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Happy New Year!

Just a quick note…
Since I am sick with a sinus infection and my little man has decided kicking me during the night is his new fave thing to do, we are laying low this New Year’s. Poor John and Wrig have had to deal with me and my… ahem…. lack of enthusiasm. Trying to be on the mend, I promise.

Hope you all are safe and happy this New Year. 2008 looks to be a big one for the Martinez’s and we hope the same for you!

Love, J,C, L & W


Update from the dr…

Hi All!
Just a quick update from our doctor’s appointment today. We had our glucose screening today. That stuff I had to drink was um…yummy. Our big news (and I mean that literally and figuratively)is that I have gained 9 lbs this past month! No doubt the ice cream and Mom’s baking have helped but still….whoa.

So we are back on track according to the doctor. 15lbs so far. Yeah?!?! Oh well, if it means a healthy baby, then I will eat all the ice cream I can.

Snow is headed our way tonight…pray for a snow day! Ha!

Enjoy your week. -J,C,L & W

Paco Pics

Ok.. I realized that the last post was Paco’s first pic on the blog. Found another couple that were too cute not to share. He looks just like his momma. Lucky kid. 4 months old and 15 lbs. Too cute!
Have a great day!

Feliz Navidad!

Hi All…
Feliz Navidad! Hope Santa was good to you…the Martinez family was pretty spoiled. We are really blessed to have the family we have. Christmas Eve was spent going to Mass with the Faddis’. We were watching parents come and go with their little ones and it will be us next year. A bit surreal. We headed to the Martinez’s for dinner and hanging out with them until midnight when we opened presents. Our little nephew, Dominic, aka Paco, is the cutest but konked out during gifts. Oh well– he is only 4 months old!

We got home at 2am and we all slept in. Lenny and Wrigley surprised their dad with a little something (with the help of the entire family…). Their dad got a Wii! He was so surprised. It was great. I am done lying for another year, b/c that was so tough.

Christmas Day was spent with the Faddis’. Lenny was so spoiled by his Nana and Sir. Lots of books in English and Spanish. Very cool. John was spoiled too…. Wii accessories and other fun things. Santa was good to me too, but it was fun to open Lenny’s stuff. Ryan had to work so there were only 3 Faddis kiddos but we still took pics. Enjoy!

And the belly shot… 7 months today. Holy cow! Going to the dr tomorrow for my glucose test, have been told it is a fun time. Wish us luck!

Christmas Cookies….

Well. It has begun. Not the Christmas season really, but more like my panic for the late start in shopping. Haven’t even started. Could stem from the 9 years of retail which makes me put it off more and more. Oh well. We went over to hang at Mom and Dad’s today and decorate cookies. We made tons of baked goods, yum-o! If you work with me, you will see a plate of goodies soon. Just some pics of our skills. Mom reserved the right to adjust Cait and I’s artistic interpretation.

Our other big deal today was that John and I put together the crib. It took a couple tries but we did it. It looks pretty good. It’s coming together.

Hope you had a good weekend… and Dad, thanks for my malt. It was yum-o!

Lenny’s room is coming along!

Hi All!
We are looking at the snow and hoping you all are staying warm, wherever you are. There are lots of pics on here because there are lots of things going on (and I have been a bit lazy in the postings).

First, a few cute pics of my friends in Wichita and at Kel’s concert. They are such cuties.

Now that John and I are done with school… we have some time on our hands. To be honest, this is the first time in two years I have nothing to do outside of work. I need a hobby. Good thing Lenny is coming soon. With a little help, as always, from Mom and Dad, we got the furniture upstairs. That makes it kinda real. Whoa.

We are still working on the mural… but there are a few cute pics of stuff on the walls.

And finally…the belly shots. Geez. But the tummy is moving and a weird little jab that might have been an elbow or foot pushed my arm away this morning. Already trying to be bossy.

Finally, we had to put Wrigley in here. He is a little leery of the activity and desperately needs his bangs cut but he is still a cutie. This pic is him sitting on his brother. Ha! Please ignore the double chin. That part of me is definitely growing. Arrgggh.

Love to you all!
J,C,L, and W


Hi All….
Well, my school is done. I think. Haven’t gotten my grade yet, but I am praying things are good. Mom & I just got back from Kelli’s Christmas Concert. It was great, as always. Mom loved it. I have such talented friends! Lucky for Lenny, he has cool aunties.

Lenny is great. The doctor thinks everything looks good. He is active and his heart rate is strong, just the way we like it. I do need to gain weight though. First time I have ever been told that. So along with the gallons of water I have to drink to avoid contractions, I now have to stuff my face. 7 lbs in 3 weeks is my deadline. The dr told me to eat a bowl of ice cream before I go to bed. Which sounds fabulous, but since it wasn’t my idea…. I don’t wanna.

The house is decorated and Wrigley keeps eating the garland. Darn him. I need to get back to the Christmas cards. Have a great weekend!

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