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‘You be an alligator and I’m a cowboy.’

We pretend hard in this house….real hard.

Dress up, props, elaborate forts and emotional animals are involved. The Indian garb that J brought back became princess dresses. Add fire boots and it became ‘Mom’s clothes she wears to work.’ Perhaps I need to watch what I wear.

My mom says that she loves how L uses his imagination. Part of me rolls my eyes and the other secretly craves her ‘teacherly’ perspective and approval. M is now deep into pretend land. He is often L’s fire truck driver; his wife; but mostly his nemesis. I love to hear the conversations between them. This is their fire truck and there is a frequent request for seat belts to be put on.


We hear snippets of school activity. ‘Ok, are we ready to go outside?’ ‘Was that a good choice, Pierce?’ ‘I’m Miss Dawn with the food cart.’ There are full on phone conversations with answering as a La Petite teacher. ‘If you play with it one more time, it’s going in your cubby.’

Often the pretend play shows me a glimpse into our life…and how much we utilize a drive thru. Hmmm. I hear ‘Gotta go, Honey…I’m late.’ I hear ‘Really, Luca? You mad?’ I hear ‘Feed the dog. I’ve reminded you already.’ I hear ‘Honey, hurry up and put your shoes on.’

Stings a little. They are sponges and often times I forget that they listen even when they are singing the theme song to ‘Sofia the princess.’ Over. And over.

I need to slow down and appreciate the cheez it-crusted, cowboy hat wearing sponges.

And knock off the drive thru action….

No sleep…in Olathe

Clearly sleep is for small children under 4 feet, small annoying dogs and husbands who have returned from foreign countries. Not me. Ergo, here I sit writing random musings. I take no responsibility on the words/thoughts below.

-Cruise ships are giant port a potties with a fruit buffet. Bucket list item? Pass.
-What daycare gives POUNDS of candy out to each kid at 5pm? Why do they hate me?
-There are 2 baby crib mattresses on my living room floor. Cheap entertainment all night for the boys. Bouncing back and forth. I’m not ashamed.
-The candy is calling my name.
-Luca informed me that his friend Pierce kicked him the the back. But he only was mad for 5 months. He may have meant minutes…or not.
-it’s 12:52am. What is wrong with this picture?
-Tomorrow is a day closer to Disney World. Why did we tell the boys months before we leave? Yeah, me either. Grant me patience.

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