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Time flies….or it can smack you in the face.

It’s been a few months since I have graced you with my inspirational tidbits and wacky kid stories. For that, I apologize.  Facebook and Twitter have been capturing all the chaos. Forget about baby books and scrapbooks. I hope my children understand how hip i was by not doing a baby book.  *snort*

Either way, the chaos in my life continues. Most of the time, I feel as though I have been run over.  New job, new responsibilities, new places to travel and new co workers make the time fly by.  I have the same sweet husband & same sweet, sticky kiddos who have been managing through the chaos with me.  They have been dealing with pb sandwiches for dinner; different people picking up from school; and many different moods from this momma. 

I’m not one for resolutions. Basically, because I destroy them the first week and I love Dr. Pepper too much.  But I have commited to myself and these dudes that I will take notes.  Lots of notes from the working moma around me who make all of this happen.  I’m still learning.  Bare with me. 

More travel is on the horizon. My kids believe I’m always going to ‘Calipornia’ or ‘Mylanta’.  The sweet hub is picking up the house, literally and figuratively.  I can’t promise there won’t be Ramen for dinner, large piles of laundry and the iPad beeping with emails at ungodly hours.  But I am promising to try to be present.  Putting the phone down during bathtime, not snapping while trying to craft an email at bedtime, appreciating the chaos and attempting to…gasp….compartmentalize my life. 

Plus..who doesn’t love Ramen. 


I’m a working mom??!!

I was gone almost all last week in Dallas.  I owe a million gold coins (or a hug) to my hub and my parents. However, when I came back, I was smothered by toddler lovin’ and cracker crumbs. L had this brand new vocabulary which I blame on my hubby.

As we are watching the rain (Noah was around the orner in the ark), L says ‘Mom, that cat’s a punk. He doesn’t live over there. He lives next door. What a punk’. I’m relatively sure my mom doesn’t say punk.

On the way home from errands yesterday, L tells me ‘Mom, I’m not supposed to tell you but we watched something with mamacitas’. I look over at J and he just smirked.  Hmmmm.

M now says ‘Sowwy Momma, Lub you’. Only after spilling a carton of corn flakes. The effect doesn’t work…all the time.

I took M to the grocery store. We needed replacement pasta sauce..because I made a poor decision of giving that bag to L to take in and in his other hand were his box of Junior Mints. He is like his momma and chocolate….ergo a second trip to the store.  M and I were off to the store and a group of 3 guys followed us in.  Um…they followed us through the store. I know this because I didn’t take a list and my brain operates like a pinball machine when I’m in a store without a list.  And they followed me still.

By the way, I know what ‘butt’ is in Spanish. And I know when you are talking about MY butt and my kid. My 10 years of being married to a Mexican is not for nothing….  I felt a little violated but….

As we are walking out, my new friends forgot about me and moved onto the woman loading groceries into a Nissan mini truck, wearing only a sports bra, a blazer and sweat pants. Then and there, I knew I could never wonder if I was underdressed for the grocery store again.  What a load off my mind.

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