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More updates

We are changing gears on this blog a bit. We heart ACS but thought people might enjoy some updates from the life and times of C, J and Lenny.

Well, for all who don’t know yet…

We are having a baby! All involved are pretty excited. So for those keeping score, this is what is going on….
1. John is graduating in May…yeah! Then law school???
2. Courtney is graduating in December….yeah!! And then she is done. D-O-N-E. No Ph.D for me!
3. We are getting our puppy, Wrigley, on Friday, Oct 5th! Yes, Yes, we welcome the judgements about having a baby and a puppy at the same time but we enjoy the chaos. Check back with us in a few months.

4. And finally, the baby…. He/She is due to arrive March 19th. So we are about 16 weeks into this. We go to the doctor on Oct 5th for our monthly checkup so say a few prayers. As for the name Lenny, no…we didn’t really name it this. J decided (on his own) to name the baby. And he picked Lenny. Believe me, it is not permanent but it is cute that everyone calls he/she Lenny.

So life is busy. John just got back from 2 weeks in Mexico. And leaving his hormonal pg wife for two weeks proved to be harder than we thought. My poor family and friends. God bless them all.

Other than that, we are just making lists of things to do… are you surprised? Really? Hope you have a great week.

Talk to you all soon!

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