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I’m sorry…I’m pretty sure I had a baby around here somewhere….

This babe…where did he go?
Now, I have this kiddo waking me up in the mornings. How did that happen?

My sweet, stubborn, vocal, gorgeous, curious and oh so stubborn babe is 1 on Wednesday! It is super hard to believe. It feels like we just started on this baby journey again and now at school he will be transitioning into the toddler room.  Its a familiar stage that I love but even from packing up baby bowls and bottles, baby clothes, etc, it makes me a bit sad.  Teo took a few steps yesterday so we are off into the toddler stage. I’m excited about him cruising around Deanna Rose this summer and shoving goat food in his mouth.
He is still obsessed with his brother. And now his brother is a bit obsessed with him. Which I love. Luca saved M from falling down the stairs yesterday and was so proud of himself. I appreciated that as well, believe me.  M is always looking and yelling for Luca.  He always know exactly where he is and finds L hilariously funny.
Teo is throwing award winning fits now. Fully body, convulsing and loud. Fun times. L didn’t really get into that as much. I fear this could be my DNA rearing it’s ugly head. Not that I’m a convulser but I may or may not be stubborn. Man. I haven’t been very funny in this post. My bad. Here’s some funny….
M blew chunks at his own party. For those in KC, my brother said ‘Geez Teo, this isn’t Westport”. Ha!  Nada?? Ok. What did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt.  A giggle?  I’m trying but my kid is upstairs getting older by the minute!
Teo can chat a little bit. He says dog, dad, no, d (which we believe means Luca), momma, and ball.  Such a genius! 🙂   I heart him and his brother. Ok, their dad too.  Man, I need to work on the funny about the next post.

Baseball, cheez-its and dirty feet

It’s baseball season!!! You know how I know this?? Well because Luca loves baseball….and is so aware that it is always on TV, spots a Royals logo a mile away,  reads the sports page, loves to listen the radio play by play, plus ‘Gampa’ told him he would take him to a game after his ‘birfday’.  Opening day isn’t really a great place for small kiddos…but the day after?? Yes, please.  My kid is a little confused since Friday at the game, I layered him in sweatshirts and made him put handwarmers in his pockets but then just a day later, he is shirtless, shoeless and running around playing while we were planting and mowing. Oh the dirty feet!!!

That could be one of my favorite parts of spring/summer. Little tan boys with dirty feet, and smelling like sweat errr, boys.  Now I have two of those stinkers.  Today was pretty fun. We do take more baths during the summer but my laundry is cut in half!!! 

Gampa and his boy….Teo started his second season as a ticket holder.

 Check out the Cheez-its…. ever present lately!!

 Check the braking manuever. We will be needing new shoes every week if he keeps this up.

 Shirtless, shoeless and sweaty!!

 Riding the big kid bike!! He’s mastered it….and thinks he’s pretty hot stuff.

It was storming pretty good here. Mateo is NOT a fan of hail. Neither am I, really.  We planted berries and flowers today. I asked Luca what we would get out of these plants and he looked right at me and said “Fries.”  Man, I wish.  He also named our 4 pots of berry plants Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. So if I ask you if you want some Goofies, you will know what I mean.

Have a Minnie good day!!!

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