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Attack of the peaches…

Ok, I forgot about this…so you get 2 posts in one day!

Auntie Alison was a sweetheart and helped with L at family dinner….L is a huge fan of her. Anyway, she was helping me feed him and well the peaches attacked him.

This face below…makes me giggle. Thought bubble: Holy cow! What just happened?

Giving Auntie Al a hello! Peaches and all…

Didn’t that make you smile?!?

There’s a ‘toof’ in there….

So my apologies…I have heard feedback that the last post generated some wet eyes. Believe me, that was not my intention…but I love that so many people were worried about L. Makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. 🙂

So after our big adventure last week, we have been cranky and protesting sleep of any kind.’s due to a development of sorts. We have a tooth! Lower jaw.. and only one is making an appearance now. Now today, I was delirious with the lack of sleep and oh so fabulous migraine that has kicked my butt for 2 days now. I was gazing at my cute kid as he chewed on anything and everything in site..including my shoulder (ow!), hands (double ow!), and my chin (I put him in timeout for that one). As I gazed I realized that if he grew only this tooth, we would have to move to Arkansas and start wearing overalls. I shuddered and then felt around in there for any more signs of growth. Nada. For now. But judging by the lack of sleep we all are getting or not getting…I am ok with one tooth for now. Sheesh.

So I had to get pics…if you squint and lean your head to the can spot the white dot. Believe me, it took a lot to get this pic. This pic was when I opened my own mouth to show L what to do, and he did it! Genius. Squint and you can see it..kinda.
Just a pic of that gorgeous face.

Saturday, L had company over. The Bennett’s came by and brought Paco!! He is so stinkin’ cute and oh so bad. Makes me tired just watching him walk around…and perhaps a bit nervous that our little man isn’t too far behind. These next pics are a small story. Paco apparently realized that L was a kid too. That was kind of funny. You could see the lightbulb go on. So the first pics are of Paco trying to give L a hug. Didn’t work out so well. Prob need to change his name to Bam Bam.
Paco attempting the hug L looking at me for help. Can you see the thought bubble?
“And now I am going to poke your eye out…”
Now Paco was getting a “not nice” lecture. Ooops. L is sitting on his tia’s lap…prob a pic into our future as Bam Bam and L get older. Grant me strength.
Sorry friend.

The next pics are just of Paco and L sharing a chupie.. and by sharing…I mean Paco finding it, using it, cramming it into L’s mouth, and then stealing it away again. Aww…family. Check out Paco’s chuck taylor high tops.. and to my K-State readers.. check out his shirt. It is pretty cute.

Things are looking up… so I will end on that note. Have a great week!

There are angels among us….

So the last post said that things had been nutty. God must have laughed at me and said ‘Oh honey, just you wait”.  This past week has made me believe more so in the power of prayer and reminded me of the amazing family and friends our little family has. This is a long post so bear with me…but I needed to share.

This past Tuesday, L wasn’t feeling so hot. But I chalked it up to teething. He hadn’t slept well the night before and was so fussy all day Tuesday. Of course, that was the day I had a job interview and J had a ton of work to do from home… so I felt like an awful momma leaving him in his fussiness. When Tuesday night rolled around, and his uncles, aunties, nana and sir couldn’t make a smile appear, I knew we were in for a rough night. He started throwing up around midnight and continued through the night. He was restless and would only sleep on one of us..and continued to pull his legs to his tummy in pain. I wasn’t sure what was going on. After the 3rd sheet change and jammie change for both L and us…we were ready to head to the pediatrician when they opened at 8am. At 7:30, I went to get L ready to go, who was still upset and crying…and found blood in his diaper..nothing else but blood. Needless to say, I freaked out and yelled for J. We gathered him up and headed for Shawnee Mission ER. Nana knew we had a rough night and because she has the best co-workers in the world, was able to meet us at the ER to be support for J and I and to listen to the dr…considering we were operating on 2-3 hours of sleep. They did an x-ray of L’s upper abdomen and gave him an IV. So I was sitting on the gurney rocking L, who was now creepy quiet, when the ER doc came in and said that they were arranging for transport to Children’s Mercy downtown. He said that the xray looked abnormal and that the specialists at CM could better help us. Obviously, due to lack of sleep and my baby laying on me, I broke down in tears, as did Nana and J. We were all scared and clueless. The family calling tree kicked in and Sir showed up shortly after. He was just in time to see L loaded onto the stretcher headed to CM.

