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Rhinos, Housekeeping and Katrina and the Waves…

Quite the headline, right? Oh yes. The events of the past few days have been eventful.

-J has thrown around his charm or ability to chat it up with a few Spanish speakers. Because of that talent, my kids have enjoyed free breadsticks, free pop and free churros. I might rent him out when we get back home.
-For not being a strict scheduled trip, we were racing the clock last night to meet Mickey and the princesses. Talk about stress. Now I know how it feels to meet the queen. Waiting and waiting and then boom, there they are and you really hope your deodorant is still working. Come on, you know what I am talking about.
-The moment when you are in line to meet princesses and you realize your boys are the only testosterone in the room. And the camera guy wearing the while polyester riding crops? They took his man badge away when he clocked in. Poor guy.
-So much amazing people watching. Best was the 18yr old girlfriend catching a ride on her 72 yr old boyfriend’s Hoverround scooter. Love AND efficiency.
-Just now my kids were singing ‘Walkin on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves. I love them. Our hotel neighbors might have a different opinion.
-The safari at Animal Kingdom was great. However, I only came home with shots of animal fannies. To which my kids starting singing about rhino butts. 100% sure our hotel neighbors hate us.
-Our schedule has been nutty and pool time has been sparse. My fish, L, is not loving that. So I made the kids run in the sprinklers at 11pm last night. 110% sure the resort hates us.
-M ordered hot cocoa for dinner tonight. And the waiter brought it! And now I can’t feel my tongue. Freakin’ hot cocoa.
-We got pillow pets for the boys tonight. There was a lot of scheming to get them to be a surprise. When the boys found them, they were so excited! Nana asked who gave them the pillow pets. L responded ‘Housekeeping!’. Maids and Santa always steal our thunder.
-Fits of rage in between photo ops have been more frequent today. Always awesome. Really makes me rethink the child leash idea.
-As we are walking back to our room last night, the boys start spouting lines from Alvin and the Chipmunks. ‘Aawwwwk-ward!’ Hilarious…and then the 50th time, not so much.
-Lizards. everywhere.
-The beach is tomorrow. Pray for us.


Ducks and all….

I’m surrounded by snoring babes who smell like chlorine and who fought sleep like little warriors tonight. There is so much to take in and we haven’t even left the property yet.

Their day was full of firsts.
First plane rides (2 flights each, in fact);
First time seeing tadpoles at the lake;
First time swimming in a pool with ducks;
First time seeing lizards scurry across the sidewalk (My first time trying to explain why one poor fella met his flat fate on the sidewalk);
First time trying to understand why we don’t pet squirrels (creepy giant ones who aren’t afraid of humans);
First time throwing a tantrum in Pepper Market;
And first time comprehending that Mickey lives here, too.

I always miss my kids but I was so excited to see their little crunchy faces and hear their voices today. Although, I didn’t expect to have to explain why a giant 20 foot tall statue of a lizard was dressed as a woman. One of my firsts today, I suppose.

We spent the evening (30 min) swimming with ducks, tiny teeth chattering, blue lips, big smiles and all. Once I started thinking about duck poo in the water; our fun was over. Also, L bringing me someone else’s bandaid helped facilitate that decision.

Here’s hoping day #2 is fun filled, and squirrel free.

Panic in the pictures….

Do you smell that? That is panic… sheer panic. There is not enough time in the next week to get all that Pinterest demands I do to have a great family vacation. That sounded more sane in my head. We are headed to Disney World next week. To clarify, I will be in Orlando starting on Sunday and enjoy sweet sweet solitude with 2500 of my closest peers at a conference. Then the boys, J and my (amazing, yet unscarred) parents are flying down to meet me to stalk Mickey.

Mickey and I are having a love hate relationship. I enjoy how much my kids love him. I hate that everything with his face on it costs 14.99 and up. Really Mickey? Give the girl a break. Never mind, I’m married to a guy who can’t tell his kids no. Heck, he bought a box of fruit for $90… only to make the fruit guy at the door go away. We.Are.Screwed.

I can’t handle it…. I feel like we are heading to a remote island with no Target (oh the horror)… do we have enough shampoo? It’s not like I have a car.. and spending $25 on shampoo shaped like Jake and the Never Land pirates is NOT an option (J- I’m talking to you, buddy). If my kids come back smelling like chlorine, don’t judge. And if I come back smelling like rum.. don’t judge.

Rum smells better than panic.

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