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This kid is nutty. Takes after his daddy. 🙂 Dog food….now dog biscuits (mental note to ensure that Wrig eats the ENTIRE thing before letting L loose on the floor). One positive thing about this house is the lack of swinging ropes…b/c I bet money my kid would be swinging from them. Takes him less than 10 seconds to get from a parent-monitored spot to the middle of the stairs.

Freaking baby gates…grrr.

We bought some to corral him in…but due to the crazy stair set up here…which I loved when I wasn’t pg and we first moved in. Now I hate them. Granted they are still cute but not cute when my kid’s noggin collides with them. And the baby gates don’t work with those.

J has been home hanging out on a little vacation with us..and it has been so fun. L loves his daddy. Lots of soccer in the house, gymboree sessions and tickle sessions.

This kid’s appetite is out of control. He eats more than a small child. Takes after…well, I will let you decide. We have 6 teeth now..6! Two on the top and two more on the bottom. Yikes. Changes his smile a bit but god, he’s cute.

We took pics at home for Christmas cards….this pic didn’t make it into the final shots but its funny.

That makes you laugh, huh?

Enjoy your Turkey day…we will!


Little Monkey….

Here’s the proof….yikes. You do just wanna kiss him though.

Heellllllooooo Bailey!

Meet the newest member of the Faddis family! No not a baby…not yet (Hurry up already!). This is Bailey. She’s fabulous. But she’s not mine. She belongs to Uncle Ryan, Auntie Al and Oscar. And L didn’t try to pull her hair out like he does to Wrig. That’s a plus!

Uncle G also got some new boooooots….please withhold your judgement. He enjoys them and if I stand any chance of holding his sweet sweet baby soon, I will withhold mine as well. But it made for a great photo opp with L.

We have been spending a lot of time with Paco lately…and being meal buddies. This was a funny pic of them at the same end of the table (something I do NOT recommend again).

Have a good week!

Ummm yeah…

…look at me….the mother of a dog food eating baby. Oh yeah. It happened. Geez.

Time flies….

..when you are sleeping. I am not sure if I should thank God for the flu shot but this past week….thank you God. Tuesday we took L to get his second round of the shot and also to check out a possible ear infection. Turns out just a bit of fluid and perhaps just a fan of tugging on the ears. They are pretty cute. As for the flu shot….knocked us right out. All of us. I am sure people who tried to call us were a bit concerned…but it was lovely. From about 5pm Tuesday to 7am Wednesday…you could call us the Rip Van Winkle family. It was heaven.

In other news…today we climbed 9 stairs. Mostly unassisted. Grrr. I’m over this kid growing and becoming more like his nosy. 🙂 I wish I had the camera when he turned around and shot me a huge grin. He was so happy. I however was calculating how much bungee cords would cost me to strap on to him for the falls in the near future. Why can’t he just knock over a plant or something. However the dog food is still a big draw. Also a grrr moment. When things get quiet….my alarm goes off. I mean a little dog food won’t kill him. Pretty sure one of my bros ate it. Probably at my prompting. I on the other hand ate roly poly bugs. Yum-o. All of us are still alive, however it is the principle of the thing. I don’t want him to be the 25 year old munching on Purina. That would be bad.

We had family in town for Bekah and Greg’s shower. It was so fun. I was exhausted but it was so worth it. They got some good stuff. So we are ready for Bud….hurry up already. Here are some pics of the shin-dig and family.
A shot of the Faddis women and future Faddis men.
Bekah with Gram and the Ryckman girls.

A little mohawk action courtesy of Uncle G.

L with his Tita.

L with the Ryckman family.

He’s a ladykiller..too bad those girls are all his cousins.

L and his Tita…love love love her.

Auntie Cait with her 3 nephews….

The boys went to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum here in KC while we were ‘showering’. L got a little glove. Still working on our technique.

Other than that…we just want to say how much we will miss Lola Bean. L will miss her stinky breath kisses. But she has gone on to be our guardian angel dog in heaven. We are thinking of you, Ry, Al, Oscar and Floyd…

Dog food makes me tired….

Well it’s true. It does. Perhaps I should be more clear. Lucas about to eat two handfuls of dog food makes me tired and unwillingly to blog. My apologies. It has been a while since we posted and I am not totally sorry. I needed my sleep. L has run me ragged and it’s all downhill from here (or so I have been told).

Our little man has been non stop since crawling is now ‘soooo last week’. We are now experts at crawling and now are pulling up on EVERYTHING and then being daring and taking one hand off to balance ourselves. Today (as my heart stopped), he pulled up on the bathroom drawers as well as my loosely tied sweatpants (yikes) and then let go and just stood there. I couldn’t believe it. Actually I could and was envisioning the ER trip we would be making when L realized what he was doing and cracked his noggin either on the corner of the drawer or the tile floor. Be still my heart. I am not strong enough yet.

We have been on the go and I feel like lots of events have happened but now I am too tired to remember any. So I will post pics instead and perhaps that will jog my memory. I will say that this week Bud, Auntie Bekah and Uncle G are having their baby shower at our house. AND…the Denver clan is coming!!! Well not all but a good representation of them are. Gram, Camille, Cory, Emma and Harper are headed this way to celebrate with us and we couldn’t be more excited….or furiously cleaning bathrooms. Another reason why this post is so delayed. I am also interviewing at a place that requires me to give a 20 min presentation on Monday. Yikes. Have I started? Not really….reminds me of all of my collegiate career. HELLO procrastination.

Sorry, on to pics…..

I realized I never posted Halloween…See? Sleep deprived! Paco and L were monkeys and we got together before H-ween to dress up a bit.
L with his banana…shout out to Auntie Cait!

At Gymboree on H-ween morning….something was funny.

Love that this bubble landed on his head.

We went to visit Auntie Cait at her job and he couldn’t figure out the ears.

Then he begrudgingly posed….the first of many times that day.

Then a visit to the Hilboldt’s to see KG and Action Jackson..flower and penguin respectively. Too cute.

Off to score candy for Dad! Sir, Nana, L and I went to the neighbor’s for a minute and that pretty much ended our night. We also visited Auntie Kel (prob will kill me if I post the pics of her and L) and was in Nana’s school parade (Nana has better pics than me).

On to Nov. 4th! We voted and L and his dad both got stickers…pretty sure the election worker was flirting with L. Please note the wispy feather action over the ears…stay tuned.

A cute pic with Eva and her two boys. With chupi’s in..they look related!

That Paco is too cute for his own good. This was about 30 seconds before P fell on L while walking. J was watching sports. 🙂 Later P bit L on the fingers. Aww cousins.

Timmy and Lassie staring out the door. J shot this one. Too cute.

This was L finding the stairs. God grant me strength. He doesn’t care about them…yet.

This is post hair cut….no more wispys! Courtesy of Auntie Al ( helps to have a stylist in the family who says things like ‘let me blend this in’ versus me who would have just lopped off the offending parts). Pretty sure Al is clued in on my technique as well. She is good. He looks like a little man now…even if it was only 8 hairs Al cut.

Ok pretty sure that’s it. Until Sunday…get excited! Later gators…this gator is off to bed.

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