At CM, they explained that L was showing a mass in his tummy and he needed a CT scan to find out clearly what it was. So we put on brave faces and waited for the nurses to try to find a vein in L for an IV and blood work. Since he hadnt eaten much and thrown up what he had eaten, his veins were dehrydrated. The nurses called in a vascular team to help and tried on his feet, his hands and even put a rubber band on his head to make a vein pop out behind his ear. Nothing or barely nothing. Believe me, I thought I was strong enough to handle this…and blood and guts I can handle. The fact that L was crying and I couldn’t make it stop or calm him down nearly killed me. I lost count of how many times I sobbed. Nana and Caitlin were angels during this whole thing. Cait took over for me and talked, sang and distracted L during all of his in room procedures. She was and is a God-send for all of us. Nana held me as I sobbed and held L when I couldn’t. They both were so brave for all of us and there are not words enough to thank them.  We needed to get contrast dye into L so they could do the CT scan. That was a hurdle in itself considering he threw up anything we gave him. After a bottle of apple juice (first taste of juice…small milestone) mixed with contrast dye came back up…the nurses decided a feeding tube down his nose and into his tummy could help. So again, Cait and John to the rescue…the tube went in and we started to put fluids in….this was L in his bed and before and after feeding tube.

L didnt keep anything down and they tried everything, slowing down the rate of the contrast, keeping him upright, etc. So Wednesday night was excruiating….because he threw up any time we tried to lay him in the crib. We were concerned about if he didn’t get the contrast in..or enough of it to stay in so they could do the test, what our next step would be. There was no sleep for J or I Wed night. J was and is a angel for sitting with our baby all night and watching him like a hawk. I did get some rest because my sweet hubby knows I am useless if I don’t. Thursday morning couldn’t have come soon enough. Again, Nana and Cait showed up bright and early with changes of clothes, the dog taken care of, and food for us. They took over duties with L so we could shower and regroup. Angels. Thursday at noon was the goal for the CT scan. We counted the hours. L was still lethargic and so not himself. Again sobbing from me..but that was nothing new. Uncle Ryan came to try to coax a smile out of him but nothing. Ryan bought us gifts…peanut m & m’s for J, an US mag for me and the sweetest stuffed dog for L… Ry said he looked for one that was huggable and looked like Wrig. And he did. Ry thought maybe L missed having a dog on top of his the pic was for Ry. The next few pics are of Thursday…there was an alcove in the room so J found a few moments of sleep there, however it was behind the door so when nurses or doctors came in, as they turned to leave, they saw feet from under the curtain. Shocked them usually. It was funny at the time, must have been b/c of lack of sleep. Cait also found a way to waste time by playing with the rubber gloves. A good gift idea for her…mental note. Sir came by to hug on L and Nana again had the best arms.

At noon, we went down for the CT. They needed to sedate him for it and the IV that SMMC put in was bad now. So, instead of torturing him more, they put in a new one after he was out. The CT was fast and felt like forever at the same time. The doctor came and told us that the news was relatively good. L had something called a intusseception. It is basically when the small intestine and large intestine stretch as a result of pushing and then telescope back onto itself. So that was the mass that the xray showed. The dr said it was much better than a mass and could be relieved with an enema…believe me… I will never turn down my nose at an enema again. If it didn’t work, then surgery would be the next step. We only had to wait an hour for the procedure to start. So we went back upstairs to share the news with the Faddis’ and Martinez’s. L was still not happy but we were on our way to fixing him. Later in the afternoon, we went back to radiology for the air enema. Basically they were going to use a burst of air to pop the telescoping part off the other part. We were told to leave the room but that he would be done soon. And soon was an understatement. They came out and told us it was a success!!! No surgery….thank God. Nana told us, ” who knew that one enema could make so many people feel so good”. Ha. So true. Our little boy was gassy but so content…and relaxed. We were and are so thankful for that.

