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"You know it’s early when…."

…I am saying these things.
*No, let’s wait until the sun comes up to turn on the TV
*Are you sure you want a banana at 4am?
*Can you even see where you are going? (Due to me refusing to turn on a light downstairs, hoping against hope that L will decide darkness will make him tired. It didn’t.)
*Stop squeezing Wrig’s squeaky toy, you will wake Daddy.
*Stop chewing L’s squeaky toy, you will wake Daddy. (Wrig joined in the early morning fun)
*What will make you fall asleep…I will give it to you right now.
*Ok, fine but if you drop that overly ripe banana and I can’t find are so grounded. (Sidebar, found said banana in multiple places, on a baby thigh, on Wrig’s ear and later that morning a large section of my only clean and favorite pj pants. Curses!)

Hope you had a easier morning than we did!


Boys stink…a lot.

Wow, the weather has been gorgeous here in KS..shocking really. Almost like wear a bikini while you are mowing the lawn kind of weather..not that this woman would even think of doing that. ick. Anyway, I am determined to make this kiddo a tough guy and enjoy the outdoors. So far, so good. Anything mulch, dirt, sticks or bug related, we are into and touching. I was letting him wear his crocs outside but he got a blister on one foot so I made the executive decision to let him go barefoot….yes he may need a pedi later in the season but so what….

Today, we were outside at like 8:30, playing. J mowed the grass and L fell in love. So then J mowed holding L..kinda awkward..I mean, that kid isn’t a lightweight. So L helped me plant flowers and then threw the newly made mud from the pots on the porch. Such a helper. We blew up a pool and our bike tires and baby trailer.. that should make those hills easier. We have been busy. Evidence below.

Yup, those are some stinky, dirty feet and I love it. Don’t worry, he’s getting hosed down later (after lunch)….because we eat applesauce like this…

We are hanging out with our cousins a lot lately.. and L has learned or needs to learn how to share. We hung with Dylan earlier this week and get to hang with Garrett tonight. We are also headed to the firehouse today to see Uncle Ry with Auntie Al and Dylan.

We are busy bees….and that’s ok by me.

Don’t worry. In case you were worried about L getting too macho, he did enjoy his first jewelry party as well this week. Thanks Joanie!

And to close…due to all the “busy”-ness, injuries were bound to happen. So far, I am doing good. L, on the other hand, had his first skinned knee as well as the blister. But a little Diego bandaid made things all better, for 5 seconds.. then he ripped it off. But you gotta love a diego bandaid on this chubby knee….

Are we pretending??? God I hope so….

Ok so you know that saying “he must be raised by wolves…”? Ignore the fact that Nana and Grandpa used to use the line to explain Cait (a lot). My kid…becoming the wolf child. Let me explain. In the last few weeks, he has thought he was HI-larious to bend down and eat stuff he dropped off the floor like a dog. Believe me, once was funny, twice even. After the twentieth time, I am getting nervous his immune system is getting attacked by the (possible) germs on the floor. Ick. Anyway, since he doesn’t really crawl anymore (tear!) it is pretty obvious when he is following Wrig around on his hands and knees. Then the barking happened. In the car, in the tub, in Target (which creates some pity stares), L barks… Again, first time it happened, I thought “hello MENSA!” now…um perhaps not. Kidding. He ‘ruff’s everywhere. So today this happened… This is a pic of L under the table..which is Wrig’s usual spot to hang out, and L is eating something pretend out of a bowl and with a spoon I might add (wolf boy has manners) all the while giggling at Wrig..or taunting him perhaps. This makes me nervous.

Which leads me to this story. Yesterday, I was at jury duty…sidebar: not cool enough to even be picked as an alternate, I was stripped of my civic duty and 10 bucks. Damn. Anywho, this grandma brought her grandson ( he called her big momma–If L calls me big momma ever, he won’t be able to walk for a while….) the kid was 4 maybe 5..and dressed as Spiderman..the muscle suit, mask and all. People walking down the hall would smile and say ‘hey spiderman’…and he would growl and say ‘my name is peter parker’. Gosh, their mistake…which ties me back to wolf boy. What if that is my kid in 3 years. Good lord…what if he doesn’t want to wear clothes (aunts…keep your mouths shut) and I have to make him a loincloth. Pretty sure catholic schools won’t allow loincloths. Public schools might…. ha.

Some might say, um that kid needs some other friends without fur. Duh. I’m working on it. I just had to vent…or we may have to sell the dog….or the kid. Not sure yet.

So for fun after the trauma of my daydreams, I stuck a sticker on his head.

Corn Dog Nuggets….

I was not aware of the happiness a corn dog nugget brings to a small child. It is breaded utopia, apparently. Now I don’t claim to be a chef, or even a short order cook..heck I barely reheat well. But now that L is on full time meals and no formula (yahoo!), it means I have to step up my game. Crap. I mean the girls at the check out counter already look at L with pity when I unload about 6 frozen already made bag meals (which are AWESOME) so now it’s pretty much over.

