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Super sad face…

So I am a horrible mother…but I have a great mother so I guess the universe cancels it out. Tomorrow, our little man goes to the doctor for his 6 month checkup. Shots and all. And neither John or I can be there. So stop judging already. I recruited Nana…who volunteered to call in a sub to help us out. I love her. She is a god-send. J has a HUGE meeting and I (fingers crossed) have a lunch meeting with a potential employer. So Nana is taking L to the dr….god bless her. I figured she raised 4 fab kids…she can handle a 6month old grandson. Stay tuned for the aftermath of the shots for her and L.

On to other news….that cute child broke my phone today. Stinker. And I got in trouble from Nana for letting him have it. I can’t win for losing. Pic is pre frozen screen, straight to voicemail, can’t receive texts and mysterious beeping when no one is touching it…isn’t he cute. Grrr.

What else…what else…some cute pics for you to ‘awww’ at. So I heard about this idea where you put your kid in a grown up outfit and take a picture every year on their birthday. So we chose a Mexican soccer jersey (fitting, don’t you think?). This is Lucas’ 6 month picture. Note the small smile.
This is Uncle G practicing his ‘daddy’ skills. Note L looking oh-so-comfy in the carrier. But he loved it.

L also got a car and a swing set (only 3.5 feet tall) but those pics are on my phone…and well you know why those aren’t on here. Just an FYI…slamming a phone down on the floor DOES NOT make it turn back on.

Have a good week!


100th Post!!

And of course…the 100th post commemorates my goof from the last post. Fitting, don’t you think? And just so you can appreciate this moment….L is behind me in the high chair..teething on frozen watermelon..and sharing with Wrig…who is now covered in watermelon juice. But I digress. I titled the last post swinging..and didn’t post any pics. My bad. L is now a fan of swinging…giggles and all. The bummer is that we have to wait all day until the neighborhood school gets out before we can go swing. Yesterday, I spend most of the morning driving around O-town to look for parks with swings. Nada. Bummer. A lot of big kid parks that will be pretty cool in a few years but for now..we just need a swing with fresh air. So we are in the market for a swing. Any suggestions?

Swinging…and getting some culture in….

So this weekend was busy. Royals game, Plaza art fair, family events…so just a few pics to post. Still not crawling yet but up on all fours and and rocking back and forth. Our 6 month appointment is next week so I will update with the details then.

Posing with Nana and Sir in front of one of Auntie Cait’s fave stores.

Chillin’ on the street corner…

Today is Auntie Bekah’s actual birthday…She can rent a car now. Hee Hee. But Sunday we celebrated with her…and she got a Coach purse! Lucky girl!

An official first pic with L’s cousin bud…look close..he’s covered in turquoise.

Have a great day!

Dear Santa….

…I would like a helmet with a facemask for starters…and maybe a roller coaster. The helmet is top priority. L has become mobile..kinda..well he’s getting started. Sunday was a big day. L got up on all fours and headed after a toy. It went like this..left hand forward..right hand forward (insert my gasping here)..left knee moved forward…and face plant. Ouch. Tears and a hug from Mom and a mental note to add a face mask to the Xmas list. A little ziewback toast made things better too. He’s passionate about that toast.

Add sitting up for longer and longer to our baby resume. Subtract the bonk on Nana’s tile when L realized he was sitting up by himself. We will be graduating to the Level 2 class at Gymboree soon. Too much!! L also got a walker from Paco and has loved every minute of it. In fact, I was thinking he was a genius b/c I hung a toy on a cabinet to see if he could get it. I ran upstairs to get a onesie for the naked baby..and came down to find he had gotten the toy off the cabinet handle and was heading for the wine bottles next to it. Duh Mom. Geez…so it begins.

We hung out with Paco and family this weekend. L and Paco are almost the same size. Paco got a haircut too! He looks like a little man now. Are you catching on to the fact that life is dragging me kicking and screaming towards the future?

Below is evidence of a chupi stealer…again.

Lovin’ from Paco…grimace by L. Awww cousins.

Baby and mom shot. Awwww.

Ok…have a good week….I gotta go chase a kid in a walker….

