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You know that feeling after you go to a classy restaurant (read: Olive Garden–ha.), you eat too much and suddenly the food inside your tummy starts to move and kick and turn and decides your bladder seems like an awesome trampoline but at the same time decides to push its arm out so your tummy distorts like the movie Alien???  Ok wait…or is that just me? Um that last part happening all the time lately and I don’t even get to eat breadsticks and hate myself in the morning.

Ugh. 2 weeks. or less…or more…..

Rocky flipped! All on his own. So yeah for Rocky!!! We went in for an ultrasound on Monday and were praying that he had flipped so we wouldn’t have to schedule a version and/or a c-section. But we were ready for any news….and had worked our butts off this past weekend in case Rock decided to show up this week. But he flipped, must have realized his parents don’t allow for a lot of monkey business. So now we wait, which means I get to enjoy Alien-time with this one.

The sonographer told us he probably would be around 7.5 lbs….maybe 8 but more likely 7.5. It feels like it, sister. Wow. I know for sure I am waddling around now. With Lucas, I was totally worried about the waddling….but now, let the world see me waddle. I could care less. I actually do care but really, it takes a lot for me to walk straight these days so I don’t really have a choice.

All the while L and J have been sick. Both sound like they have been smoking for 30 years. So sleep has been infrequent these days, on top of getting ready to pass on my work duties (to who? TBD, awesome).  I realized I am ready for this babe, even without all the waddling, bladder cramping and overall attractiveness….but the fact that I woke right up at 3am and was actually not super tired and felt ready to start the day. Weird. L was up then too, which made for an interesting conversation.
” You ‘k, mom?, you ‘k??
” Yes, Luca, I’m ok”
Ok mom, lets go.”
“go where, Luca, its 3am”
” Nana house?”
” don’t tempt me Luca”
–bending over due to Rocky waking up and my bladder and/or kidneys becoming moving parts in my body
‘you ‘k mom?’ you ‘k??” 

If he wasn’t so stinkin’ cute…..

Anyway, so we wait for Rocky…which by the way, is still nameless. I threw out a name option to Mom yesterday and she gave me the nonverbal sign AS WELL AS the verbal intonation in her voice of displeasure. Nana might just call Rocky rocky forever.  Oh well…..Which reminds me….my co-worker pointed out how I still refer to L as ‘the baby’. She thinks its so funny when I do that. Why?
B/c he’s 2?
b/c he’s not a baby?
b/c I have prego brain and you are lucky I put my pants on the right way in the morning?

Oh well, I guess I will work on that too. Perhaps Spock is a good name…due to the fact I don’t remember any Alien character names right now.

My poor kiddos. 🙂

I’m sorry….you are gonna do what to me???

This was the exact thought running through my head when my OB said…”looks like he’s breech. Here are the options…..” Currently and for the last 24 hours, my mind has been processing this whole ‘breech’ thing. First off, he’s butt first. I so know my brothers would laugh at that….but he is a Martinez. 🙂  Second, my timeline is completely screwed. I figured I had a few more weeks to scramble, now I may have less than that??? For the love of all that’s holy…really?  I have been trying to be mature about this…and if this kiddo didn’t already jump on my bladder, I would be jumping up and down and saying no, no, no…..Nice visual huh? Yeah, I probably wouldn’t be jumping (b/c then I might sweat, ick). but still……

Not that I would hate not being prego….b/c I would love to not be prego. Disclaimer: I am not the girl in the baby ads who holds her tummy the whole time and can’t imagine anything better. THAT IS NOT ME. Sorry friends. Go ahead and judge. It is what it is. Trust me, I realize the luck and blessings I have with the ability to have these kiddos…..I don’t take that lightly. Just  not a fan of the prego deal but the results are pretty awesome.

As we are walking out of the dr’s office, John looks at me and says ‘you better look up some old wives’ tales to turn that kid’. Yeah babe, I will get right on that…..

So, to finish my story, I am scheduled for an ultrasound on Monday afternoon and based on what we find there, and if he is still breech, we will schedule a version. Which by the way, (thanks Cait…there is a youtube video of one), just sounds awesome so I’m sure the experience is way better!  Not. Sorry, did I mention I was cranky, tired and way stressed out? My bad.