Thursday night was rough again…but only because our little guy was starving. He hadn’t really eaten anything at all since Tuesday. So we were on Enfalyte (baby gatorade) for the whole evening and through the night…and he was not happy with that. So again, no sleep but for a different reason. Friday morning at 7:30, L got to eat! He downed a 6-pack of formula…6 2oz. bottles…that was Sir’s joke.  And my baby was a happy camper. Smiled for the pretty doctor and was talking and chatting with his auntie. Totally different kid and that was the kid we missed! They watched him the rest of the day on Friday and told us we were able to go home that afternoon. Sweeter words were never spoken. Granted, L is still gassy and wow the results of the enema are not pretty smelling…we will be stinky for a few more days but I will take it.

Our cousin Cathy works at CM as a nurse practitioner, peds guru and all around angel. Once she found out about L and he was at CM, she pulled all her resources, surgeons and such as well as hang out with us…explaining everything and sometimes twice. A true God-send. Nana thinks she is amazing and we already knew that…but are so appreciative. She took J and I on a tour of her floors she works in. And I will never complain again. Those babies are fighting for their lives and those parents look more drained than I will ever feel. We are blessed to have had a healthy baby and better yet to go home with one. Thanks Cathy!

Friday afternoon, L got dressed, got the ng tube out and his IV was removed. He was cordless and we could hug on him wherever I wanted. Amazing how we take that for granted. We got our walking papers and a wagon to roll us out with… We went home to a clean house, with clean laundry and dinner. Again, our families are amazing and have been a pillar of strength for us. The fact that L was on 5 prayer chains alone and we were in people’s thoughts…could make me sob right here. Last night was great, L was bathed in his own bathtub, dressed in his own jammies and laid in his own bed. The sweetest moments. Pics are of us dressed, going home and Sir and Nana giving kisses good night.
Finally, to end this long but thankful post. As we were waiting to be discharged, John spent some quality time teaching L how to blow a rasberry. Now..this isn’t a new teaching lesson but L mastered it. And now, we are home and checking the tons of email…and L decided to show me his skills. We love our boy and feel amazingly blessed to have him in our lives. Along with that, we are overwhelmed by the prayers and thoughts from people that we know and those we don’t. Today is a good day.

Oh what a weekend…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Things have been a bit nutty around here. I will be amazed if I can finish this post before falling asleep. Saturday, I ended up heading into the ER to treat an allergic reaction to a med I have been taking. Came up randomly and was not so fun. So I am on Benedryl, a steroid, and had a breathing treatment to open up my throat.

So we are moving slowly today and have been the entire weekend. J took L to his parents on Sunday so I could sleep and get to feeling better.

L has gained some new food knowledge. Applesauce, bananas and pears all were big hits. He is growing up so fast…I can’t even believe it.

But to end on a good note…I have a few interviews this week. so yeah! and the best news of all….Greg and Bekah are engaged!.. Yahoo! We love her and are so excited to have her join our crazy fam. Poor girl doesn’t know what she is in for. hee hee.

Enjoy your day. And hey.. I stayed awake! Bonus!

Those with queasy tummies…do not read any further!

so here is how the day has gone today:

first, we didnt go down until 10 bc we were screaming and talking to the music box since 9.
second, finished eating and then threw up again.
third, brought him down to play in the entertainer…he gave me the poop face.. wasn’t in it 5 min. when i walked over there to smell it out… and a drop of poop fell out of his pants which had squeezed out of the cloth seat he was sitting in. it nearly hit me in the face. of course he had socks on..and then before i could get it it…he smeared the poop with his sock. floor of the entertainer coverd in poop. which wrig attempted to lick. sick.
yanked him out and he had it down his leg..but didnt get his onesie dirty. amazing.
finally, we are watching the royals in a trance…after we ate cereal –the whole thing…and a half of the applesauce.. which went over like gang busters.

And.. its only 12:30.

How was your day..

Blogging Maniac….

…because I found a USB cord! Yippee! I am back in the land of the normal bloggers. Somehow, that sounded cooler in my head. 🙂 Ok, so some pics for you. Watching the Royals, Zoo trip, Green bean experience, and just plain cuteness.

Eyes glued to the TV.

Timmy and Lassie chillin’ shirtless on a hot day.

Cheese! Waiting for the tram at the zoo with Maddie and Emmy.

L posing with a lemur…kinda. The lemur left before the shot, then screamed..ergo the expression on L’s face.

These lions were big..and L slept through this part.

The cutest family…

Green bean endeavor….

Nana shoveling it in..and she’s feeding him bc if you know me… I have texture issues. Baby food is gonna be a challenge.

