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Dinosaurs, Cupcakes and no one threw up…..

My babe is 3 today! Wowza! How did that happen? Today was crazy fun and we hope everyone who was able to come had a good time. L was sufficiently spoiled.  He got among other things, trains, a scooter, a bike and Royals gear. He has played with everything twice. Gotta love that 2 year 3 year old attention span!

Waiting for Rice Krispie treats to cool for his school tomorrow…so I will throw up some pics. Still lovin’ this idea we started. Totally not taking credit for the idea…but so proud of myself that we keep remembering to take the pics every year! 

Luca @ 6 months…2008

 Luca @ 1 year…2009

 Luca @ 2yrs….2010

 Luca @ 3 years old…2011!!!

We are pretty lucky to have him entertain us like he does…and torment M like he does.  He told me today that candy will help the owie go away…. he’s no dummy.  Now, to get ready for family pics and M’s 1st birthday!  I guess I will sleep in June!


Dear Martha……

I don’t know how you do it…. Outside of the prison thing.  I have tried to move away from the rut I was in….or my comfort zone….or whatever.  Courtesy of my cousin, Camille…we are trying to be a clean eating family. More veggies, less food that can sit on the shelf for years.   When she mentioned it, I instantly thought… what the heck am I gonna feed my kids?  Kidding…kinda. I did think it. But since then, we have been trying really hard to be good. 

I even bought regular oatmeal and pecans so we can control the sugar vs. the maple pecan oatmeal I heart (and miss) so much.  That part isn’t so yummy but the benefits should be good.  The biggest news has been the cooking I have been doing. Yep. I said it.  Cooking. Get up from the floor and back up on the seat you were on.

This would be the “breaking out of the rut” part.  Bought a new crock pot. Cruised the outside aisles of the grocery store (b/c Dr. Oz told me to).  Perused cookbooks that I forgot I owned.  And shazaam! Made dinner 4 nights last week.  I mean, write it down.  I am the main reason one of my restaurants make goal most weeks. And why Luca yells ‘I want tots’! in the Sonic drive thru. 

My cousin Mick, who is a chef…so there is NO pressure when I post updates.  He actually posted a cooking video for me. That was awesome.  And yet..I only felt a little inadequate. Kididng.
But so far, so good. The kids are still alive and actually still eating.  So bonus. 

Speaking of kids…. L is turning 3 next week. 3. as in 3 years since I have been pg, 3 years since I figured out exactly how fast I can make a bottle. 3 years since I have slept well.   But 3 years feels like 3 seconds. I was talking to him the other day and he said such a grown up thing (that I can’t remember) I was shocked. Shocked that he knew what and how to say the comment but also that he was carrying on a conversation with me.  When he says ‘Mom, you seen my shoe anywhere?’, it still floors me.  He is such a little man. I love him. We are having a dinosaur party at Pump It Up–an inflatable park. I know my brothers and hubby are secretly excited. 

M is going to be a year old in less than a month. How crazy is that? A year. Yikes. He is getting so big…not walking yet. It’s a toss up between him being lazy or him being smart that he makes people carry him everywhere.  M is smiley joe most of the time..but is getting much more vocal.  Especially when L takes his toys. I only say ‘Luca, give that back’ 18 times a day.  But both of the kiddos are doing great. I can’t wait for summer. Swim lessons, pool time and being outside. Now if M would only walk so I don’t have differently toned biceps. Otherwise, you will know why I’m wearing 3/4 sleeves in July.

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