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Life is not a crisis….

I ran across a blog post today that made me stop.  I know that sounds corny and really there isn’t an snarky thought in there.. really.   When Luca was little and was sick with tummy issues that we had only begun to learn about; I happened upon this blog. 

To be clear, there is no way I am comparing her blog or her life experience to mine. Mine was temporary and her is not.  But every once in a while, I go back there and read. She is an amazing writer.  I’m not here to push religion or any type of beliefs on anyone else… to each their own and whatever floats your boat and such… 

But read this.  If you are a mother who hurried your kids out the door this morning.  If you are a mother who raced through bedtime. If you are a mother who feels that “life is crisis’.

My favorite line is “And my tone is typically closer to, ‘We are being chased by an escaped convict” than “We are running 5 minutes late to a play date at Chic-fil-a.'”  Classic. 

Read it.



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