Drinking a sippy cup for the first time and holding it. This kid could really be 6 years old.

Ok, last pic…this was this afternoon. I came home from the spa (thanks to Lucas and J for my mom’s day gift. A day at the spa..stories later) and my guy was so tired. And this is how he slept. I love the hands on the face. There is no way this could be comfy but he makes it work.

Feliz Cumpleanos…or something.

So since the little one has arrived….our first little hairy one has been well..ignored, beated (nicely), yelled at, and grounded often. These past 5 months have not been easy for poor Wrig. The mere fact that he is awakened by crying from either me or the baby at 4am or the clumps of hair that has been yanked from his poor skin would make me go running for the hills. But not Wrig, he’s been a trooper. Keeps coming back for more. He loves this baby and enjoys the rice cereal that now flies off the spoon or fingers even more.

Today Wrigley is 1 year old. There was no party, no cake (except for the yellow one with choc frosting that J just ate)….we suck as parents. I totally forgot until J reminded me just now. But seriously, if I remember to open the garage door before backing up…it’s a good day.

So happy birthday buddy. We still love you…even though you just pooped in the dining room. You are sooo grounded.

We heart green beans…kinda

We are growing and growing…into a little man. Makes me kinda sad. L is 5 months old and changing all the time. He had a new trick where he reaches out to you to take him and pick him up. Melts Nana’s, Sir’s and Daddy’s hearts. I love it. He is having a hard time getting stuck in the crib, though. He rolls over onto his tummy and his hand slips through one of the slots..and he can’t figure out how to get it out.. so technically, not stuck. But the cry makes it seem a lot worse.

We are a pro of eating rice cereal…and like his momma, loves his starches. So in order to not make my baby a chunky monkey…we introduced green beans. And they went over like well…green beans. But we will try again today and keep at it. He is a good eater so it should be good.

We went to the zoo on Wednesday with our friends Angela, Maddie and Emmy. L did great…but loved people watching way more than animal watching. Ange’s girls were great and big helpers. I have pics of the zoo too…but USB cord. grrrr.

Need to steal nana’s. Making a mental note. Bye.

Go Royals!!

Paul Splittorff has a new fan. Lucas throughly enjoys the steady hum of Paul’s voice as he is calling a game. He’s not a fan of the Ryan Le-whatever guy..but Paul is the man. He will watch a Royals game for about 10 minutes (which is a long time, in baby world).

I have pics…cute ones.. however, due to a technical diffculty (read: Wrigley ate and destroyed my camera USB cord), they will be posted later (read: whenever I locate a cord or steal Nana’s).

The other development is the new talent of DJ’ing. Yes, the Fisher Price Aquarium (which we enjoy immensely) has a large toucan button on it. That button starts and stops the music. My child, who can now roll over on his tummy in his sleep, will waste his nap time playing DJ. The toucan goes on and off, on and off, on and off. Picture if you will, a DJ in a club who is scratching records… Poor toucan.

And now the boy is done with the toucan and is screeching at the top of his lungs. Will need to schedule a hearing test soon. Wow.

Later gators.

When Sir is away…

…we let babies do what they want. Like lay on tables. I enjoy this pic and the fact that John and Auntie Alison are not bothered by the baby on the table.

This weekend has been quiet but nice. Our little man is a rolling machine and eating cereal like it’s going out of style. Perhaps green beans are on tap for this week.

L got his Chiefs gear for this season. He and his daddy are super excited. Go Chiefs!

Uncle Ryan loves to throw L around..and has said on numerous occasions that he can’t wait to throw L on a couch. Such fun. From this point on, L will be wearing a helmet. Tonight at Nana’s, Uncle Ryan and I discovered L’s amazing flexibility. No tots were harmed at the filming of this stunt. No stunt babies were used.

This trick was done a few times due to the huge smile on L’s face and the giggling of the entire family at him.

We also have a new toy. A johnny jump-up. A classic toy that I have fond memories of pushing Cait out of the way as I walked through the doorway, leaving her swinging and possibly nailing a doorway. Ooops, sorry Cait. And now I bought for one for my kid. He enjoys it..drags one toe so the swinging is a little slow but the bouncing and shrieking have started.

This week, we might make it to the pool if it doesn’t get too hot. Or bounce in our bouncer…or lay on the kitchen table. The possibilities are endless.


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