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My mouth hurts….

….from stifling laughter at the things L has been saying lately. So I thought to myself, “Self, since I barely remember my own kids names (totally thought that was just my parents issue, but it’s not), I should write these gems down now”.  My self is pretty on her game sometimes. 

-ism’s from my kiddo:
1. “Look momma, a mamacita!”-pointing at a runner who happens to be a man sporting a large mullet and no shirt on. Wow.
2. “That guy has naked chi-chi’s”- pointing a picture of Jesus on the cross. Yes, I am fully aware of the length I will have to go to get back in the good graces of my mom and gram.
3. “Nana go to church?”- EVERY single time he sees a car like my mom’s. Apparently she has to go a lot to make up for the chi-chi comment.
4. “Nasty ‘chino boy”- translation to “Nasty Cochino Boy” which would be what I call him when I catch him with a finger up his nose.
5. “Me hold it now mom, wait til Mickey says bye”- instructing me he didn’t have to pee right then, Mickey would let him know when. I wish I had that much bladder control.
6. L loves police cars and fire trucks a lot. Ask him about his fire truck impression, ask him and then hold your hands over your ears. We saw a police car and I asked him where it was going. He said without hesitation “To get donuts”.  Thus why my mouth hurts.
7. “Mom, me move it, move it”- waaaay too much Madagascar 2 movie.
8. “Baby, mom ? baby? peez?”- requesting Justin Beiber video for the 8 zillionth time. Its so bad, M sits up from his bottle to watch it. Go ahead and judge me. I know its not on the approved list for infant development.
9. Taking my keys, he kisses me and says “bye mom, i get fries, i be right back, 2 minutes”. NOW you can judge me. 🙂
10. “Uncle Cait, where her cows?”- yeah, I have no idea either.
11. Prayers tonight, we blessed people in this order- ”bess Daddy, Cait, God, tooooony (that’s how he says Tony’s name), Nana. I’m not even in the top 5.
12. ‘Me mad, you timeout”- poor Woody. Woody gets a timeout a lot.
13. “Nana fo up”- (Nana threw up) I asked him when. He said “Nana few up 2 weeks”. Poor Nana.
14. I can’t even do justice to his play by play on his peeing ability and his male parts.
15.”teo, hush. teo, enough. Teo, 1, 2, 3″- perhaps a look at what I say to my kiddos is in order. 🙂

He is a stinker.

THAT is not a pocket……

L is crazy. Certifiable….but so hilarious. A few weeks ago (hint as to how long its been since I was on here-my bad) he came downstairs in his underroos (Toy Story is a favorite) and had his hand in his pocket. Well, he thought it was a pocket. It however is not. Pretty sure I gave you a nice visual there. Anywhoo, the kid loves his little underpants. They are so funny…I was going to take a pic of them (not him in them) just to remember this time and post it, but I didn’t post it. I DID take a picture of them. I’m sure in 17 years that might seem weird. Or maybe it won’t take 17 years to figure that out….revelation of creepiness in 5….4….3) Moving on….

L is my little chatter box. And a repeater. And a correcter. And a smart a#$. Like his daddy. It’s exasperating really. All the questions, the repeat questions because you, I mean someone, isn’t listening to him. I am a saint for putting up with J. 🙂  My new story this week is totally not my dad’s favorite story. When L sees a police car, he yells “Get him!” Not sure why, but ok. He saw one last week, said ‘Get him mom!’ I asked him where the policeman was going….he responded…’to get donuts’. Um yikes. Dad is a good sense of humor kind of guy, but I guessing his grandkid calling him a donut eating cop may be pushing it. It was funny and I will blame my firefighter brother until he convinces me otherwise. 

M is getting so old! He will be 5 months on the 13th. It doesn’t seem possible. I feel like I have been back to work for YEARS. That may be saying something about my workload, not my kid. He is now at the same school at L, which is (insert heavenly music similar to the Touched By An Angel show) allowing me to only drive 5 minutes to get my kids, versus 45 minutes. Yeah!!

M’s favorites: Luca (anytime, anyplace, doing anything), Wrigley (same), pretty girls (hello rico suave, minus the headwrap), food (carrots, sweet potatoes, applesauce and cereal), his daddy (one more to inflate J’s ego :)), his chupi and being cuddled with. M’s dislikes are: being run over by L, being poked in the tummy by L, going to bed without being rocked to sleep, and riding in the carseat. He is about 14 lbs and like 25 inches long. He is in a lot of L’s 6 month clothes, way earlier than L was. More shopping for me for winter stuff. J is booing as he reads this.

Other happenings- In case you live under a rock..and apparently have a great internet connection, Cait is getting married. The girl has had like 843 showers. Today was the last one, with her high school and college friends. I really like her friends–kinda feel bad I was so mean to her HS friends. Luckily, they got over it.  She got a ton of stuff, read  Caitlin’s blog for all the juicy details and pies. She refers to them as weapons, not desserts. I also came to the realization I NEED TO STOP EATING. For the love of all thats holy. Yikes. But I guess every bride needs a girl who’s job it is to make the bride look better. I must have applied and didn’t know it. I better get time and a half. Especially if I have to do the bathroom duty like I made her do. Dang karma. 

I will post pics….actually I might be lying. I may actually be too lazy to post pics. If you aren’t a FB friend of mine, you are out of luck too. Sorry. Ok. Maybe one. I’m being nice.  

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