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I feel like I haven’t been on here in forever! Things are still crazy and I am willing to make a bet, they won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Everyone in the Martinez house is still good. John is working hard and might be going to South America, Mexico or somewhere international in the summer for his job. I am excited but nervous…2 kids and me…while working and one being a newborn. Whoa. Luca is growing like crazy, both physically and mentally. He is a repeater…which has been interesting to say the least. It could come back to bite his daddy in the rear in a few weeks, if he doesn’t watch it. 🙂 It feels like the clothes I bought him at Christmas, that I swore would be huge, are actually fitting him. Crap. There goes my planning. Rocky is doing well too. He gave us a scare a few weeks ago and I had to sit in a comfy (um no) hospital bed and be monitored for a few (read: 5)hours. Turns out he either loves to jump rope with his cord or sleep on it.Either way, his heart rate returned to normal and he is moving and grooving. I am busy and oh so tired. I don’t know how the lady with 19 does it. Work is still insane. Long hours away from L and J. Not a fan but the remodel project has to go on. My project will be done in April, just in time for Rocky to arrive. Do I have good timing or what? In other news, Cait and Tony are busy on the wedding planning. I am amazed at all they have done, especially since they have been engaged for 6 minutes! Here is their wedding link…


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