Martinez Madness

With fruit snack dreams and lego laden wishes…..

Ducks and all….

I’m surrounded by snoring babes who smell like chlorine and who fought sleep like little warriors tonight. There is so much to take in and we haven’t even left the property yet.

Their day was full of firsts.
First plane rides (2 flights each, in fact);
First time seeing tadpoles at the lake;
First time swimming in a pool with ducks;
First time seeing lizards scurry across the sidewalk (My first time trying to explain why one poor fella met his flat fate on the sidewalk);
First time trying to understand why we don’t pet squirrels (creepy giant ones who aren’t afraid of humans);
First time throwing a tantrum in Pepper Market;
And first time comprehending that Mickey lives here, too.

I always miss my kids but I was so excited to see their little crunchy faces and hear their voices today. Although, I didn’t expect to have to explain why a giant 20 foot tall statue of a lizard was dressed as a woman. One of my firsts today, I suppose.

We spent the evening (30 min) swimming with ducks, tiny teeth chattering, blue lips, big smiles and all. Once I started thinking about duck poo in the water; our fun was over. Also, L bringing me someone else’s bandaid helped facilitate that decision.

Here’s hoping day #2 is fun filled, and squirrel free.

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