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Feliz Navidad!!!

From our lil’ cowboy….have a Merry Christmas and be safe when riding through the living room!


New addition…and it’s not a baby!

We are so lucky! We (Luca and Rocky) get an Uncle Tony! Well, we already have one Uncle Tony (who is fabulous but lives far far away :(). This Uncle Tony lives close and is…marrying our Auntie Cait! Yahoo! He loves to play with L and even is nice to our Dad despite being fans of rival schools. He takes all the Faddis teasing and even dishes it out! He is great and we are super excited to be ring bearers. Auntie Cait already asked us. Congrats! Pics to come soon!

Hot dog!! It’s a new post!!!

I know, I am so sorry to have not written in a while. These things called motherhood, pregnancy and work take up a ton of time! 🙂

Christmas is officially underway with J and I starting our xmas shopping today. Yes, today. Stop judging. L is spending the night with his Tia Jessica and Tio Juan and of course Paco. When I last checked on them, they were watching Toy Story, eating popcorn and L was in his Hugh Hefner pjs. J and I braved the mall, shoe stores and toys r us. Ugh, I mean I heart this time of year. After 11 years of retail, I am not a fan of coming 5 miles close to the mall this time of year.

We also went to see Santa this year again. Auntie Bekah hooked us up with a special audience at her job. It was great. Lil G did so well….his cousins Lily and L did not enjoy the bearded man so much. See?

Who knew J would get to take a pic with Santa this year?

This child is turning into quite an interesting little man. We are full on into the terrible 2’s…a few months early. Ugh. I say the words ‘timeout’ waaay more than I should. He apparently is still not a fan of listening to me. Always puts a smile on my face. Not.

New items about L:
1. New favorite words: No, Dad, on?, no thank you (repeatedly), peas (as in the manner, not the veggie), no bye (followed by a fit of screaming), adios, nana, damnpa (spelling that made me laugh), car? or car! or caaaarrrr, mom, caaaarrr, mom, caaaarrrr (each pronunciation means something totally different), aww man, and owie.
2. He still is living on french fries and cheese. Yum.
3. Loves all things with wheels and if you are lucky to stand in the same position for a while, you become part of the track, vrooms while driving a car on you.
4. Has developed some empathy…mostly for dogs but whatever. Felt really bad for Auntie Cait & Tony’s dog, Tyson after his surgery…proceeded to say owie and have a sad face for a while.
5. Is not a fan of Santa or anyone with a beard. Just a heads up….
6. Is realizing as my tummy grows, there is something going on there…. will say baby when pointing to my tummy, and then lift up my shirt (usually in public, not so awesome).
7. LOVES the movie Cars. Wow. Every morning at least once, and if I’m really tired, once at night. This may sounds like a lot of tv watching but the dvd has a skip in it, so he really watches the same 20 minutes over and over again. That’s not bad, right?
8. Got a big boy bed and loves it, along with his decals on the walls of race cars and Thomas the train. and will show you over and over again.
9. Is so stinking cute, its too bad the timeout mat stays warm due to the frequency of his stays there.

Other news??? Ah yes. All that stuff I just listed above?? Well, it will be happening again soon, like a creepy deja vu. We are having another boy! Still working on names–may be a fight to the finish. I am not naming our kid Guatemoc, no matter how hard J begs.

Here are a few pics of my boy–crazy how fast he is turning into an actual boy. Uncle Ry lets his nephews play in his ambulances. He’s pretty cool.
Showing off my 8th candy cane of that morning–sticky!!!

Showing off my muscles AND displaying Mom’s bracelets…or as Dad called them, manly arm cuffs.

I don’t see a resemblence between these dads and their boys, do you?? nooooo!

Hope you have a great holiday! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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