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Pictures are worth what???

Father’s Day is a difficult concept in this house.  Especially when one kid is sick and the other is begging to go see Avengers. So no rest for the wicked. Or J. Ha.  So in between showings and laundry, I had the boys draw pictures for J.  I said ‘Let’s draw our family’. Bad decision.

This is me. According to L. See the resemblance?  The hair, the nose, the wideness. In fact, he told J he made me big.  Fantastic. 

So I lovingly asked him to try again. That was a mistake.

 L made me draw J with his constant attire (KU stuff) and then me. He wanted me in heels and a skirt. But apparently the fact that I don’t have a shirt on didn’t bother him.  I’m glad my kid thinks I’m all class. 


Happy Father’s Day to the best dad and husband ever.  Even through the pukes and Captain A-hair-ica.


I need to appreciate the imagination…..

L is full of imagination. My mother thinks its fantastic. I, however, have moments in which it strikes a little too close to home.  Typically, we have to leap on boulders to avoid the crocodiles who live under the coffee table. Or that we are pirates with Jake (read: Disney money maker) and have to find Captain Hook in the hall closet.  Today was a little different. 

For those who work with me, this will be slightly humorous. For those who don’t….well I stand by my inital disclosure that there won’t always be humor in the posts.   Anywhooo…. L walks up to me and says ‘Let’s play work’. I said ok….and then he said ‘Mom, you be Jill. I will be Bob and Teo can be Rick’.  Then he picked up his imaginary phone and started making calls. Apparently Jill and I talk about people and jobs a lot.  Bob (aka Luca) makes a lot of comments and I don’t talk a lot.  And Rick and I laugh a lot.  (Disclosure: wow, that was freaky but not entirely true–remember he has a lively imagination.) 

Then L told me that he (Bob) and I (Jill) should walk thru some kitchens.  Hmmmm.  Finally, he called a restaurant for carside and proceeded to recite our ENTIRE order.  Boom. And THERE’S my life…from a 4 year old. 


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