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Vaseline, a dance party…and a little sledding action

So perhaps I should google if there is a “mom of the year” award. I do believe I am a serious contender this year. I mean, if there is a niche for a mom who ‘lets’ their child lick vaseline after eating oat puffs, thereby placing puff crumb remnants in the jar…oh and a glossy face, then I am a run away winner. What do you think? This week has dragged by. Mostly L dragging me by my hair….good lord. This child is busy. I have no one to compare him to (except Paco..who is his own man) so I venture to think my child is the busiest, trouble-seeking, trouble-finding, toilet loving child ever.

This would be proof..he got the top off the puffs with his teeth and then I turned around to see the puff buffet. Good Lord..he used the now empty container as a sword like device on his hand and thought he was HI-larious.

I take this moment in blog-dom to apologize to all moms out there that I may have doubted when they explained a certain hijinx their child commited and I rolled my eyes, thinking (internally)’come on.. where were you when that happened’. I am on my knees apologizing. I literally have watched the clock and been amazed that in 15-20 seconds, my child can attempt to teepee the potty, move on to taking trash out of the kitchen trash can, yank all the kid magnets off the fridge as though they were tainted, and move on to the well loved and organized tupperware cabinets. It is an amazing sight. I in fact used to giggle at him when one or two of those things occured. However, now..not so much. In fact….I have become my mother.. the exasperated sigh, the groan under the breath..the ‘so help me God’ comment from my mouth. Of course, that was only when my brothers did something..not Cait or I. Angels..we were angels.

Today we took advantage of the 3 inches of SNOW!!–hello God??? Wasn’t it just 65 degrees Tuesday? L was shirtless (bow chicka wow wow)on Tuesday and in sweet Napolean Dynamite-esque moon boots today. Insane. So we went sledding. It took 2 people and about 15 minutes to get him bundled…all for about 4 runs down the hill. Paco was supposed to go with us..but he watched from the garage due to a double ear infection.

So J, Juan and I voluntarily pushed my child down a hill. And Juan actually went with him. I just pushed him down by himself. He was padded…it was ok. of the year. Some pics from that.

“And we are off…” If you could have seen his little mocoso face. (Translation: Mocoso means snotty or booger stricken in Spanish. Feel free to use it in your every day language. People will be amazed at your talents.) This would be an action shot of me..close the gaping mouths…running after my child before he gets to the sewer drain drop off. MOM. OF. THE. YEAR. Yes, I knew the drop off was there. Posing after all was well. Isn’t my little michelin man the cutest? Pic of J smoking a cigarette…actually its of Juan and L going down the hill and J was pushing them. Juan asked him to hold his cigarette. And when J yelled ‘yeah!’ for L.. he accidentally inhaled. Funny stuff. He stunk after that. All the boys… minus Paco. They had fun. At least Juan and I did. Oh and a dog in a pink sweater.

After the 10 minutes of sledding, we headed to J’s mom’s house for food. I literally could eat my weight in her tortillas and chicken and chili. Wow. Scary. After dinner, a dance party ensued. That’s just how we roll. I enjoy Paco’s crazy moves more so than my own child. Let’s just say L won’t be trying out for FAME any time soon(though that was my fave show for a while). If you see Paco out anywhere, ask him to do the Beyonce hand move from the Single girls video. He has it down pat. He’s 16 months old. Hilarious.


I love you, Stinky Face..

Just a quick post..L smelled his first skunk yesterday. We were running errands and came upon a lovely deceased skunk…who smelled awesome. I kept looking back in the mirror to see if L smelled it…and about a block later..chupi in, he scrunched up his nose. It was hilarous. I wish I got a pic..but that’s not safe, considering I was driving. Dad, you are welcome. 🙂

Jealousy, Snot and Poop….

Oh yes, my friends…I said it. That was my weekend, in a nutshell. I really could, if I wanted to, put a Ph.D behind my name and say that I specialize in poop. I’m sure there’s a fancy medical term for it but really, I wanna stay true to my readers. 🙂 L, my sweet child, got a bit too irritable for our comfort level and didn’t want to eat…and well folks, if you know the kid…then you can spot the red flags.

So after a eventful trip to Sam’s Club, we shot off to Children’s Mercy..called the fam to let them know and headed to the ER. I wouldn’t really say they rolled out the red carpet..but we jumped the line a bit I think. Much appreciated but wow..the reality of how many times we have been there hit me. I think I only cried twice…much improved. Here is my little ‘mac daddy’ flirting with the nurses.. I think one called him sugar britches. Funny and oh so wrong at the same time. Then Auntie Cait swooped in and made an eventful run to McD’s for us…that story still makes me giggle.