Too fast..way too fast…

It’s going way too fast…someone stop this train!  Lucas Anthony will be 6 months next week. I can hardly believe it. It’s not really that I want him to be a baby forever, but it is truly amazing how fast he is learning and growing….so yes, maybe a baby for a few more years. Someone said..well have another one…um WHAT?  I can’t imagine loving another one as much as I love little man. Here’s the rundown on our little guy.

-2..count them…2 teeth. bottom front…reminds me of Uncle G’s dog, Moose.
-caught him rocking back and forth on all fours in his crib yesterday.
-as for crawling…mastering the reverse crawl, not forward yet.
-all he wants to do is stand and watch everything.
-eating lots, watermelon (loves it), rice crackers, almost all baby food and
whatever his Tia Jessica sneaks him.
-knows that his smile will get Mom to do what he wants (darn, I thought I was stronger that that).
-is more in love with his dad every day…or its the other way around…or both
-has spent the night with Nana and Sir which just made that whole house happy.
-loves to walk in his walker or bounce in his johnny jump up..always on the go.
He is becoming a little guy, not a baby. Look at this pic. We are suffering from a viral infection. I got it and then gave it to L. One of these days, this entire household will be on the mend and out and about. Here are some more pics from Paco’s birthday party…it was cold and rainy but the kids had fun.Shot with Tia Jessica and Nino Juan and Pac-ito!!!Cutie it. Ok, don’t panic..that is not a child in a batman costume behind Paco…its a ginormous pinata. This shot was right after Paco took the nasty rope that was holding the pinata and put it in L’s mouth. Yum.This hat is on his head only bc there was not another one that fit. Rock Chalk.An actually cute fam pic. So shocked but love it. Story on this cake…we call Paco ‘King Kong’ bc of his ability to pull things around like they were Eva ordered the cake and apparently they misunderstood. Oops. King Kons???All bundled up…ready to go home.

***Big news****
Ryan and Alison are having a baby boy!!! Yippee! L’s clothes are gonna get some wear from Bud and now ‘Floyd’. hee hee. Can you imagine? 3 boys under 1. Holy cow. Family dinners will never be the same. I can’t wait!!

Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a great week!


The title is really for those who were at the t-bones game last weekend….a small child decided to scream that lyric over and over and over and over again…L was just staring at him. His thought bubble was “If I could only master the projectile vomiting…”  But I digress.  These pics are for all of Auntie Cait’s friends, who are blog readers and will appreciate this event. So you might say…awww Auntie Cait is feeding L… but look closer. She is feeding him..wait for it….BANANAS. She loves this kid because that could be the only explanation for how she can get close to, and risk being touched by a stray drop of the yellow fruit. I had to take a picture. Auntie Al suggested his next food be jello. I think not..if you didn’t know…I have serious texture issues. I WILL NOT be feeding him jello, the root of all evil. She’s funny, that Auntie. Which leads us to this…our Halloween preview. L is and will always be my little monkey so why not exploit it. He froze in this costume similar to when we dress up the family dogs. I’m gonna bet he’s not going to be walking by Halloween but carrying around a ‘stiff as a board’ 7 month old will be awesome. Notice the banana in his pocket, a nod to Auntie Cait again. In terms of food…we are moving up in the world. Huge…huge…fan of rice crackers…my little crack baby. Peas are a fave and squash…well still working on squash. Can’t bring myself to give him prunes…ick. At family dinner, we gave our teething boy some watermelon in a fresh food feeder contraption. Loved it…loved it…loved it…just like his momma. Notice the rice cracker firmly attached as well. Yesterday was so nice and cool…so we loaded up and walked to our neighborhood school to play on the playground. Mental note for me…L needs to wear pants on the slide…poor little thighs and plastic slides don’t mix. I need to carry around wax paper like they give you at the haunted houses. But he was a fan of the swings, big ones and baby ones. I couldn’t get pics due to me (nice visual) swinging in a swing, holding a baby and hanging on to a leash of a dog who was laying UNDER the swing. I kept thinking..Nana would have a heart attack if she saw us right now. So this pic is on our way home.

Off to Paco’s bday dinner….have a great night!

Go T-Bones!!

Hello there! This week has been great! No hospital stays for anyone in this house. Bonus!

Saturday was an event for Sir’s work…9-1-1 out at the ballpark. L made an appearance and did great. It was totally up his alley, people watching, bottle eating and picture taking. Here are some pics from the night.

This week is Paco’s 1st birthday…so we can’t wait. Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!

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