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Are we ready???

Tomorrow is the first day of school (daycare) for Luca. Gulp. Now I know you are saying, but you just had a kid and you are home for the next 10 weeks but originally we were going to do this before the baby came. (Classic last words, mind you…’before the baby comes’–the universe laughs at me).  It just didn’t happen. And for a few days, I was thinking putting him in daycare so soon after the baby?? Won’t he hate us (me, if we are being honest here)? But he needs this so badly. He has his cousins, which are fabulous but really even with Teo here, the tv is doing the babysitting or he wants one of us to be with him playing all the time. Can you smell trouble?? I can.  So you can see our dilemma.

So tomorrow is the big day. Luca will be going (if all goes well), just 3 days a week for now. So I will still get him on Wed to hang with Teo and I and then Friday’s are family fun days since J is off. It might also get him in a groove for when he will have 2 kids on Fridays by himself.  Heaven help him!

I have some hesitation, I must admit….he’s only been with family since he was born and me for 18 months of that. So I know this will take some adjustment time….but it’s time. He deserves some other stimulation besides his momma singing the same songs over and over…Personally, I’m tired of being his personal Beyonce. 🙂 Kidding.

so check back with us in 48 hours…..this should be interesting.


Getting used to the crazy…..

Wow…when you go from 1 to 2, it’s like going from sleeping to running at full speed. Almost seems impossible (especially for me…I don’t run, only when I’m being chased). But we are making it. Mateo is a sleeper (during the day) and just wants to eat at night. Weird, almost like his daddy. Ha. L has been great. No major issues…only one breakdown so far (hint, so far) with sharing the tummy time mat. Otherwise, L looks for M and announces when and what his diaper changes consist of. (Mom, mom….baby caca, ‘tinky).

M is an eater and probably wouldn’t turn down a trip to a buffet right about now. He is more awake today than he was yesterday. Weird that I forgot about all that stuff, and it was only 2 years ago. The smile (whether gastrointestinal driven or dream driven) is stinkin’ cute. Looks like L a lot. 

L has been treated like a king by the aunties and uncles and just in the last few days, has had a lot of attention and field trips thrown his way. They might seem like small gestures but they are huge for J and I. So those aunties and uncles deserve a huge thank you as well.

An update for you: In my last post, I wrote that we were expecting a new cousin to join us in the room next to us. And we were neighbors a few hours later! Victoria (J & I’s niece) had her gorgeous baby girl, Isadora, on April 14th. Izzy beat Mateo by 6 ounces but they are the same length. She has tons more hair than M, and is already taking it all in, eyes wide open…unlike M who would rather eat and sleep. On our discharge day, M and I strolled down the hall to visit cousin Izzy. Here is a shot from their photo shoot.

Aren’t they funny. They were due a day apart. They both arrived a week early but a day apart. I don’t think you could have planned that. I know we didn’t! In this photo session, M tried to nurse on Izzy’s elbow. Izzy didnt really appreciate it. Poor M…probably what his life will be like with a cousin. Here is a pic from M today. As his auntie Kel says, he has cheeks for weeks.

Hello world….

Mateo John Martinez entered this world and our family on April 13, 2010 at 9:07am. He weighed in at 8lbs, 9oz and 20 inches long. He has a head full of black hair and is chunky! As soon as he opens his eyes long enough, we can tell you what color they are!
So far, his experience with life has been great, outside of a circumsicion and one LOUD big brother. Luca is still getting used to the reality….he was good with the idea but having a squawking little lump next to him is something we are working on. No worries though, he has 18 years to get used to him! 
Our labor story is short and sweet…. 5 hours start to finish. I will save the details for those to ask. 🙂 But lets just say, if it had happened any faster, Nana would have missed it and I would have had a ‘natural’ birth story to tell….but thankfully, none of my fears came true. More pics to come soon!!
We are truly blessed to have a healthy, gorgeous, perfect babe to join our family.
P.S. We are currently waiting for our niece Victoria to deliver her gorgeous bundle of girly joy and then move in the room next to us. These cousins apparently wanted to arrive together! 

Two is more than 1, you say???

Um….yeah. two is twice as much as one. What the hell have I done? Oh well, it’s a little late for take backs. 8….count them 8 days until our babe arrives. The OB scheduled an induction for the 15th, unless I go earlier than that. My brain is spinning. First off, 8 days until we become man to man defense. Yikes. We were just getting good at good cop, bad cop against one. Secondly, I have a lot of work at work to do. Geez. And don’t forget, my kiddo is suctioned to my side lately…perhaps he knows I am about to rock his world with craziness.  Ususally, its all dad, all the time and twice on Sundays. But lately, it’s been all me….don’t get me wrong, the snuggling I will take any day. But waddling to get to what he wants (read: demands) and trying to deal with the tantrums has become a little more than difficult.

And another thought in my head….when I have babies, my Gram comes to see me….BONUS! So labor, delivery and all the unfun things are so totally worth it, for the kiddo of course but the Gram visit is the icing on the cake. mmmm, cake. 🙂 Sorry. Today, I ate an order of mozz sticks for lunch. I can feel my mom rolling her eyes at me. Oh well. It’s dairy…and as Kel says..fried things with cheese. Yum-o.

My sis is getting all her stuff ready for the wedding. This is what I have done for her…..
1. Bought a tuxedo bib for this yet to be named babe.
2. Crammed my life raft size feet/ankles into 3 inch purple heels with a ruffle (totally cute, her friends will pull it off, me…not quite…..but for her I will deal and pray the flip flop change happens sooner than later).

Yeah, that’s it. Not a very good matron of honor. Oh well, she is getting a ring bearer, two actually. And you are welcome, Cait.

Anyway, enough of my rambling… I’m exhausted and apparently only have 8 more days to get my 4 quality hours of sleep a night.

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