After a few x-rays…and waiting…we were relieved to learn that we didn’t need surgery and there wasn’t a sign of intusseception…we were just full of POOP!! Yeehaw! We all did a cheer. I’m sure that was odd for the dr to see but we were excited. We can handle poop, not surgery. If you could have read the texts that were coming back to us…still funny. Our families take such delight in bowel movements…it’s really special. Ha.

On to the jealousy and snot. I couldn’t keep you waiting. Auntie Al is the best. She likes to trade her kid for services I need. LOVE it. So L and I got to hang with Dylan for a few hours and then she came back to cut our hair. It was a great plan. Too bad it went way left of normal later. First, L really is getting better about these babes being around. Only grunts for his nana’s arms like 50 times instead of 100. Marked improvement. However, Auntie Al left and wouldn’t you know it…the Dr. of Poop had to change Dylan. I thought it was just a fluke..when L pushed my arm away from Dylan.. but then it happened like 4 more times. I talked him through it..and he said ok and walked away. Ok, not really, he took off after the dog. Poor Wrig. A cool auntie takes the opportunity to take multiple pics of her nephew so I did my duty. L was not a fan…proof follows.

Full of smiles, because he doesn’t know D was staying.

Wait…you are taking my mom’s time away from me…What?? The world doesn’t revolve around me?

I’ll show you! I’ll hide you…(gently, Auntie…gently)

He’s still here?

Sweet Dylan, no worse for the wear.

Add to this…a little cold L has shared with me. J must have indestructible germs. So enter the snot. L LOVES LOVES LOVES to have his nose wiped. So that makes it awesome. But then I get to exploit him in these kinds of jammies.

I’ll save the tp’ing incident of 2009 for another post. My fingers are tired, as is the rest of my body. If I don’t have to wipe another nose or rear for the next 20 minutes, I will be a happy woman. God bless sugar britches.

Can you smell that?….

I bet you can…especially right now….yup…it’s the cranky. Can you smell the cranky that is emitting itself from me right now? Oh yeah. If you are related to me, you probably have stopped reading right now. If you are a BFF, same goes for you. The rest of you, hang on tight.

I am sick. L is sick. J has to be at work at 6am. For fun, L now feels that in addition to getting up every hour to cry and move from our bed back to his and so on, he now needs to get up to see his daddy off to work. Of course, for kicks, we were up at 4am yesterday. Yes, that means he napped for 20 minutes at 7am and then we proceeded to have lunch at 10. B/c you do that when you wake up at 4AM!!!! See, cranky. I warned you.

Of course this morning, up at 6…crowing like a rooster. J was late due to a newly attached being on his pant leg. After J left…play time. Which for those who know me, sickness and early wake up call make for a cranky momma. I pulled out the big guns and did a Dora, Handy Manny and Imagination Movers marathon, laid blankets on the floor and well only Wrig wanted to partake in the marathon. L was up and down the stairs. Boo.

He is passed out now and has been a for a good while..but not me, nope. I felt compelled to write this and to get the cranky out. Aren’t you lucky readers? But to end on a good note…here’s Richard (refer to previous post of Richard Simmons reference) for your viewing pleasure.

"Thaaats gonna leave a mark"

Ok first thing first…A moment of silence for our dear fish Guatemoc. He passed, a few days ago, (give me a break…wasn’t at the top of the to do list). He lived a good life. His value was more than the 26 cents we paid…more like 35. Anyway, L and I had his funeral out to sea. L took it like a man. We will miss Guatemoc. 🙂

Anyhoo… I bet you are wondering about that title. Yeah, Nana…close your eyes. Are they closed? Ok, some backstory…when Nana taught at Holy Cross ages ago, us cool teachers kids used to have the run (we thought) of the building while the teachers had staff meetings. We were supposed to stay in Mom’s room and study. Ha. Anyway, one of the boys friends was running one day and fell. Cracked his noggin right on the edge of Mom’s door or doorframe, I can’t remember. Anyway, poor kid had a literal dent in his forehead for a good while. Pretty sure its prob gone away by now..he’s gotta be like 25 or so.

Today, Wrig and L were playing with the 8000 tennis balls we have around. They both love them and well..who can blame them. L was playing keep best as a baby who is on his knees and has the arm reach span of 10 inches…and whirled around and nailed my doorjam. Wouldn’t you know that poor sucker from Holy Cross flashed through my mind first. L was and is ok…has a sweet egg that’s got a bit of color to it on the side of his forehead. We have pics on the 24th…he’s wearing concealer if its still there by then. Poor kid.