I googled ‘breech baby’…and wow.. the education. Scarred my corneas. I came across an article titled ’17 ways to turn your breech baby’. So naturally, I clicked on it (may have also prayed a female body part didn’t pop up as well).  I figured John would approve of the article. Wow, did you know that if you bend at the waist or prop your feet up over your head and drink OJ, the babe could turn? Or how about using a flashlight to ‘guide’ your babe to the right direction/ Um ick,I think that is out of that  flashlight’s job description. My fave was the clothespin option. You take a clothespin (first off, who has those still?? Except my grandma (who actually uses them, god bless her) and my mom (who has them more for chip clips).  Sorry, take the clothespin and put one on each small toe of your foot. FOR 30 MIN!  The alternative is to pinch your small toe for the same time if you don’t have clothespins. Whew…b/c I can totally reach down and touch my toes right about now!  Heavens to Murgatroy (or something like that). My attempt at making this kid turn was to guffaw (yes, guffaw) at these options and perhaps the not so gentle laughter turned my kid. Or not.

The best part of my day has been the UNSOLICITED advice I have been hearing from people I barely know at work. They hear I have a breech baby and apparently ‘that is the green light to tell me about the former and current status of their southern region (I almost said vagina…since Cait used the term ‘the clap’ in hers, I could use vagina…but I chickened out).  Now, on Facebook, I asked for advice…and got some good stuff…so thanks to those people…. but that’s ok, b/c I ASKED for that!  Now I have to walk down the hallway and try to forget about people’s oversharing as I smile at them in the hallway. AWKWARD!  

So I am going to put off worrying until Monday after 1pm. (or at least try really freakin’ hard). My list is still super long….but like I said…it is what it is…. We will be ok…(yes I was listening Mom and Kel).

Does giggling bring on early labor???

In one breath, god I hope not, but in another….wouldn’t be the worst way to start up that process. Just read Cait’s entry in her blog. …mailing out the clap….funny stuff. Read it, if you dare. 🙂
This weekend my babe turned 2. TWO! Which he will tell you (not every time, he’s not a trained monkey!) ‘I’m two’..which leads to the star trek inspired volcan hand gesture. Have to see it to believe it. He had a great day yesterday and got to do almost anything he wanted….his daddy is a softie. We had his party at Lil’ Monkey Business, which is a super fun place for kids to get exhausted and then eat pizza and drink juice boxes. Score! I picked it for that and considering I’m about to pop, I reeeeally would have paid any amount of money not to clean my house and be a hostest with the mostess. So this was a win win for both of us.

He was spoiled by the kiddos and their parents that came to have fun with us. I can tell you that more than a few let me know their kids were passed out by the parking lot. And….you are very welcome. Mine, however, no nap yesterday….I mean seriously. But he hung in there, even beat his daddy in the ‘mimi’ game. That’s sleeping for you gringos.

Anyway, it was a great day.  I will post more pics in a bit.
On the baby front, I am apparently in full on nesting mode. My house is a pit, and those who know John, know that he is the cleaner in the family and does a great job….so I’m sure it really isn’t bad but wow I can’t stand it. I mean, I even tried to update L’s baby book, which let’s just say, thank God for the blog. Otherwise, I would be screwed. Which the pg brain lead me to think..”omg, I don’t have a baby book for this baby”. I mean forget that we don’t even have a name, but God forbid this child not have a baby book. Cait did volunteer to buy all the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th babies their books (still smelling the bitterness that comes from being the 4th). Which made me laugh at having a 3rd or 4th. Ha. Ha. Ha…..I mean. HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.
So on top of that, I wrote a gigantic list (shocker to those who know me, yeah right) and its an entire page long abot stuff we need to get or still do. Ugh. I remembered most in the shower. So I was shocked I actually remembered them about 30 min after. Stuff like packing the ‘go’ bag, buying that darn baby book, new nipples for bottles, toys for the carseat–considering I gave mine to probably either s-i-l and well, let’s be honest….I can’t remember who so probably getting new ones, battery checks for all the baby crap that needs one. Ugh. I only have 4 weeks, people….what the hell have I been doing this whole time? But about a month ago, I was all about–“if this kid has diapers and clothes, we are golden”. Not exactly sure when my attitude changed, but deal with it. J realized my manic-ness later today and he and L have stayed far under the radar. Probably a smart move on their part. L even said as I came up the stairs ‘ ‘she comes’ (translation: here she comes)…oh yeah babe, you have no idea.
I’m exhausted but I did remember to take the yearly pics of L in the Mexico jersey. So here is this year…and the 2 years before that.
Can you believe it? ’08, ’09 and ’10!  That’s crazy!  
Hope your weekend was as fun as ours…minus the nesting part! 

