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Chaos theory

I used to think that was a bunch of malarky (sp?) but now am a believer. At least that is what I want you to believe when you encounter our family. Wow. It sure feels like chaos from where I sit. Lately, I have been racing to go get L from KCK after work, barreling home (as much as you can barrel in solid traffic), attempt to make something..oh who are we kidding….reheat something for us to eat and have just enough time to play before bed. Exhausted. Poor L.

But the chaos begins after that. If you were to step in the house, you may see 1 shoe on the floor (courtesy of Wrig), the other is prob upstairs. There may be 3 parts to a train on the floor as well. The other final part is of course upstairs. A old calculator along with a yardstick, a random chupi from Lil G, and most likely a remote would be scattered around. I often times feel like I am auditioning for that TLC show about messy houses. If only J would get me a cleaning service…but even they would probably judge us. Oh well. Sadly, my little darling creates that chaos and then leaves to his abuela’s and the mess stays behind. Ick. Who wants to trade lives with me….kidding.

Chaos. My favorite chaotic moment was looking everywhere for his blanket. EVERYWHERE. Thought I was losing my mind. I asked L, where the heck is your blanket? He leads me downstairs (also a new thing, the leading you by the hand) and opens the dog biscuit cabinet. There it was. Chaos theory at its best. Geez.

L is doing really well. He is so chatty now, it’s crazy. Lately the new phrases are ‘aww man’ and ‘holy cow’ which really sounds like ‘huurry cow’. Still funny. And ‘whoa’. Kinda like living with Uncle Jesse from Full House. He also has a Ricardo Maltoban sidekick action going when he sees a plane in the sky. Enough of my 80’s TV references. Sorry.

Rocky is doing well. We find out on the 4th of Dec what Rocky is, if the babe cooperates. Still tired, wish I could kick it…mostly so I could clean up my house. Super Hub is great. L is his number one fan. all the time. Dad can do no wrong.

Ok, well enough of my rambling. I do have pics to post but Nana has great pics from the circus too so I will wait. I really do suck at posting those now. Just imagine L as a mini J but with less teeth, more hair and waaay more attitude. 🙂

Have a great week.


New-ish stuff

Well…let’s see. Halloween has come and gone. I will have to post pics soon. All the boys were super cute and mine for sure raised his insulin level to new heights. Another new development is the tantrum. Fun times. Not sure what happened or where my kiddo went…but wow, like his daddy, such a diva. 🙂 On the floor, real tears, screaming, swatting (him swatting me, not the other way around) and lots and lots of ignoring (us to him, when this happens).

Other news….I’m going to be prego longer! Everyone cheer!! Or not. I had my due date moved back to April 19th. Boo…but in the long run (after a little scare), I would rather be prego longer than have an issue with Rocky. So for the Denver-ite’s and my nanny (Tita), book it now…

Other things are great as far as I know. I haven’t had a chance to have an actual convo with J in about a week due to me being passed out (from sleep, not anything else). My new bedtime is right about 5 minutes after L goes down. So I think J is doing ok. 🙂

New L developments:
1. LOVES LOVES LOVES trains and esp Thomas the Train. Wow. Grandpa is slightly pleased I believe, since he watches Thomas with L now.
2. Still the man with the manners….
3. Has a few new words (all Nana will be proud of): butt, fuchi(gross in Spanglish), go go go, juice,candy. over and over and over.
4. Has a new found love of chanklas/chopos (spanish for slippers)…like a little 80 year old man, sitting in his chair, wifebeater on and chopos on as well. Pants are optional.
5. Says ‘love you’, randomly and I’m pretty sure he said it to the Target lady….but I can ignore that.

Gotta love him….b/c I can’t trade him. Ha.

Have a good day!

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