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Fun Countdown

In an effort to avoid my thesis, I have found new and inventive ways to occupy my time. Such as this…

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The growth has begun

Ok, so some people have been asking about Lenny and when he/she is showing up. We love that. But apparently, Lenny has decided to make Mom look a little thicker around the middle by showing up. Oh well, on the upside, no more sucking in my tummy. So, yes the tummy has begun to grow. The pic below makes me look like I am due any day, believe me, it’s the shirt. Thanks, mom!

On Monday, John turned 33! Wow, he is getting up there. Good thing his wife is so much younger. We enjoyed a birthday weekend full of food and family.

Wrigley is doing great, other than running us ragged. Now the phone conversations between John & I consist of Wrig’s bowel activities and/or his attitude. I guess it really is getting us ready for Lenny. 🙂

Have a good week!

Lenny & Wrigley

Ok… so we are a bit tired from the first night with Wrigley but things are good. We are all adjusting to each other. J is teaching Wrigley spanish, well, which is just funny.

The doctor’s visit was great too! No news on if we spell Lenny with an “ie” or a “y” but that will be next month, if Lenny cooperates. But the dr is happy with our progress, explained all my aches and pains away, and told the “little booger” to hold still so she could get a heartbeat. It still sounds really cool. Strong and normal, just the way we like it. Lenny is about the size of an avocado now and next week we aspire to be a large onion! A few people are protesting eating avocados this week, in honor of Lenny. The effort is much appreciated. 🙂

Other than that, we are all good on the homefront. Hope all is well at yours, too!

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