Chaos x 5….

Ok so you know that family that lugs their kids out to a restaurant and when they leave, they leave with crying babies, screaming kiddos and lots of take home boxes?? Oh and the floor of the restaurant looks like a M80 went off? Yeah, that’s the Faddis/Martinez family. There was a vote taken after the last restaurant experience that public dinners are now a thing of the past….or only if there are adults only dinners.

Because….we are about to have 5. count them. 5 boys under 2 and a half. I mean really, even if I wasn’t in the restaurant industry now, I would feel horrible for the poor server who sees us coming. But we are super excited for 5 little rugrats. Imagine next year. Sledding teams, swimming parties, popsicle feasts, shirtless sweaty little boys running around chasing dogs and asking Nana for sorbet (that last example is pretty specific I agree and sounds weird when typed…but it is what it is). Nana is their sorbet crack dealer.

I’m excited about the chaos. Sad that I won’t be able to have an actual conversation during Sunday family dinners (not like we have one now….) with my sis and sis in laws. We may just have to text each other over the table. But it will be fun and definitely won’t be boring.

Only 6 weeeks left. Wow. I’m still not ready. This weekend we are getting ready for L’s party that is next weekend and maybe we will do some baby stuff. 🙂 Still no name yet. Might be a game time decision.

On other news, just as chaotic but Tony isn’t quite as messy…Caitlin made a blog. It is hilarious. Totally Cait and sadly only 3 references to Tony. 🙂

Kidding about Tony. There are 4 references to him. Can you imagine the aisle at their wedding? I’m suggesting lining the aisle with sweet tarts, oreos, milk, and sorbet in order to get some or all of those kiddos down the aisle. Whoa. Come to think of it…Cait and Tony may have to text their vows to each other, if the screaming commences.

Holy Moses.

Time flies….oh so fast

Oh lord..L is about to be 2 years old. 2 years….on March 20th. 2 years since I had a baby and I couldn’t imagine myself with a kid. And now, my train of thought is conditioned to what L would love….or pondering how commited I am to the cart of things I have in Target–while L is throwing a sweet fit in the Q-tip aisle–do I wait out the tantrum, bribe him or bail and take the screaming child out for a chat in the car.

I am not old enough to have a 2 year old! That means I will have to imagine that he will soon be 5, then 10…oh geez. Can’t be real,and yet….he is growing like crazy..physically and mentally. Emo-wise, still a plateau, kidding. He is chatty and a repeater, and says the funniest things. He told me Wrigley was in timeout today. Randomly and unprovoked. Hilarious. Saw the PBR ‘festival???’ this weekend. He told me that ‘the man fall off cow–uh oh’. So glad we spent money on those tix. It’s late, so I will spare you the final list…but I’m keeping track.

My other little one is growing and moving and being a troublemaker as well. My OB told me today that he is partially breech, which is basically breech. He is headed the wrong direction as of today at 34 weeks. My doc is giving me 2 weeks to see if he turns. Fingers crossed. J’s mom has told me the most horrible story of J being breech and all the loveliness thatcame with that. Um no thanks.

We only have 6 weeks left and wow we have been slacking. No clothes are washed, no bedding ready, xmas gift wrap is still in the nursery, swing and pack and go not up from downstairs….and no name yet. Poor kid. Now I get how Caitlin only got a name and weight entry in her baby book while I am the proud owner of 2.5 books all about me. Yeah I feel a little bad. L is also sharing his displeasure with me in starting to go thru baby clothes. Ruh-roh. Is this a hint?? “no baby, mom”.

My brain is atrophying as we speak. Today was the second day IN A ROW i forgot my work computer at home. L and Dad had to drop it off for me. Sheesh. I am officially on baby schedule however, up every few hours….which I forgot was so AWESOME.

Im so ready not to be pg… i’m not a fan of it, honestly..but the result is worth it. Poor little no name will be naked and bedless, but I won’t be pg anymore! Win for me!! J and I reeeaaallly need to work on that no name thing.

Ok, so I am heading to bed. Im due to wake up in a few hours. Hope all is well with you!!


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