Anyway, so tonight I went all out.. boiled pasta and everything. Never mind the garlic bread was from the foil bag in the grocery store. I was proud of myself that all food groups were represented. bonus! Damn if that overstuffed fridge tossed the baggie of corn dog nuggets out onto the floor (the amazing ones from dinner last night)and L caught sight of them. And he proceeded to ignore my amazing meal (would have been better with cheese…freaking J and his expiration date issues) and munch on these nuggets and shoot me the biggest grin. Grrrr.

Not sure what we are having tomorrow but it isn’t freakin’ nuggets! No way jose… I am standing on my motherly soap box… healthy meals…or at least not breaded ones… besides he ate them all.

Ok a few pics and then some video… Six months ago.. my babe wasn’t walking, crawling or talking. amazing. In this pic, he is just a barely sitting up lump with cheeks to die for. In this pic, he is whining to his dad on the fact we are making him put on this shirt..and promptly ran right out of it. Literally. I enjoy the shimmer of mocos in this pic as well. Classy. Ok so L has some new dance moves..they are quite cute but quite elusive….like a cheetah in the jungle.. I have to catch him in his natural habitat..which lately is dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (kill me now) or a dancing dog which sings “Doctor, Doctor”. Enjoy..but don’t blink.

I forgot about the singing…American Idol…here we come!

Holy Moly Easter Bunny…

Happy Easter! Or it will be in 2 hours.. and I wish I was in bed. Yet, I am waiting for the washer to finish so our Easter finest will be dry by morning… I’m all about procrastination. So here I blog…

L has had some Easter fun as well today. Tia Jessica took L and Paco to the Legends for an Easter Egg Hunt…which seems to leave a bit to be desired. Oh well, chalk it up to an experience. She got some great pics of the boys playing in the fountains… I need to steal her memory card soon.

While L was away.. I went to a place with actual adults and had actual conversations (ok about our kids, so sue me). My sweet friend Crider (now Wisbrock…I didn’t forget, Chris) had her baby shower today. Always the cutest and now literally the skinniest prego chick I know. I saw some old friends and met some new ones. L, personally, can’t wait for Baby Wisbrock to get here to start their own I-70 rivalry trash talking.

We put in a call to our stylist tonight for a seriously needed haircut. L was about to rock a mohawk and folks… we can rock it in the bathtub..but not in church. So she came to our rescue and we dyed eggs and got our haircut AT THE SAME TIME! As I am all about procrastination, I am also all about multitasking….

Sidebar: A dum dum sucker and watching the Royals get nailed by CC (You jinxed it Chris) is a fine way to be able to cut L’s hair. He was in hog heaven.

Getting crazy with the eggs (all 6 of them..I only have one kid, come on…and really this dying eggs thing is for me..he could care less)

Auntie Al doing away with the mohawk….stop groaning.


Our ( I mean, L’s) fabulous egg workmanship…

I any normal family.. we like to relax in the evening with a little game of horse (or bounce the ball off my child’s head in hopes of making an assist–Uncle Ry…revenge is sweet) in the kitchen.

The ultimate party ender…when your sippy cup goes in the toilet. Or in this case, when someone leaves the potty door open and L makes a break for it.. and then giggles at his handiwork. (Yes, the pic is the wrong way..but it’s late..tilt your head)

I forgot about these until now..Surprise! This pic is blurry due to it being an action shot! L was running. He doesn’t get that from me. I don’t run unless I am being chased.

Oh yes and the rice chex buffet moved from the first floor to the stairs. J thought this was hilarious… I failed to find the humor.

Hope you all have a safe weekend and don’t bite the ears off the chocolate bunny.. that’s just creepy.

Oh me..oh my…

Has it really been multiple weeks since I posted last? Geez…my bad. Not sure where the time has gone but a few of you are getting a bit testy that I have slacked on my duties. goes….

L is literally running me ragged. Wow. (Sidebar: Kerry…I got your little tidbit via the Nana bird…so yes let me say…I could have two of L, holy mackeral. You are a saint). He is now moving and grooving, bouncing on beds, trying to climb anything, yes that included Wrig, and being so vocal about what he wants. It’s nuts to see Lil G and D baby and then to look at my kid and think its less than a year difference. Oh man. We have been busy doing art projects ( my little man loves those…so I won’t be ruining the surprise when all of the fam gets bits of painted love from L for holidays. SURPRISE!)

Some video for you…super exciting, hang on to your seats. 🙂

This first one is when I was changing L’s bedding.. he loved the mattress being on the floor. Making a mental note for when we get a big boy bed. Anywhoo…he just started bouncing on it…and I grabbed the video camera. I found it funny..and then it was naptime. I bet you can tell.

Learning tools are everywhere… forget the educational crap I bought… lets use coasters! Sheesh. Oh well. He is pretty proud of himself..and me too. He’s a genius or the next star of the remake of Cocktail.

Pics coming soon….off to bed for me!

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