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One fish, two fish…guatemoc….

Ok, so I wish I had news that L was walking faster than Richard Simmons at this point. But I think he was just taunting us..L…not Richard. He showed us he could do it..and then said “yeah, I’m good”. So no more walking…outside of 2 or 3 steps in Cait’s office. Such a buzzkill. Oh well. He has now mastered using a straw and may I add, thinks he’s pretty hot stuff now. He also had his first time out today.

I tried that whole diversion tactic, ‘gently’ telling him no and moving him away….etc. but my kid may possibly have inherited my um determined streak. Ooops. I mean, as a parent, I draw the line at being sweet and nice when my child had taken off the humidifier tank (for the umpteenth time) and proceeds to stick his finger in the mechanical part. Grrrr. He prob didn’t like the time out but neither did I. To quote my own wise parent, “I don’t have to be your friend, you have enough friends. I am your mother”. Karma sucks.

J goes back to work this week and my partner for the entertainment portion as well as the getting up in the middle of the night portion will be gone. This should be interesting. L has gotten pretty used to both of us being home for the last few months. So in honor of that, we got fish. I volunteered to name one John Jr. but J said no thanks. Well, I just added the ‘thanks’. He just said no. So the newest pets in our family are Aqui, Yorbit, and Guatemoc Martinez. L really didn’t have a lot of input on the naming process. We just used names that my sweet family volunteered to name L when I was prego.

We also looked for a trampoline…but had no luck. Which may have been a good thing.

Stay warm….


Proof…for you skeptics.

Ok, so some comments have been from disbelief…either that my sweet child can’t get into that much trouble OR they can’t believe he is walking. So my dear is the proof. First, the dirt. Second, the video we shot today of steps. Granted, its fast but sorry for my shrieking in the end. Turn down your speakers…I have no idea where Terry gets it from. Wink.

Today, we headed to Wonderscope in Shawnee. So fun. I love that place. If you haven’t been, you should make it an outing. It’s a children’s museum that is a hands on,self paced learning center. Of course, my genius wanted to eat things off the floor but we eventually found something up his alley. Padded floors. Oh yeah baby. Here are some pics.
Just doing a little shopping at the play market…
Padded floors and toys. Jackpot!

Peek-a-boo. Man, did I get a bit claustrophobic in that tube…

Re-enacting the “Big” piano scene with Dad….

Checking out the LEGO hammerhead shark display. No fear.

Oh and Floyd might be here sooner than we thought! Yippee!!! Go Auntie Al!

Have a good week!

Holy Dirt Devil….

or whirling dirvish..or whatever. I am exhausted. My poor hubby is asleep already upstairs, I’m sure. L totally won today’s round. Ding ding. 10 months ago (TODAY!!), I was in labor. Man, I almost want that day here again..I said almost. Close the gaping mouths. It has flown by. Here I was wishing this lump of a child would do something, acknowledge me, hug me, bite me….ok maybe not the biting.

But my wish came true….now he can’t stand to leave J or my sight, hugs (relative considering they are a means to an end towards the goldfish on the counter), and yes the biting. I would hold him and wish he would roll over, do something besides poop. And yet, today, here I stand…wanting so badly to reverse time. I’m exhausted…only 17 years and 2 months left. Yippee. Look at how much this child has grown…a personality, that is. Sheesh.

This morning we headed to Children’s Mercy to check in, I guess. They weren’t really sure why we were there either. But, you know me, I didn’t want to lose the chance to bend their ear. So things went well. He is 29 inches and 20 lbs. He lost a pound in this last week due to a lovely high fever/roseola thing we had going. Fun times. Turns out we may or may not still deal with an intussesception in our future. But the meds he is on 3x a day (and will be on until April)are necessary to treat an allergy of sorts in his gut. They think.

I came out of that room a bit frustrated. I obviously don’t want anything to be wrong with my child, or any child for that matter. But please, I would like for us to know what is wrong and how we will fix it. Rather than the ticking time bomb effect we have going now. But it is what it is…and L is no worse for the wear. Which brings me to my title.

Today was Inauguration Day. I really don’t like to post about politics here…unless you are wearing a furry vest at Target, then you must be a Nader supporter. Wink. But today….Woot! Obama! I digress… we get home from CM and turned on the DVR. Which by the way is a god send and really should be on a baby registry. For the next 3 hours, we inched our way thru the ceremony due to a busy bee obviously not worried about the future of our country or what Mrs. Obama or Mrs. Biden were wearing.

And so it went all afternoon like this. until it got quiet. I had already removed a broken angel, the beloved vacuum and put up the baby gate on the stairs. I forgot about the plant. Crap. J asked me (from the couch, mind you) where was the baby. I said ‘oh he’s right here’…and then I decided it was too quiet. The boy looked like he had eaten an entire package of Oreos. All over his mouth, hands, cute shirt, and my front hall.

There was a moment when I checked to make sure he was ok…then I grabbed the camera. THEN I scooped the mulch out of his mouth. Ok, I’m still learning the mom ropes. He was no worse for the wear..and in fact got some entertainment out of J running the vacuum in the hall. Geez.

Oh yeah, and for those who don’t know….L took steps. Unassisted, actual steps. My world has ended. Seriously, I wish for the lump of child I once knew. This one now makes me tired. But gosh he’s cute. The up side is according to Nana “He’s curious”, um yeah ok. The other up side is maybe with all this running around I’m doing, I might make it out of my maternity jeans by April. Here’s hoping.

