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Murals! Murals!

Well… today was eventful. John got a mohawk, broke a lamp and the 3 Faddis girls painted a mural in Lenny’s room. John thinks he looks like Chuck Liddell (a fighter, for those unaware of Chuck). Thoughts? He has to shave it tonight for work but it was fun while it lasted and caught everyone off guard.

No pic of the broken lamp but lots of the mural! And the finished product….

A big thanks to Caitlin and Mom… they did 99% of the work. It looks cute, huh? Those girls are the greatest!

And now the belly shot.

Hope you all have a great week! Lenny is apparently bored, because he is kicking and wow…gotta go.

J, C, L, and W


Interesting Week

I am so glad this week is over. It has been a long one, that’s for sure. Everyone’s health is good. John is on the mend from being sick and I successfully avoided re-catching the germs.

My company has decided to close its doors at the end of March. I would say being bummed about it is an understatement. And the timing, well, couldn’t be better, enter sarcasm here. Oh well. So I have been helping my co-workers with their resumes and job hunts since prob won’t be looking for anything for me soon.

Mom and a few others have been saying that it is a good thing…..more time with Lenny. And that is true…but I still feel bad. Oh well. God only gives you what you can handle, so I am rolling with that idea.

Only 53 days left….Yikes! Wrigley is catching on to the “baby” word. He runs to the nursery or seems to at least most of the time. We will see how the prince accepts the king. ha!

Have a good weekend!

Love, C,J,L, and W

Lazy weekend

Hi All,
Hope all is well with you. This weekend has been good, just lazy. We haven’t had one of those in a while. Lenny is doing well. Getting big and moving a lot, which can be a bit painful at times, but I am not complaining. The room is almost ready…just some little things to do now. Oh, and a baby. Only 59 days left. Whoa.

John is good too. He had his first slacker class for his last semester of COLLEGE! Yeah. He is apparently the best bowler in his class, I will take credit for that, since I bought him the Wii. Ha!

Wrigley is doing great too. Still hairy, as he fought off 3 people at the vet to avoid getting his hair cut. So we paid $34 bucks for a face trim and half a belly shaved. Oh well.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. It is super cold here, as in 0 degrees. Yikes.

Love, J,C,L, and W

Lots of pics!!

Hi All!
Hope your week is going well. I have lots of pics to post so get ready. This week Lenny is at 30wks! Holy cow. 10 weeks left, or as my stylist put it…2 more haircuts. Wow. That caused me to freak out a bit. Mom and I need to get on some painting and hanging some pics. We did get this cute sign that we still need to hang.
Yesterday after I was walking out of the salon, this car was outside. I thought it was a sign (literally)!
Today, Lenny had some serious hiccups. Both Kelli and Dez (girlfriends) got to feel. He had them for a while, poor guy.
Also, I came across some pictures of our cute nephew, Dominic…aka Paco (or Kramer, due to the current hairdo). He was at the Wii party this weekend but had other distractions.
Finally, our stroller arrived. It’s pretty cool. It’s a travel system and came together pretty easy. Made this baby thing a bit more real. Did I mention we only have 10 more weeks?? So we had to try it out.

That seems to be it for the Martinez family. Have a good weekend!
C,J,L & W

Sugars for the Sweet

Hi All!
It is a bit late here in KC but I wanted to give a quick update. Things have been a bit hectic at work– lots of changes and on top of that I need to get ready for maternity leave. That alone makes me break out in hives. Mom says I will be ok and my brain will shift to Lenny more after but I swear…there is just too much work to get done for me to relax. But I am going to give it my best effort.

We got our results from the glucose test back and we have just enough sugar, Lenny & I. So that was good news. When I texted John the results, he texted back “great job…now drink water”. Man, no time to celebrate. Just kidding.

Other than having 2 Wii parties these past few weekends, we have been trying to get the house ready for company, baby and otherwise. John is nesting more than me, I think. He is busy organizing and purging while I am napping. Man, I sound a bit lazy.

Still no name yet. John has thrown out Nigel and Reuben. Not really my cup of tea. I think (and hope) he was kidding. I really didn’t hide my distaste for those names. My uncle Tony really wants something with Anthony. Hmmmm. We will have to see. Keep the suggestions coming!

Have a great week! Dr. appt tomorrow –wish us luck!

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