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Hi there!

I realized that I never posted the last post I wrote. This is a classic example of how my brain is working these days. Wow. Sorry about that. So I just posted that, but it was a while ago. Since the last post, we have celebrated D baby’s birthday and our trip to Denver. So I have tons of pictures to post. So get ready…

In other news, L is growing so fast, it is crazy! So a little list for you of our little man’s new developments…
1. A big repeater….of his own words and ours. Proudly announced that he felt his butt move in Target. Such a proud moment.
2. Loves to comment about the ‘baby’, and recently screamed into my belly, “hello? hello!” I’m sure Rocky woke up then.
3. Recently said ‘nana’ for the first time on Valentine’s Day. Nana offered cash to the first boy who said it….and L pulled it out, of course after the offer was withdrawn. But now Nana hears her name like 85 times (and that was just today). Be careful what you wish for!
4. Has certain clothing preferences….Buzz Lightyear is a popular one. Other than that, most times, he prefers being a nudist.
5. Favorite words are: Mom, ‘top’ (stop), ‘it fall’ (especially when he just threw it), woof aka dog, ‘bath’, and the list just gets longer.
6. He now enjoys checking the shower to see if its hot…with his clothes on.
7. Is now into cowboys, buzz, horses, and all things dogs.

Now for pics…. First plane ride!!
Games with Tita….

Family pic!

Plane ride home, slept the whole way…yeah!!!

Birthday boy!

The 3 boys….so funny.

Family pics…

Cute Lil G and his weird dad.

Getting ready for cake…

L enjoying the cake.

Tony’s bday was the same week as D’s so he got a cake and a hat too!

Gift time!

The big gift…all the boys loved it!

My cowboy!

Soooo. I can’t promise that I will post more frequently but I can promise I will try harder. It’s tough to choose between sleep and blogging. Actually, it’s not, sleep will always win. 🙂 Have a good week everyone!!

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