To add to our fun…we went to run errands today..CVS, grocery store..I took a hungry kid to the grocery store. Believe me, yet another parenting mistake. He was great after I pried him away from the bananas that were merchandised awfully low, I have to say. The car cart was not a good deterrent either. Boo. We got to the cracker aisle and he freaked on me….so we did a few wheelies and headed to the toys. Smart move. I found a Handy Manny book…always a hit with him…and when we got to the checkout, I remembered to pay for the book. or what was left of the hardback book. I hand the checker lady a half chewed, dripping book…I was mortified…L screamed for his book appetizer back. God. I couldnt even revel in my super mom coupon savings expedition. Finally,we get home…L and Wrig resume playing keep away and I realized it was awfully quiet. For my prego friends, this is never a good sign. I find the two deliquents in the hallway. L has thrown up, a lot.. a lot of PAPER! He thew up a book, basically. Only my kid. Sheesh.

I am ready for his daddy to come home. Now. But then I will have to explain the noggin. Wonder if he will notice if L is wearing a bike helmet. Probably not.

Welcome to the world, Floyd….

I am super excited to say that Floyd is finally here! God, I love this not being prego but getting a baby in the end. I think my s-i-l’s need to stay on this baby kick. Stop rolling your eyes A & B. But I digress…

Let me introduce you to my newest gorgeous nephew…Dylan David Faddis. He was born on Feb 6, 2009 at 2:48pm. He weighed 7lbs, 3oz and is 18 inches long. And he has a ton of red hair! I love it. Mom and Dad are doing great…smiles a mile wide. Of course Nana and Grandpa are loving life too.

It is kind of funny to see my dopey brothers become dads. Doesn’t mean they aren’t still dopey but more responsible dopes. It’s actually pretty stinkin’ cool. Ok, so because you know me…there are pics. Dylan came home today and attended his first Sunday family dinner. Chaos ensued….but this is how it will be for the next 18 years. Sheesh. Baby carriers all over, who’s bottle is whos, certain 10 month olds stealing chupis from immobile babies….chaos I tell you. It shocked me tonight to see how much we have grown.

For those of you who had the pleasure of knowing my AJ and grandparents….they are most definitely smiling down and loving these moments like we are. My days may not always be fun or clean…but these boys are worth it. Ok, on to pics…
Aww cousins….

The cutest 18 inch baby I know….

The happy and exhausted family…minus 2 dogs.

Trying out his new bouncer…seems to be ok with it.

Little Garrett…the hair…I love it.

My child..with no pants…dancing to the singing dog. Oh joy.

Nana and Grandpa attempting to pose with their 3 boys…before the middle one takes off.

This is a shot into the chaos…One eating, one snuggling, one upside down.

This pic reminds me of that verizon commercial with the 4 bars at different heights. Nice posing Cait.

Hope your weekend was as fun as ours….

Atlas needs a hobby….

See this??? (Ignore the lovely teeth marks on the crib rail. Apparently my child likes to eat varnish at his leisure.)

I want more of that and less of this….

Yes, my son attempting to lift the globe like a ball. And single handedly destroying my high quality paper blinds that should have been replaced like 3 years ago.

This child….

He is already pretty much over me. It’s only been 2 days since J went back to work. He keeps looking past me and my lame attempts to make him laugh like he’s waiting for the good act to come on.

Our days consist of this….
1. Wake up freakin’ early…poke Mom in the eyeball when she attempt to lay L down with her.
2. Attempt to play with a dog who has hardly woken up yet as well… does not go over well.
3. Same issue with Mom.
4. Sticks hand in toilet. This wakes Mom up quickly. Laugh outloud.
5. Dump all toys out of bins so as to look as though a explosion of plastic has occured. That or Mom has neglected to clean the house. The latter being more towards the truth.
6. Have a bit of breakfast.
7. Let’s do this all again… 10 minute intervals until nap time.

God I’m tired. But I did get some video of us being silly.

This video is my genius working on his animal sounds. Like when Wrig walks by, he says ‘woof. I guess, in full disclosure, he said it to a lady at Panera today too…but let’s focus on the positive.

Just so you can enjoy the grin…is it sad when I use an office chair as entertainment? I didn’t think so.

Ok, I’m exhausted…J should be home soon. Thank God.

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