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Just a little teaser….

Ok, summer isn’t over and yet I come running back to you… (quite possibly a Duran Duran lyric or I could be lying). But there have been some developments. No, not a job. Tear. Still looking and hoping. Send me an email if you hear of anyone needing a HR person… I am pretty darn good at what I do. Note: worst transition ever coming in 5.4..3..2

Ok so here’s a list of the new developments.. See, told you it was a bad transition.

1. My child is a brown, brown bean. Wow.
2. L has gotten taller but skinnier. Could be the amazing diet of carbs, berries and yogurt he’s been working on this summer. Can’t wait for the 15th month checkup lecture.
3. I should probably look into growing my own berries in the backyard next year. Yup, I would save Nana a ton of money at Costco. But then I would get my hands really dirty. Hmmmm.
4. L got a big boy bed. He loves it; we love it; bedtime is great, naps..are still sketchy. The tapping on my shoulder at 6:45 this morning from my little friend was a new experience.
5. L also had experienced an interest in stripping, and searching for a little privacy for those moments. So L got a potty chair. He loves it. Sits on it often, clothes on, reading a book. Still working on the technique of this deal.
6. L loves to say ‘caca’… spanish for poop. I’m so proud. Best part is..he whispers it….like he knows he shouldn’t say it loud. Pretty funny.
7. L is a genius.
8. L knows and uses a few ASL signs now. Kinda shocked us the first time. He uses ‘all done’ and ‘more’ a lot. ‘More’ juice, ‘more’ food, ‘more’ caca….he uses it a lot.
9. Mom needs to work with L on the ASL sign for ‘pay up, grandpa’.
10. L has an unhealthy fear of dogs smaller than him. Weird. Must be from his dad.
11. Currently, trouble follows L. Magically the bath knobs in my bathroom turn on and a little 3ft indivdual goes racing past me out the door. hmmm. Magically, a few electronic gadgets go a bit slower or are dead due to the large amount of saliva in them. Hmmm.
11. Did I mention the love of stripping and streaking?
12. Did I mention the brownness? The tan line gets me every time.
13. L uses a lot of words…most in a shrieking tone and incapable of being translated by Mom…shocking since I am with him 24 hours a day.
14. L’s words people understand: ‘juice’, ‘mom’, ‘bob’, ‘daddy’, ‘doggie'(which really sounds like auggie, ‘dis’ (translated..means this—uses often and may I say possibly over used), ‘choo’ for train, and ‘done’.
15. LOVES to talk on the phone, and doesn’t care if you are listening or not.. and uses the shrieking tone, as if you are 85 and don’t own a miracle ear.
16. He’s getting better with his cousins…they are not used as ponies as much anymore. Solid improvement.
17. Is now a huge fan of dancing to any music: MC hammer,anything on the ipod, handy manny theme song, commercial, or mexican channel 445.
18. Is becoming more of a lover…hugger and open mouth kisser… um yeah.
19. Is becoming a trained monkey. Will do tricks for food, ‘shaking his booty’, ‘high fives’, ‘running in place’, ‘dancing’, etc.
20. L can be rented out for parties at a reasonable rate…please be sure you provide a flat of berries, a pony to ride and some sweet dance music he can shake his booty too.


A little break…

We here at Martinez Madness are we will be taking a break from blogging for a bit. Perhaps if something major occurs like L shoving a beetle up his nose or me finding a job, the blog will hum with activity again…but until then I need a nap. Have a good beetle-less summer friends!

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