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And what story would you like me to read?

This seriously happened. By accident of course, and then Nana and I took advantage of the moment to put a book in his hands. The intrigued look is all his though, probably because he was trying to plot revenge on Nana and I.

This morning, L has offically graduated to mobile baby. Crap. No more laying on the bed while I dried my hair. He flipped and flipped and then promptly threw up on John.

Fun and chaos all before 7am.

Later gators.


Roly Poly- Holy Moly!

So I will spare you the details of the reason I was up at 4am…but I was. And as always, I went to check on L to make sure he is warm enough or more importantly, he is breathing. He was but holy cow, he was on his tummy! The little man was sleeping away but apparently had flipped in his sleep. So of course the next few hours, I worried about him sleeping on his tummy.

Other than that, we are up to 6 spoonfuls of cereal. And the faces are getting better and better.

And all we want to do is stand..stand…stand…

Lator gators!

Um tasty…

So today we tried RICE CEREAL! Yeehaw! It was interesting, I think the directions made it too soupy so it was like giving him water on a spoon. But like his daddy, he enjoyed every bit. Here’s the video we shot. We will try again tomorrow with a bit thicker cereal. 🙂 Enjoy the “Kanye” shorts. We were ‘gangsta’ today. 🙂 Tomorrow we have Gymboree and are gonna hang out with Nana. We only have a few more days with her until school starts. Boo. So we will enjoy every minute. Talk to you later!

A trip to the doctor….

So I went to the doctor to get my migraine meds refilled and left minus a mole. Um what? Apparently it was “angry” enough to get me squeezed into the doctor’s schedule the same day. So 6 stitches on my arm later, I am typing with one hand, considering the doc forgot to tell me it was gonna hurt.

In the spirit of doing something free and cheap, we decided to meet Auntie Kel at the fountains to dip our toes. There was literally no reaction from L. He was stone faced in the water and out of it. Pics from our day out.

While in Denver, we bought a shirt for L thinking of our Auntie Cait. We found it a week after we got back. Ooops. So we tried it on for our cute auntie. The shirt says “I can’t help my good looks, its in the genes. Just look at my aunt.” See how cute they are??

We are officially teething and boy is it fun. Sleepless nights are back and frozen celery is our new best friend. J took L to help paint Aunt Jessica’s house, but I have a feeling Grandma will be hanging out with L. So I am by myself, blogging. Lame. Oh well…

Have a good weekend!

Altitude does crazy things….

…like…makes my little man become the girl from the exorcist and the vomit scene. Twice. Yum. Welcome to Colorado. 🙂 No, seriously, that was the only hiccup in the entire trip. Lucas was a dream road warrior as his Sir pointed out. The ride there was uneventful, a few potty stops for the adults and so little man could stretch his legs. A few shots of L in route to see his Tita. Got the sign welcoming us to CO, however, L couldn’t see it through his eyelids.

Heeellllooo Hays! Or the shell station at Hays. These fingers or a chupi are in almost every pic, due to the fact that little man “needed” to chew on something..all the time. The frog kinda looks like he is making goo-goo eyes at L, huh? Welcome to Colorado! Action shot. Amazing. No prairie dogs or twine stops because we were on a mission to see Tita and the gang. 10 hours later, we made it and L was oh so happy to be out of his seat. We mostly hung out with family and L got to meet new family and get loved on. I hardly saw the kid. A big thanks to Auntie Georgia, Uncle Jay, Camille, Cory, Stacia and Jason and all kiddos for their hospitality, baby stuff and love. L got to be in his first bar (a Fox and Hound for lunch, no drinks. Did you know they DON’T have a changing station in their potties? Shocking!) He also had sushi and was serenaded by a slightly repetitive band in Belmar. Margaritaville in a Spanish accent…odd. We jacked around in Sur La Table and shopped, shopped and shopped for presents for Bud and Baby X. Pics and video from those events.

Nana, Little Emma, Tita, and Auntie Gia at Wasabi.. before Tita thought the wasabi was avocado and ate a hunk. Still funny. Sir and L listening to the band at Wasabi. While shopping at Belmar, we got to spend a little time with a fabulous candidate for the Colorado State Representative Seat. We are so proud of our Camille. She will do an excellent job. L was lucky enough to get a kiss from the candidate. Some proud supporters of Camille. We also spent some time in the fountains at Belmar…L’s pants were a bit too gangster for the fountain. Oh well. Sunday, we spent the day with the fam at Jason, Stacia, Grant & Clare’s house. That family is so cute. Grant speaks with the voice like James Earl Jones with manners and Clare-bear is so sweet. Pics of sweet Harper and Grant loving on L. Harper and Clare jumping on the cool trampoline. Monday, we said our goodbye’s. Harper will probably kill me for posting this pic when she is like 16, but for now…it is totally Harp. Love it.

This video is sideways, sorry. But I love the subjects in it so much, I just couldn’t not post it. My gram loving on my baby. Makes me tear up thinking about how lucky L is to be a part of this wonderful family.

Almost makes up for the exorcist vomit…almost.

Have a great week.

I can’t make up my mind…

I hate making decisions..big ones or little ones. One like should I post about Denver, since technically that happened first….or should I post about our dr. appt today since it is shorter and could be more interesting. Flipped a coin or perhaps a button off my shorts that fell off (or popped off, whatever). Doctor visit it is.

Drum roll please…..(insert drum sound here)…Lucas is a small turkey! Yee haw! 15 pounds! Holy crap. Our little Yao Ming is also a whopping 27 inches long. Yes folks, as J pointed out, he only has about 3 more feet to go before he is taller than his mom. Geez. More important news…his noggin grew. Whew. It has to be the large amount of facts and key points we have been sharing with him. So to recap, we are 50 percentile in weight and noggin growth, and 95% in height.