Move over Michael Jackson….

Oh yeah….the ONLY reason he isn’t grounded right now.

Just for the record…..

…yesterday and today have been well….God’s attempt at seeing how far my patience will stretch….good lord, enough already. Yesterday, L was caressing his beloved vacuum…and then found the plant on the plant stand that he has ignored as of that point. Things change…I found him eating the dirt and about to trip the plant over on himself. About 20 minutes later, as I am vaccumming up the dirt, I hear J say No! That was due to L eating dog food. Again. He also found how to open up our cabinets…the ones without locks. I wasn’t really concerned because it was just the tupperware cabinet but then I realized the Pyrex bowls were on the top shelf in that cabinet. Yikes. So now those live on our counter for now. If you have ever seen the riveting film, Beethoven…the one with the dog…yeah, that’s my house right now.

Today, we have attempted to slam our fingers in the pantry door, of course after we learned how to open and close it. We also have eaten a fair amount of fur from the sheep chair…more on that later. I also found a toy in the humidifier. I mean really. For my Grey’s fans….”Come on!!!”. The only thing that saved his life was the sight of him dancing with his llama to a song on the ipod. Seriously, THE ONLY THING.

To end our afternoon….and this is purely a parenting error….we took him to the grocery store. We were well into the pre-nap time…and well we just spit at the devil. I brough bribes, as always but to no avail. The screaming commenced. Poor J. He was the one pushing the cart as I ran ahead…partly to avoid the screaming annoying child ( I mean, who’s that kid’s mother..)and partly to get us out of the store in under 15 minutes flat. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Ok, I know it will but that made me feel better to lie to myself. Whoa. And the blessed nap is occuring now. Thank the Lord.

The best line of the day was from my dad…after I texted the fam about the craziness the child had done…”That kid needs a job, school, detention or other directed activity”. Amen. Where do I sign up.

Hope your day is going well.

Trains, Fountains and Cows…..

Our weekend has been exciting. On Friday, we headed to Crown Center to introduce L to the fountains and Crayola Cafe. Of course, the day before was gorgeous… we go the next day when it’s like 35 degrees outside. Yikes. But L’s fingers turned back to pink after a while so it was all good. L loves water…see below post if you don’t believe me. So the fountains were a hit. We also went to Fritz’s (a restaurant that has a train that travels around the place and delivers your food to your table). Just like his grandpa, he’s a train lover. Screeched and oooohhhhed. Oh and danced to a little Janet Jackson. Just like his momma. Some pics from the day…

Trying on his train hat….and showing his new trick. When you say Cheese (most of the time), he grins like he robbed a bank. Hilarious to most people.

Checking out the trains…and drinking…at the SAME time. This kid is talented.

Showing him the which he replied “oooohhhhhhhhh”. Again, in the monkey singing kind of way.

J and L acting like they were getting wet. Silly boys.

He loved the zamboni waaay more than the ice skaters…boys and trucks, I guess.


On Saturday, we traveled with Auntie Al to her family’s baby shower for her. This was a day of firsts for L….first trip to Topeka, Carbondale, actually. Lovely little town. First encounter with cows…he slept thru that one…but Uncle Ry will take care of that one. First encounter with a cat…he thinks cats are evil, shocking that his momma thinks the same thing. First encounter with birds, loud ones, in cages, that can be petted…he wasn’t a total fan. But Auntie Al walked him thru that one. But he was also his charming self, flirted with Auntie Al’s sister…and smiled that cheesy smile at the ladies at the shower, enjoyed some cake and bananas with his Auntie Cait…fun times. My favorite story is when he grinned at a lady and she tells Nana, “oh, is that how he smiles?” I guess its a smile only a momma can love…and a nana and some aunties. Oh well. Some pics from the day…

Auntie Al, Nana and L cheesin’…I wonder where he gets that gorgeous smile. Hmmm.

Auntie Cait and her cheetah…I mean monkey. Hee Hee.

Al will kill me for posting this pic but come on…its a baby shower…

Showing off those pearly whites….

This could be my favorite pic of the two of them. Checking out the birds.

And more birds..or the same ones….I’m not sure..I’m not a huge fan of birds…since they like to divebomb me….well that and locusts divebomb me too. But I digress.

Sunday was chill out day and we had some fun at Nana and Grandpa’s..Family time is always good time…that and attempting to eat dog food, climb into the fireplace, open all the child proof drawers, and helping Nana with laundry. Whew. I need a vacation.

Have a great week!

Toilet Water….

makes my child excited. Grrr. Ergo, now we have a lock on our toilet. So if you happen to run by our house and need to use the potty….feel free. But be warned, you are gonna need a little patience and a Ph.D to open this bad boy. God love him.

Come on Axel!!!

or is it Axle? Hmmm, I’ve never been good with rebel names. Ry’s friend decided that Axel is a much better flowing name than Floyd. Apparently Ry agreed. Poor Alison. We gave Al and Axel a baby shower today. It was fun. We even had the Maryville crew here! L was the only ‘active’ boy. Garrett was MIA to me due to OTHER arms holding him. But, no, I’m not upset about it. Wink. A big thanks to all the fam who helped. Here are some pics from the day.

The momma to be and her momma, Karen.

Nana, Bekah and Garrett…

Auntie Al & L…

Auntie Kel & L…

Same smiles…

The ladies…

Jaycee….what a cutie. She loved the icing.

L learned to share….he’s not exactly a fan of that.

Come on Axel Floyd!!

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