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Santa eats at Applebee’s??

 Yes, Luca. Santa loves the boneless wings.  Poor L. He was a little confused that Santa eats at Mom’s job.  Either way, this pic proves that he got in the same zip code as the bearded elf-loving man. M could have cared less.

But all the way home, we got questions on why Santa was at Applebee’s. (I finally said in my head, b/c Chili’s is not good enough–but who can reason with a 2 yr old??)  L is all about the questions. If you have any doubt, check out Cait’s blog post about babysitting my kiddos. 

Right now, vision of sugarplums dance in their heads and snot out their noses. Ick. Double ear infections, anyone? Anyone? Both boys. Awesome. Merry Xmas to us. L is getting omincef in his stocking.

As for wrapping, I’m lazy. Santa might be bringing more presents than he thought this year. Or the presents could be in Target sacks.  Act surprised Cait.

Or you could be getting boneless wings….Santa loves them.


So today Luca and Teo had their 1st Christmas concert at their school/daycare. It was pretty cute, given my kid stood in the way of everyone trying to take pictures of their own kids. He sat down finally, at the next to last song. Didn’t sing once. Just stared. So glad that isn’t creepy or anything.  M is a dancer. He was jamming to each song. And he stared too.

We did wait to see Santa but he was packed! So we got a candy cane and left. On the way home from dinner with Nana and Gpa (who cheered the boys on as well), I told J that L wanted to say hi to Abby. J said that he saw that L had tried to get me to come along. He turns to L and says, “That’s not we mac to girls. Your mom can’t be your wingman.” I giggled so hard thinking that is the most random piece of advice….but so true.

L is also into a lying phase. That’s fun.
“Luca, did you make this mess? No, Mom. Whigwey do it. Luca, are you sure? Yes, Mom he told me he do it.”  

Another one was from today. “Luca, where is your hat? Mister Fwedley (L and J’s barber) gots it. What would Mr. Friedley want with a little boy hat? (In a frustrated tone, like I’m an idiot) Because! Because he’s a big boy!  —

Pretty sure I still don’t understand that one. But I’m gonna use that the next time something weird happens.  Or I could just stare.


Stop licking your brother….

Things I have said this week….
-Stop licking your brother. (I didn’t say this once. I said it like 5 times—in a day.)
-Keep your pants on. (literally)
-Don’t feed the dog crayons
-I don’t know why the dog won’t eat them.
-I don’t know what color his poop will be.
-No you can’t have pop at 7am.
-Yes, Justin Bieber is sleeping. He can’t sing right now.
-I have no idea where Santa’s deer are.
-I don’t know if Uncle Tony pooped today. Call him and ask.

Thing’s L has said that make me laugh:
-(covering his head with his blanket) Look, Mom, I’m Mary. Where’s my donkey, shrek?
-I need food
-“Dis house is messy. Dad drive me crazy”
-(I was trying to get M to sleep) “Teo, stop it. Dis good book. Read it and go sleep”
-Where’s Santa’s deer?
-What do they eat?
-WoodyBuzz, mom? Come on Mom, andale (spanish for hurry up)
-(M pooped and John was changing him) “Teo stinky? Teo pooped? Teo’s a punk.  (thanks John)
-Where’s Nana? She at church or she get chicken? (huh??)

He kills me. 🙂

A little man….

Not sure where my baby went but in his place is a little man.  A prematurely balding, drooling, almost crawling little man with the best personality. It will be 8 months in a few weeks and I have no idea where the time has gone. Crap, nothing in that paragraph was sarcastic or funny. Sorry.  But I realized that my little friend has been ignored in a few ways. So M, this post is for you. 

What you love:
-Luca…still get a giant toothy grin every time you see him whether its 4:30am or 6pm
-Daddy…same deal. You love that guy.
-Food. No matter what time, or who’s eating, you want to join them. Such a gentleman.
-Cheerios. You now recognize the yellow box holds what you love and then you squeal with delight.
-Taking Luca’s blanket…only because you know it’s his. You might be a genius.
-Teasing your parents and g-parents with this crawling thing, but so far you tend to back into desks and under dressers.
-Did I mention food?

What you don’t love so much:
-Loud noises-elevators (sorry Uncles and those in the elevator )
-When L loves you so much he pushes you over.
-When L pushes you over just because
-Not eating

Love you tater tot!!

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