his walker. Obviously dinner landed on the clothes so J stripped him. Two, the family room looks like a bomb went off…welcome to my world filled with boys. Three, tormenting the dog is quality time similar to reading a book together. Oh well, at least they aren’t watching Transformers (that had been known to happen). Enjoy.


Ok so just a small post about cheerios. I gave it away with the title, huh? There are no pics but take my word for it…it was flipping hilarious. So it was snack time and usually, it is a bit of juice, handful of cheerios, and some blueberries. I am thinking that he might turn into the girl who eats blueberry gum from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (one of my fave books). He won’t turn into a girl…duh.. but the blueberry part might be a possibility.

Obsessed would be the word. Anywhoo (are you smiling Angela?), I am feeding Cheerios to L in the family room and Wrig comes walking up. So of course he gets one. So I was alternating the cheerio distribution. I was using a diff hand for each baby/dog…it was hygenic. No worries. And they started pushing…and shoving..and drooling on each other…HI-larious. I was giggling or else I would have taken pics…all while J was asleep on the couch. So funny. I broke up the fight before any bonks were given….but still funny.

L is pulling himself up on everything now. Legs, chairs, wrig, legs, boppy pillows that are placed in unsafe positions against couches (oops.)…getting down is our new challenge. Just now, he fell like Kramer from Seinfeld. I laughed. After he was ok and grinned at me.

What a life we have. Later gators.

Happy Birthday John!

I know, I know.. 3 posts in one day. To be honest, the pumpkin patch one got stuck in drafts for a few days, so technically not new. Today is my fabulous husband’s 34th birthday. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thank him for being oh so fabulous. He is probably the most patient, kind and forgiving man I have ever met. Scratch that, he is the most…..

His baby falls in love with him more and more every day which is so fun to watch. I’m just the one here all day but as soon as L hears that garage door….I’m chopped liver. But I love that. J and L are the best of buddies and that makes me smile. He is the best daddy and never complains about getting up at 5am to get L and changing diapers. If it makes L smile or stop crying, he will sing the Our Father in Spanish 50 times over. He never stops thinking about us and how to provide for us. Never. We are so lucky.

So thanks John. You are the best and we would be lost without you. We love you.

Remote 1, Lucas 0

So what happens when a certain 6 1/2 month old wants to show off his dexterity and impress his mom with his amazing wrist strength? A bonk to the noggin, that’s what. Ouch. This would the first ‘bonker’ that has stayed red and angry. No blood, though I am sure that will be coming soon. Still smiling even if he is concussed (no, Nana, he isn’t. I’m kidding.)

If you can’t see the injury, it is quite small. On his left side, an angry red mark. See it now??

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere

I heart pumpkin patches….I however do not heart flip flops in pumpkin patches. Lesson learned. I think the farm blood was tainted by my JOCO mall walking blood. We took L to Schaake’s pumpkin patch right outside of Lawrence. So fun. Nana, Sir, Uncle Ryan, Auntie Al, J & I went to pick the pumpkins right off vine. So cool. He was obsessed with the tractor that pulled the hay ride. Here are some pics….

Yeah for the tractor!

This pumpkin was big and round, not an ideal sitting surface. So Sir stepped in to help.

Our attempt (or 5th) at a family pic. Oh well.

Nana and L getting ready to head out. He was wearing his cute Chuck Taylors. God he’s cute.

So this was another photo opp, but he chose to eat a vine instead.

Cute bench, cute kid…seems like a good idea.

Then he realized there were faces behind him….so funny.

Our other new development was taking out the bassinet part of our pack and play. Now that L can mosey around…the pack and play made me a bit happy when I have to make a potty run, he will be safer. And I thought he would freak. Didn’t bat an eye. I added Wrig..didn’t care then either. I guess the transition period was pretty quick.

I’m a walking IPOD….

Random songs….just come up at random times. Tell me that’s a mom thing. Geez. Why in a moment between folding laundry and scraping dried banana off the high chair did I remember the words to ‘Do your ears hang low?”. ALL the words. L looked at me like I had 3 heads. So I sang it again, thinking possibly a lightbulb moment might happen for him. It didn’t.

The other random song of the week was the Mickey Mouse club theme song. Um what? I haven’t heard that in um forever and it might even be the black and white theme song version. So random. I found myself giggling because as you can ask my bff Kel, I have spent our entire friendship trying to talk her out of loving Mickey Mouse (clothes and stuff) and here I sat trying to explain to L why he could care at all about a mouse in red pants and all his friends. Ain’t karma grand?

Ok so enough sharing…now pics for you. A bit of backstory for you. Ok so I guess I’m not done sharing. Sorry. Before L was born, my godfather, Uncle Tony & my Aunt Karen sent a package of goodies for him. In it was John’s fave gift. Black hi-top Chuck Taylors. J has been waiting forever for L to get into there. Well guess what….we just made it. As in, in a week, they will be too small. So we took pics for Uncle to enjoy. The rest of the pics are of his other shoes and a small photo session. Sorry I was bored this week.

Ok so this pic was because Bam Bam wouldn’t let go of the bat. So I put on his KC Royals stocking cap. I don’t made sense at the time. He looks silly though.
These are his brown Chuck Taylor low tops. Almost as cute. These used to be Paco’s. Thank you hand me downs. Gotta love them.

Look at this cute kid. J says he needs dickies now. Awesome. The hairnet is next. (Mexican humor, sorry.)

Look at that cute little butt. And the shoes. Gotta love the shoes.

Beginning of the photo shoot. He enjoyed me then.

Kisses from Mom. Ignore the fact I didn’t do my hair. 🙂 I enjoy the yawn. He does love me, I promise.

He was getting bored with the flash.

Ok now he was waving good bye. I got the hint.

Ok I’m heading for bed. Have to work at 7am tomorrow. Yippee…but then its off to the pumpkin patch! I’m so excited. Have a great weekend!

Rainy Day….

Ok so in KC, Noah is floating by in his canoe. Wow. We made it to Gymboree before the rain. We attempted to play outside but ended up driving the push car in the garage… I have tons of memories of playing in our garage or basement when it was raining. So we tried to create some of those today. But alas, that only took up about oh say 15 minutes. Next on the agenda….

Post nap, I realized that we still had our name tags on from Gymboree. And I was this happened. Good thing my baby thinks I’m hilarous.

And now let me introduce you to Bumper Car Bobby. If you come to my house and there are dents in all furniture, you will know why and feel sorry for John and I.

Home improvements….

…but not at our house! We were at Uncle G’s and Auntie Bekah’s new house…getting it ready for Auntie Bekah and Bud to move in. Lots of painting and painting and re-painting due to vinyl wallboard. Ooops.
Here is L offering Moosie some breakfast while we were waiting for the new couch to arrive.
Here is Uncle G and L playing on his new couch!

This couch is huge!

Literally, a half a block from their house is a great park..with…wait for it….BABY SWINGS!!! Yahtzee! So L, Auntie Cait and I went to check it out.

This could be my new favorite picture…Auntie Cait and L swinging together

And trying out the slide….

The house is getting cuter and cuter…just like its owners! We are heading to the pumpkin patch this weekend I think. Unless we are recruited for home improvements again! hee hee.

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