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Spud needs calories

Who knew…who knew that I would have petite kids. Who knew. What’s that sound??? Oh that’s God laughing at me. ūüôā¬† Im yokin’ (as L says). Went to the dr today for M’s 6 month well check. He weighs a whopping 15.6 lbs. 11%tile in his weight. Um what? The boy eats like a mad man. She asked me if he was active, um yes. She asked me if he was rolling over, um yes. She said well that explains it. NEW DIET ALERT!!! I will be rolling on the floor after each time I eat a Cheese puff. Don’t judge.

The dr isn’t worried so I’m not. Plus if you have met Potato (aka Spud) then you see this:
My cute babe with smiles for days. This pic is not a smiling one as he is trying to gain some street cred with the manly shirt. And he is showing that monkey who is boss. Whatever.
So for the record,
M’s likes:
-Still Luca, all the time….even when L is jabbing him in the face with M’s chupi. It is meant with love, I think.
-Wrig is still a winner although W won’t let M pull his hair as much. So M is not a total fan.
-Daddy….big winner!¬† M loves him some Daddy. I believe the feeling is mutual.
-Loves to be ticked. Can anticipate the tickle which makes it better.
-Loves to smile….even when teething. Amazing.
-Likes to roll over…(see dislikes for result)
-Food- especially food he can’t have. Like cheeseburgers
-Bananas in his food feeder thing….(add to Mom’s dislike for cleaning said food feeder thing)
-His teachers at school
-His lovey is becoming more and more present….mr blue bear
M’s dislikes:
-L jabbing him in the face with a chupi
-Not being picked up when he has his hands outstretched for you
-A 2 year old barreling in the room and scaring him. Who would love that, really.
-Not eating food
-rolling over from front to back
-Putting shirts on over his head. Odd, huh. But there is a smile once we are dressed. ūüôā
Love that boy. Even with banana goobers.

Oh the pressure…..

Matron. Matron of Honor. ¬†Ugh. The word just screams coke bottle glasses, use of a orthodontic device at night and possibly the obsession with form over fashion. Ugh. I am so not like that…..wait….wait…. well crap. Outside of the orthodontia….Matron = courtney. Crap. Crap. crap.¬† The¬†time is almost here when I will spend multiple days making sure my little sister is, without a doubt, blissfully happy with all things wedding. From the morning bagels (made a mental note just now to get that), to the timeline, to the possible random funny moments (like not tucking her dress into her panty hose –Cait, are you¬†WEARING panty hose?? Ladies do wear them you know), to the inevitable and not so graceful peeing moments (Spanx–whats with that crotch idea in those things?) and all those little things in between.¬† The day…is…almost…here!!¬† Now, take this for what you will but as of today, this will be the 4th time my sis has commented on my future toast to her and Tony.¬† And thank you Kristen M for that 4th mention.¬† Um, what are the odds she expects it to be a¬†humdinger? Pretty stinkin’ high. And I probably can’t hold up one of my cute kids and have them do something cute, so I can be forgotten.¬† Even when it was MY wedding day, I would have paid good money for one of those kids to take the spotlight from me. Luckily, I now have kids AND Caitlin. Booya!¬†

As for this humdinger memory making (but no tear inducing–Cait’s directive) speech. Yeah, I got nothing. Should I be funny? Witty? Heartfelt? Dead puppies or no dead puppies??? Which one makes you want to laugh, not cry?¬† Wait, that’s probably not dead puppies.¬† Cripes, I can’t remember. Do I mention klutzy Cait or funny Cait? Her in laws will be there, but by then it will be legal and she will just have to deal with awkward looks at family dinners.¬†However, her in-laws are my Facebook friends, so they probably have a clear idea of the¬†gene pool she comes from. ¬†Do I mention her constant love of all things fabulous —then I would have to read up on the 8,000,000 InStyle magazines she keeps and cuts stuff from. Yeah, I can barely read the mail daily. What about the Cait who makes up her own words? Wait, I probably shouldn’t tease my own sister about how she spells “toothepaste” at her own wedding.¬†

¬†I could mention the fact that no matter where we are or how late she has been out the night before, her hair always looks like a Pantene commercial.¬† Always. Makes me nuts. Not sure my jealousy of her hair is appropriate on her wedding day. I am also not sure that Dad would want me to mention her amazing talent for burping. In fact, I know he wouldn’t. But anyone who has lived with her, knows what I am talking about. I could mention the fact that half the wedding presents surrounding cooking or baking, will probably be amazing looking due to still being in original packing in 2 years. Not from her lack of trying to bake or cook. More so, Tony’s fear of food poisoning.¬† Love you Cait!! I mean the man cannot survive on Honey Nut Cheerios, Rock Star Snapple Tea¬†and hummus like you can.

But I have an idea… besides the hair (that one is a serious possibility) I probably will just talk about the fact that Tony is one lucky dude. He will be broke but oh so lucky. And the love that she shows for all babies–not just the 5 Faddis ones–proves that she will be a most amazing mother. Heck, she probably wouldn’t even think about wiping up baby formula drool with the shirt she is currently wearing. Yeah, that was me today.¬† I guess that’s a start.

Cait- if you are crying now, I’m in big trouble.¬† I’m off to buy waterproof mascara and some bagels. I can’t disappoint.

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