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Pics…that are long overdue.

Poor M. I feel awful. I am lucky to be home with him now…but have I taken any pics of the child? Nope. Didn’t even think about it. Gosh, I suck….too many other things happening…called Luca, Wrigley and the house the kids have trashed. But I feel awful…so here are some pics of the boy…and his bro. I’m trying….
Pics are from hanging at home, M’s first Funky Mama concert (slept through the whole thing), hanging with his cousins in pj’s at Nana’s, and a miracle of a family picture from our session this weekend.   PS. I detest the new Blogspot format…sorry for the crazy layout of pics.
Hope you have a great week!!!

Good Night Spoon

So I am putting L to bed tonight and we are almost done reading ‘Maisy drives the bus’. This book is one of L’s faves. The other favorite book involves a picture of a policewoman who L calls “Grandpa”, but I digress. As we are almost done with the 2nd reading of this book, L says “Momma (b/c he is now a southern boy, apparently), where it is ?(which makes me laugh and cringe every time)  I stopped and said ‘what? what are you looking for? “Momma, the ‘poon….where it is?” I kept reading b/c my method is to ignore the crazy talk he shares with me. Kidding…but I kept reading.. and L says….’oh, here it is!! My ‘poon, Momma….here it is!’  And he proceeds to show me a toddler spoon, from the depths of his covers. First of all, it must have only recently traveled up the stairs to his room b/c I DO MAKE HIS BED (some days). Second, what would possess a kid to think a spoon would be comforting for bed. Third, I made a quick scan to make sure there wasn’t a random box of cereal somewhere…there wasn’t.

A spoon..another reason my kid is crazy and funny and totally Luca.

My other L story involves his uncanny ability to assume that every person in uniform is his Uncle Ryan or Grandpa (see above story). During the crazy weather we had here in KC last week…lightening hit a house across and up the street from us. Sirens came from all directions and well, L and I had to go investigate. M could have cared less. Lots of fire trucks and people around watching this attic fire (totally helps to know a fire fighter, btw…he gave me some details Channel 4 couldn’t). As the firemen are rolling the hose when the fire was out, L is screaming through the glass front door, ‘Hi Uncle Ry….hi ry!!!’  He looks up at me and says ‘why he no say hi?’ I responded ‘b/c your Uncle Ryan is a jerk’.  Kidding… I think I shrugged, bc/ I was laughing on the inside.  He continued to scream at this poor fireman doing his job but to no avail. The glass on my front door is apparently scream proof.  L was so bummed and confused. I texted Ry and told him what happened…and he told meto lie to my kid to ‘save his rep’. See? Jerky. 🙂 kidding….  I did just that. L said ‘huh?’….but I tried.
Finally, as they drove away….one of the ‘Uncle Ryans’ waved at L. And L laughed and jumped and yelled ‘hi ry!’.  And all was right with the world.


…from this planet on which I now live that shall be forever known as ‘for the love of God, what was I just going to do??’. Seriously. It’s scary. I haven’t misplaced a kid yet..but the day is young.  My brain yearns for adult conversation….not the dirty kind….just something other than this convo:
Luca: Mom…mom…mom…I see him?
Me: see what babe?
Luca: (louder) I see him? peez?
Me: Who, babe? (proceed to list off 85 people we know and he recognizes)….Dad? Cait? Teo?
Luca: Buzz. buzz mom…buzzzzzzz (Toy story obessed…..)
Me: (kill me now) Um lets wait (until my brain forgets about buzz and his amazing utility belt)….how about a snack…
Luca: No mom…1, 2? (holding cute fingers in a volcan hand signal…) 1, 2 mom?
Me: take the whole damn bag of pretzels….. (kidding…only like 15)

See? I can count the syllables in that entire convo.

Daycare is going…um yeah. That’s about it. It’s good (according to the teachers and Nana who is trying to appease J and I and the guilt factor that is eating us alive). He hates going. Has to be pulled off his daddy. And up until yesterday, when Teo and I pick him up, we are met with a chupi’ed, blanket covered, sad eyed kiddo. Who I then bribe with Sonic slushes. It works.
We are committed to going (and don’t really have a choice). I know it will get better but wow. Rough. He does love his teacher….and a blonde named Shailey. Typical.

Teo on the other hand…is everything L isn’t. Not patient, a great sleeper, eats like a madman, doesn’t fit in his clothes…and lately isn’t a fan of his mom. But Dad? The bee’s knees. Geez. (too much Dr. Seuss, sorry). He, like his brother, loves his daddy in all ways. It’s disgusting. 🙂 I may be a tad jealous. L is getting better with Teo. He talks about him…(i see him??) pokes him with a goat (a rubber toy), and wants him to dance when he have dance parties. Which lately is often. the rythym has apparently gotten L. 

J and I are doing well..sleep is for the weak. Sounds waaay better than it is. 7 more weeks until I go back to work. Ugh and yeah all at the same time.

I will post pics at the little dude’s next naptime. Promise.

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