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Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, I need a weekend to recover from the weekend…
Hope you all had a great holiday. We had a great time. Saturday, we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead in OP with Jessica, Juan and Paco. It was Lucas’ first official field trip! He ate and slept thru most of it but we got some good shots. The swing pic is supposed to scare Nana but it didnt really work. Still cute tho. This pic is Lucas’ first meeting with a goat. Didnt seem to phase him. These are some big horses. Paco had his first swing experience and was a bit freaked out but learned to giggle. He is so cute.

We found some cute wood flowers for the boys to take pics in… well we tried.
Sunday, we went to a barbeque at John’s cousins…thanks Tony and Quithie! Then met Mom and Dad at Union Station for the KC Symphony Memorial Day Concert. Lucas ate and slept thru most of that too. But he enjoyed Yankee Doodle with Sir. A few pics from that.

Just a funny face shot from today. Uncle Ryan said this is like the Rock’s eyebrow. Perhaps the Rock in training.


Funny Baby Stuff

Ok, first a moment of silence for my fave show which was cancelled this week….Notes from the Underbelly. So funny and so true.

Second, this video was found by Ryan but made me giggle because I can see John and Ryan doing this. Baby Fight! on

Just laughs for you!

Shots suck..

Ok so we had our first experience for shots today. May I just say, it sucked. J, L and I all think so. Lucas weighs 12 pounds and is 24.5 inches long. However, we have a peanut head. Oh well, he doesnt need a huge noggin for all those brains. So we did so well during the actual doctor visit…and then the nurse came in.
He had 2 shots in one leg and 1 in the other, and then a squirt in the mouth for something else. The screaming went on forever, and that was just me. Kidding. L cried for like a minute and then John singing the our father in spanish calmed him down (like it always does). However, John and I both had tears in our eyes. Let’s not do that again, at least not for a few months. His next appt is his 4 month checkup. We might be recovered by then. A few pics of our war wounds.

Update on Yeah Yeah Yeah

Ok so the item that John used to stand out didnt make the last post for some reason. Here is the pic. He fashioned it himself. Man of many talents. Yes, that is my garden flag he used.

Also, the translation on the black spanish shirt L is wearing says “Lock up your daughters”. Nana might not approve but it is funny. Thanks Mike!

I think that is it. Thanks for letting me know I don’t make sense sometimes…it could be a full time job!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

Yeah for John! He is a graduate!!! The day on the hill was great, hot and sunny but great. John’s Uncle Tacho and his fiancee Sissy came into town from Wichita to join us in cheering him on. John also wanted to make something that would have him stand out on the hill. Here are some pics from the day

Saturday,we made our first trip to Lawrence to meet our Aunt Gina for the first time. It is safe to say that they fell in love with each other.

Saturday morning, we had to go through our clothes AGAIN because we have outgrown some of them. So we had a bit of a fashion show… and then tried out our Bumbo seat (Auntie Cait was so excited). Thought he was a genius for having amazing neck control….and he IS a genius but he was cheating and using the back of the Bumbo to hold his neck up. Cheater. 🙂

Apparently I am working backwards thru the weekend. Sorry. Friday, we went to Jessica’s house (John’s sister) and we did some side by side shots of Lucas and Dominic. Hard to believe they are only 6 months apart. But they both got the cutie gene, that’s for sure.

Have a great week!

2 Months!!!

Hi all…
Today Lucas is 2 months old! He really has changed so much in just a short time.

We have discovered our hands, our voice (which if we scream loud enough, a bottle or mom magically appears),our reflection in the mirror, smiles at mom, dad, gas and absolutely nothing at all. Such a miracle. Here are some pics of the sweetest baby on earth. The above pic is a fave due to the look L is shooting Wrig. And the cheeks need their own zip code.

Crazy how time flies! Have a good week!!

Martinez entertainment…

Well at home, we usually try to be pretty chill but last night we had some multi-media fun. We watched Dancing with the stars and someone enjoyed the colors I think.

Then, Lucas had some time listening to Mexican music on the computer with his dad. His favorite song was Sapo…which means frog…and has a man “ribbitt-ing” as the chorus. He also enjoyed Julieta Venegas, as does his daddy.

For those who are Dimas’ or know one, the mirror is our friend. As in the next pic, apple..tree…he is related to his Great-Uncles Paul, Ross and Tony and and his uncle Greg. Ha!
Oh yeah, there is a mirror under that mobile. Funny.

A few faces of Lucas, we are either wide awake or fast asleep. Either way, darn cute I would say.

Have a good day!

Graduation & Mother’s Day!

We had a crazy weekend but it was the best. Saturday was my graduation from the University of Saint Mary… yeah for an MBA!! It really helps when I am trying to figure the opportunity cost of something baby related. 🙂 Kidding. Some pics from graduation…it was quite chilly and windy but no rain during the ceremony!

Sunday, we celebrated Mother’s Day with both families. In the morning, we celebrated with Mom and the Faddis fam. Mom and I both got spoiled by Lucas and the men who shopped for him. Photos to come later…
In the afternoon, we spent time with the Martinez’s. Some pics from the afternoon.

A pic of the cousins…can you believe they are only 6 months apart??

We will have pics from John’s graduation soon. Yeah for John!!!

Have a good week!!

Just a quick note…

So I just had to take a picture of our little man in one of his funny shirts. He has a few of them, most Nana would approve of. The face in this pic is one of annoyance with me. We are post nap but pre meal and he was not pleased that there was papparazzi in his face, ergo, the look. The shirt, in case you can’t see it, says Peas on earth and there are 3 little peas on it. Funny.

Have a good week!

Faces of Lucas

Hi All…
Happy Thursday! My brother reminded me that I hadn’t posted in a whole 3 days. My apologies… I was raising a baby. 🙂 Kidding. Our little man is growing tons. We measured him yesterday in an EXTREMELY scientific test. He has grown an inch and a half in the last two weeks! Good lord. I will have to make his clothes soon.

This morning we were hanging out and I got a pic of L smiling. Mostly gums but still cute.

Here are a couple other pics of little man.

This morning before we went to lunch with Auntie Kelli, I was getting ready and had propped up Lucas on my pillow. I finished drying my hair and there he was watching Bobby Flay on the Food Network, looking like a little couch potato with his hands on his thighs. So funny.

This weekend, I am graduating (well, walking due the fact that I was done with my MBA in December) from the University of Saint Mary. We are trekking to Leavenworth on Saturday. Next Saturday, John is graduating from KU and a trip to Lawrence is on the books. Pics from both will be posted soon!

C,J, L & W

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