Shots still suck but the tylenol prior to it worked in our favor I think. He was a champ and only cried for like 20 seconds. He did great on the way home and slept for a bit. We went to see Uncle Ry, Auntie Al and baby X for a bit and Uncle Ry made him cry. Actually, I think the tylenol hadn’t kicked in yet, but after a while he was good to go and giggled for his uncle.

Now we are asleep after being bathed and snuggled with. Denver pics coming soon.

Pic is a nod to cousin Barbra..we were jacking around in Sur La Table.

Don’t drink the water….

Ok so there is big news….big… I mean gigantic. When you visit Nana and Sir’s house, don’t drink the water!

Well, unless you are already prego…because there are gonna be 2, count them..2 babies on the way for the Faddis Fam!!!! Yippee! And no, neither baby is mine. Which is almost as fabulous. I will be an auntie twice in less than 3 months apart!

Greg and Bekah are having a baby boy! Bud (Bekah’s belly name) will be arriving around December 10!

Ryan and Alison are having a baby ____! Baby X (Alison’s to-be-named belly name) will be arriving around February 9th!

I am too excited for both these babies. Actually, I am bit more excited for these munchkins than I was for L. Not that I don’t adore my baby, but this is all the fun but none of the work. Yee-haw!
The above pic is the Faddis Family…Left to right: Nana, Bekah, Greg, Court, John, Ryan, Alison & Sir. Cait was MIA in this pic. Sad face.

So congrats to both babies…they are getting awesome parents. After all, they were trained by the bestest baby, L!

Yeah…not so much.

Yeah…so the packing hasn’t really started yet. Laundry is being done as we speak or type rather. L is asleep and I am letting him do his own thing today, considering the amount of time he will be restrained tomorrow. Yippee.

Ok so, you know when you see those moms who dress their kids like little rockers with ACDC shirts or that have little mohawks? And you kind of secretly think “why?” but on the flip side, how funny would that be to have your baby rock a mohawk….but then you realize that Nana would sooo not be happy with me..I mean you. Well, certain people (KT) would attest to the fact that I really don’t enjoy novelty shirts like “Mommy’s boy” or ” Little Prince”. Those shirts are great, just not for me. However, my belief in classic clothing and annoyance in silly shirts went out the window and…I became one of those moms. Yes, it happened. No, not the mohawk…but the shirt. A shirt I could not pass up at Walmart. Yes, Walmart and my only justification was the chuckle, no it was a snort really. That and the price was 2.98. Who can’t pass up an opportunity to make your baby look silly for 2.98.

So here it is folks. I have stooped that low. Shirts with stuff on them. But feel free to smack me when you see me if L comes to Gymboree rockin’ a sweet faux-hawk and a litle prince t-shirt. Yes, that is tie. A striped one. Funniest thing I think I have seen. Ladies at Panera loved it. His auntie’s all loved it. Helloooo..chick magnet.
This pic is just of L smiling…which is a bit hard to capture in a picture for me. And, no that is not your imagination. There are red hairs on that babe’s head. Add that to the paleness and the blue eyes and….genetics jacks with you every time. For those of you familiar with pre-baby blogging, I was predicting the hairiest, darkest, oily baby on the planet. And God laughed and gave us a red haired, blue-eyed white baby. Thank God he is cute and looks like a pale version of J. 🙂

P.S. I have to make an apology. Auntie Al, I apologize to you for the lack of mention on the pocket posting. It in fact was Auntie Al’s idea to make fun of my baby and his pockets and stick his hands in them. So please forgive me. 🙂 Ha.

Have a great weekend! See you on the other side… large ball of twine, here we come!

Denver Bound!

Ok so this past weekend was lazy and great…and yet so busy I didn’t get a chance to post anything. Sorry. Today is crazy too. We are off to a Kindercare tour this morning and then Mom and I are baby shopping….stuff for babies, not actual babies. And finally poor old Wrig has an ear infection and is off to the vet this afternoon.

I have starting packing for our road trip. By that I mean, piles are growing in which to pick outfits from…then tossing them into a bag. Packing a baby is a bit daunting. But Mom did it with 4 of us and we all survived. So positive thoughts and hopefully Sir will stop so L can see the 3 headed prairie dog. 🙂

Hope all is well with you. Wish us luck….can’t wait to see the Denver crew!!!


Ok, usually this blog is reserved for Lucas’ everyday happenings which show his skill, genius and sassy good looks. But today I need to share something. May I just say that looking for daycare is the scariest thing I have done since giving birth! Wow, overwhelmed is not even enough of a word to describe me right now. Nothing seems good enough or worthy of my fabulous child… which seems odd considering that I don’t think I do a good enough job with him. Weird. But I am done with the editorial.

Anyway, we have found our feet officially. There are no pics yet due the fact that when he does it, I am amazed and think he was training as a gymnast in utero. The other funny of the day was when our wild hands started going crazy, along with the shrieking we have learned to do. Well, one of those fingers shot right up his nose. He laid there in shock as my mouth was hanging open, but smiled and kept his finger in there. I was giggling so hard…that made him smile more with his finger probably touching his brain. No pic of that either.. sorry. We did have a little talk about how Sir teaches us that we can pick our friends and we can pick our nose, but we can’t pick our friends nose. He comes up with such gems.

Here are some pics of our sick baby…he is on the mend. Now the coughing is just from the fingers he has jammed in his mouth.

Oh and one more funny for you. I quote Auntie Cait in response to this pic I sent her. I giggled almost as much as the finger up the nose experience. Cait wrote…”I believe wrig is still my son, let my powers heal you. (The voice in my head is a mix between the karate kid and that kung fu panda movie).”

We are off to the Martinez’s now, since we are on the mend. The smiler is back and in full effect!

Later gators!

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