Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Holding back the tears…and eating cupcakes

Today is the day. You are off to great places. You are off and away. I’m off to eat my feelings about you going to Kindergarten.

Luca is currently in his new Kindergarten class and I presume swooning over his teacher or loving the fact that he gets to wear a belt to school. It’s the little things that mean the most. I am at the kitchen table, working and looking at the clock. I can’t wait to see his face and hear all the stories- even the long ones (he gets that from his momma). I can’t wait to hear what he did and what opinions he has created already (he gets that from his momma as well). I was a fan of school and could not be more excited for L to experience the same thing. So why am I eating a cupcake at 9:30am? Well, because it is here and the kids are not. First mistake.

I have come to the conclusion that I am in disbelief that the babe I just brought home is now exposed. Exposed to the world and learning sight words that he will soon be able to read to me. Exposed to great things like service for others. Making new friends. It is amazing to me how the babe I just brought home can so easily write his name and add an “xo” because his daycare teacher taught him that. It is amazing to me how the babe I just brought home gave ME a tutorial about putting on a belt so “your shorts won’t fall down, Mom.”

I cannot wait to see him today.

I know the routine will get better. Like the fact I woke him up at 6am and his feet didn’t touch the floor until 6:50. I know that will get better. I know packing lunches will get easier and he will take over that task soon. I know there are days soon where I will be traveling and miss the routine. But for now… I am soaking it in. And dunking the cupcake in milk.

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