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Rooty Tooty Jr makes things better….

..but not for me..I detest the Rooty. It required massive amounts of napkins, an inordinate amount of whipped cream and a poor excuse for a serving of fruit disgused as strawberry syrup, oh and no kid utensils. However, my little man who just recieved 4 shots in the legs at the doctor felt it was way better than a bandaid and a kiss from Momma. He wins.

At the doctor, we learned we slightly suck as parents. But we are both ok with that. We shouldn’t be feeding L goldfish crackers or fruit snacks, but we do, by the truckful. We shouldn’t be encouraging the chupi, which we don’t, but often way easier than listening to the screaming. I will be better. My little guy is a bit skinny but the doctor is ok with it…and he is not a fan of milk but the doctor is ok with it. The doctor is also a HUGE Fan of L speaking spanish and says he should be fluent by the time he is 2. Ayudame Dios…or God help me.

One of the shots we got today was the MMR. Believe me, I was a bit nervous but we had to fill out a questionnaire first.
1.Does your child try to get your attention to the item he is playing with. Um yes.
2. Does your child use his pointer finger to get the item he is looking at. God yes and with a across the body flourish..but I just circled yes.
3. Does your child remove his clothing and name his body parts. Um hello? That was an actual question. I read that outloud to J and he looked at me like “so that’s normal”? I circled yes and realized that wow, my kid is weird to me but apparently all kids are weird. 🙂 Kidding.

I asked the doctor about the stripping and love of nakedness. SHe said go with it, um duh..what do you think I have been doing? She said have a naked weekend. Um welcome to my home, don’t mind the penis running around all loosey goosey. But she said if all else fails…wait for it…duct tape. Holy crap! She wasn’t kidding. So guess what I am buying when I head to walgreens…(stop laughing Alison)…I’m buying Al’s xmas present and a roll of duct tape. The doctor did say only on the diaper not on the wrists or mouth. Damn.

My little friend is clothed, tylenol dosed, and asleep. Gracias a Dios.

Later gators.


The moss was getting thick… the Martinez fam needed a little shake up. I told you upon my self-prescribed blogging hiatus, that I would not return unless L ate a beetle or I got a job. Well…the hunt for beetles has been less than bountiful. However, I did score a job! Yeah for me….16 months (almost 17 next week, holy cow!) later, I will re-enter the working world and get paid for it. I’m not giving out the major details (so as to drive you insane and I get to do my evil laugh….on top of) I don’t know their blogging rules yet and would hate to get fired before I actually start working. I can tell you I will in back in HR managing about 1200 people here in KC.

Once I accepted the offer 3 things ran through my mind:
1. Goodbye coupons!! (kidding…maybe)
2. I probably can’t wear yoga pants to work….that thought made its own list in my head punctuated with “crap”, “man”, “yoga pants can be dressy, right?”
3. My kid.

Actually, it was the clothing, then my kid, then coupons. L has a sweet set up to stay with his Abuela E about 4 days a week and J is off on Fridays. (Lord knows what the house will look like on Friday at 6 when I get home). He is pretty ok with J leaving in the morning…and on the rare occasions I get to leave without him, he does ok. Not that I’m anything to sneeze at but it will def be an adjustment from 16 months of 24×7 to -40 hours of that. Yikes.

I start on the 31st of August. L and I will both look our best on that day, hopefully…and we will both strive to keep our pants on all day. I pretty sure I will be successful (wouldn’t that be awkward on my first day) but L is not someone I would bet on in Vegas to be clothed by 5pm.

My child is a lover of nature. Anything outside, bugs, and he loves to live as if he was the kid from the Jungle Book movie…sans the cute little leaf bikini thing. Believe me, it was oh so cute the first 20 times. After that, I literally could have sold him to the highest bidder. (most likely being nana but still). I was going to compare him to Matthew McHotness (hi Auntie Kel!) but Matthew has/had a bongo incident so he’s prob not the best role model.

We welcome any and all suggestions for preventing the streaking that now occurs on the hour here at Casa de Martinez. I should probably post some signage for visitors when they come over similiar to “beware of dog”. It’s ridiculous. I have tried packing tape (bc we were out of duct tape) and that worked for a while. Definitely slows down my diaper changing time when I have to bust out scissors to get the diaper off, but oh well.

Other than that….not a lot has changed. I will have to do lists from now on…b/c paragraphs make me tired. I wonder if my new job will have me write in paragraphs. Perhaps I should have disclosed that in my interview. Crap.

To all our school teacher friends, we hope this year is fabulous and all the rest of you…well here’s to a great week.

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